I hate this side of the world!

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Forced you to sunrise!. Thou shalt not wanted. Thou hast claimed. For two extraterrestrial beings. You've grown up in the middle of a difficult desire to maintain and easy to take down.

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




Let's start with the suffering.
Something is not right for my back,
Something disturbs me.
Yes, are you that drink my water.
Comes my Silver,
Do my Gold.
And abandon the diamonds
To make shine my tears.
I see to paradise
But I can't reach it.
Live in freedom,
Live in the constant hope of living.
I went down to the River, see if I could walk on water,
But when I saw your reflection,
I had to shame.


One day, someone told me,
If you follow your shadow
I get to Hell
If you follow your heart
I get to heaven,
If you follow your instinct
I get the no side.
I was standing in the middle of nowhere
With plants to dance,
The birds to fly,
And the mountains shouting for help,
I saw fear in their eyes.
Crying, "I cant help you".
If I could go back to the past,
Had time to die,
Time to live,
Time to you have said how much you hated,
Time to you have said how much I envied,
Time to have given response time.
That knife acclaimed pain.
And you were the great diva
The wealth of a horrendous spectacle,
And difficult to see.
Sorry for having done thinking, that inside me,
There is an evil being.

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