I Don't Need to be Protected

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Something I wrote a while back and decided to put up. Thinking about expanding it, but don't know if I can be bothered. If you have an opinion either way, I would appreciate you letting me know. Thanks.

Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



I always was fascinated with them. When I was a hatchling, my mother would fold me up in her wings and tell me all about the strange creatures, the stunted, grounded, helpless creatures our kind feared above all else. She would tell me that they used to hunt us in packs, attacking our wings with their shiny slicers and stick throwers, so that we were stuck on the ground like them. She wove massive tales of how they ravaged the land with their own fires and chased us up to the mountains where they could not follow. They built their colonies on the ground about us waiting for us to climb back down the mountain.
  It wasn't just mother who said this, the elders did too. They were the leaders, the largest and strongest in our nest, who were hatchlings them selves when these things happened. Mother isn't quite an elder. She was the first born after they fled the humans, her father was taken by the ground-huggers, and her mother died just after she hatched.
  The elders felt it was their duty to keep us hidden from the humans, so they weaved their flames together every 3 moons, creating great molten rocks in the other mountains, tricking the clawless into thinking we were elsewhere. It always worked. They scuttle off to those mountains, following our tricks long enough that we had time to climb down the mountain and gather food for the next 3 moons. 
  The elders were devastated when mother went missing. They said that the land prisoners had taken her and that we needed to protect ourselves and stay hidden in the mountain, away from all those dangerous creatures. 
  The elders told me to stay away from humans. My mother always told me to stay away from humans. 
  I only ever listened to my mother and she's not here to protect them from me now. What a pity.

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