Life and Death; Ying and Yang

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A caffine and sleep(or lack of) induced rant about
A.Life and death
C.Material goods
D.No child left behind
E.Everyting I just stated...

Submitted: November 24, 2008

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Submitted: November 24, 2008



When talking about life, you must talk about death. Yes, many fear death. I fear death, and many of the dying fear death. It can happen in many different ways. You have no control over some deaths, and some deaths would be entirely your own fault. But the completely inescapable fact is that every living creature must die eventually. Why would one struggle against that fact? It is useless.
All that lives dies, likewise all that is dead has lived before. It is like ying and yang. One cannot exist without the other. There is darkness in light, light in darkness, and infinite shades of gray imbetween. Many people think that they are invincible, that it is impossible for them to die. Why they believe such stupid things, I do not know. The world is a cruel and harsh place. Children here are doomed to die on streets. The fortunate ones think that their life is so hard, but they do not think of the way the other people in this world might think. The definition of a hard life changes, or so it seems. I do not know why people are foolish enough to think that their life is so hard just because they cannot get the new I-Phone just yet, or something to that affect, but they cannot look over to their neighbor and see that they cannot afford three meals a day, or anything other than the clothes on his back. It is so strange that they do not realize that maybe their lives don’t suck as much as others might.
Why are we humans so cruel that we are willing to give up our own kind? Have we become a race where material goods and money are all that matters? Have we truly forgotten the way our ancestors lived? What life was like without war? It’s so strange to see groups of thirteen and fourteen year olds talk about politics, and to have a teacher come up to you and say, “What’s the big deal, anyways?”
Is our government going out of its way to ensure that its nation’s stupidity shall last forever? Some of the mistakes have been our fault from the beginning. People with no seat in senate or congress, or house. But to raise a whole nation to be stupid, what’s the point in that? And no child left behind; have the government officials realized that they cannot force unwilling students to learn? It isn’t their lives that are being affected by it and the only outcome I’ve seen from it has been negative.
In other words, Life is just one huge game. Someone has to lose, and you don’t always win. But in your own way, you can become yourself. Life is incapable of existing without death, so we should be unafraid of it. I’m still afraid of it, but I have at least come to terms with the fact that life is death just as surely as death is life, and I am a writer who seriously needs to get a life.

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