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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

HOW LIFE can be compared to a long train ride.

Whosh...As you step on, you realize the trip has already begun, and you come in at the last moment. Suddenly,

you are all alone,only some faint noises, and then blackness.

When you wake up again, a woman and man are on the train with, and they are on either side of you, saying comforting words,

But you do not understand them, and confusedly shout, an incomprehensible scream.

As the train ride becomes longer, a boy your age, about 5 or 6, boards the train, which is now going quickly.

You find him very nice, and he stays at your side before sadly having to leave the train.

You feel lonely, and now a boy and a girl sit on the opposite side of you.

The man and woman that boarded earlier are now whispering, saying "Just moved" and "new neighbors"

Much later, when you wake up, a little silver object is on your lap.

It is just like a box, except much thinner, and you open it, and play what is on it, ignoring a new girl trying to talk to you.

She seems desperate to communicate something to you, so you close the thin metal instrument and look up, and she looks sad,

stepping off the bus, a bag of brightly colored balls in her hand, and then you understand, she had trying to offer you food, and you

are terribly hungry. Suddenly, the wail of a small infant alerts your senses, and you look around, bewildered,

and as you search for the source of the noise, you see it is in the woman and the man's arms.

You suddenlyfeel alone, beacause the parents, even though you ignored them too, are now no longer laughing and smile at

or with you, but a the baby. A man dressed in blue comes in, wearing a cloak like an ocean, and the man holding the baby sighs sadly, and

gives the baby to the mother. As the man stands up, the man cloaked in blue strokes his face, and both dissapear without warning, leaving not

even the slightest sound or movement. The women cries, and at this stop many people, men and women come on to the train to comfort her,

and when they all leave, she sniffles, and the baby is now a teenager, holding my silver instrument, and I look at my thick, strong hands, and find

myself saying, what happened? how did I become this middle aged man, and why is this woman suddenly out of nowhere laying her head on

my lap? I sigh, then fall asleep, and when I wake up, many sobbing people at at my sides, and the women gone. No, not just that women, both,

the one resting er head on my lap and the one that once held the baby have vanished, and these people remind me when that man was taken

away by the one in the blue cloak. Then, I look at myself aging, and moan in pain as I cannot bend my back to look at my hands. I intead lift them

slowly, and look at two fragile pieces of flesh and bone. I then realize, I am now a frail person, someone breakable, and then I fall asleep. Then,

as I wake up, the man in a blue cloak stands before me.


Submitted: July 14, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Solitary Angel. All rights reserved.

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Solitary Angel

thank you

Sun, July 19th, 2009 6:04pm

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