China's Invasion

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This story was originally written in 2015 for a fictional Medieval themed contest. It was originally written in Portuguese in 2015 and in 2017 I translated to English and made a few adaptions. It
quite show how was the Medieval China daily in a near war season.

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



China's Invasion (2015/2017) 

Kai-Feng, China's Capital City, 1127 

Song Dynasty 

The Chinese army was preparing for a possible Tartar invasion, one of the members of the Chinese army was Chang Rong, 25 years old. Since a child, with his 7 years old, he appeared an interest for the war, his mother, NuoRong, decided to talk with her husband, Huang Rong and put him on an army schools. Chang Rong, since that, decided to follow his plans and goes to the Chinese army and realize the family's dream, have someone at the army. 

Chang trained since his 7 years old, and at the 16 years old, in 1111, he was a former member of the Chinese army. He didn't develop all his abilities, something which he would just have at the 19 years old. His master, Kim Zohang, always believed in Chang, being he, his favorite learner, and who he passed the most time.  

 Back to 1127, the Chinese army prepares to a possible Tartar invasion. After the vacancy in the army got by Change, his parents worry of lost their only son in a war. The time has passing and both the Chinese and Tartar army are preparing themselves. One of those days, a beautiful woman appeared in the army's base. Chang didn't know her name, but had sure that was the most beautiful girl he has seen in his life. 

Even loved her, he could even meet her without the orders of his master, Kim Zohang, otherwise, he could be kicked out of the army, which would be a shy not just for him, but for his family. Chang noticed she wasn't just walking for there, but also was being there for a long time. 

Waiting the orders of his master, Chang stayed there, when finally, Kim Zohang said a first word. 

- Leaners, I want to show them Huan Ru. A beautiful girl which is visiting us and watch the training, please be respectful. 

Then Huan Ru presents herself: 

-Thank you master, is an honor to talk with you and could watch the training. 

After that, the training starts, but Chang knows that wasn't just another training day on the Chinese army, and it was also the day which he met the most beautiful girl of his life. 

Chang was training, but couldn't remove his eyes from Huan. When the training ended in the evening, Chang was going away, but his master called him. Chang went to Kim and saw that Huan was in his side. When Chang gets there, his master asked him: 

- Chang, I would like you take Kim to discover the city, she's from another city, but she moved here, I hope this don't be a bother. 

- No problem 

Kim was going out when he remembered: 

Oh, I was almost forgetting, Huan still doesn't have a home, please find a very comfortable place for her. 

Huan, to help Chang, said: 

- You don't need all this effort, I can sleep in the floor. 

- In my home there's an unused bedroom, you can sleep there if you want. At least meanwhile you don't have a home. 

Huan accept, and both went to the Chang's house. Being there, Chang presented Huan to his parents and cleaned the bedroom for her. It was very dark when they went sleep.   

At the morning, Huan went to the Chang's house to help in the silk production. Chang went to the army while his father went to work into the books impression using the typography technic. 

At the army base, the first thing Kim did it was askingto Chang about Huan: 

- How is Huan? She slept well? 

- Of course, she is helping my mother at the silk production. 

- It's great she's liking, but now prepare yourself, the Tarts are coming! 

It was almost midday when the guardians of the China's Great Wall screamed: 

- Invasion, Invasion 

The soldiers positioned themselves when the Tartars invade. The Chinese army attacked with easy, then a lot of Tarts ran away or are killed by the Chinese army. When the wars were over and the Chinese won, the soldiers went to the army base and the guardians of the Wall screamed: 

- The Tartars were defeat! the Tartars were defeat! 

Who was at home celebrated the victory. Meanwhile at the base of the army, the warriors received medals from the master Kim. Chang went to his home and was received and claimed by everyone in the neighborhood. At home, Huan invite him to show her the city. 

Chang and Huan exit from home and went to show the city, showing the streets, the houses the silk's factories, and how it was the daily in the city. They passed the whole night talking about their life. 

The End 

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