I am Midnight Blue

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Another free-written and edited short story. There are lots of them, okay? This one is meant to be tense, sort of a descriptive exercise for me. You'll see if you read it. Girl sees aliens, aliens hate her, aliens are generally d*cks. They can't complain, they don't know about this story. Please don't tell them.

Submitted: March 06, 2016

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Submitted: March 06, 2016



Mum always said I couldn't keep myself away from trouble. Unfortunately, mums are always right. 

 I cautiously peered over the rim of the wall and watched the creatures scuttle around the courtyard. They were wide and short with lots of skinny legs facing every way. Despite their numbers, I had no idea how the legs could support the creatures. They resembled giant crabs or spiders except that their heads were positioned on the very tops of their massive stomachs. Currently their flabby flesh was a muddy brown colour, but their alpha, whose legs were as high as my shoulder, was rapidly turning red in his anger. I decided to call him Linda, after my grumpy cousin. 

 Linda wailed and hissed and clicked, attracting the attention of his cohorts, who quickly scrabbled across the paving stones towards him, ignoring the deep grooves their claws made in the solid rock. I couldn't understand what Linda was saying, but I suspected it was some kind of threat because all of the crab creatures around him turned midnight blue, which seems to represent anxiety. Or fear. I think I would be glowing blue right now if I was one of them. If they got much closer...

 I took advantage of their distraction, and ran away, trying to keep as quiet as possible, while feeling like every movement made a thunderclap. What was I meant to do? 'Should I call the police?' I wondered, but I knew that they wouldn't believe me, and even if they did, their blue suits would have only made the creatures laugh. The fire brigade? Certainly they were the right colour. 

 I continued to run, still trying to decide what to do. I glanced down at my coat. Green. 'I'm gonna kill mum for this!' I thought. The creatures seemed to take green as an insult. I never liked the coat in the first place. 

 'What do I do? Why are they here? Will they come after me?' I ignored my questions and put one foot in front of the other, afraid to stop for an instant, but my flight came to a sudden end when I saw the massive metal machine floating in the sky, emanating dark malice and coloured angry red. 


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