Renfield Institute

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Renfield Institute in Miami was built after the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926. On St. Judas Island in the Everglades, a solid concrete structure housed a variety of mentally challenged patients.
And perhaps not only.

Table of Contents

A Premise

Some notes by the Author and a dedication.
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An old map

For those who like to understand where the characters are moving.
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St. Judas Iscariot

Emma has been working as a receptionist at the Renfield Institute for many years, with an impeccable track record. She knows the facility inside out and is in charge of welcoming guests. Sometimes
even she is surprised.
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Vasilisa, an Infestation

Madame Vasilisa Rasputina has a new home to haunt. But it certainly isn't the Dunwich Hotel. Everything is different here and the situation doesn't help.
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Chatting on the pier

Wilson watches a now approaching sunset, lonely. But solitude on the small island of San Judas is a privilege for few.
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KuroTora, a Shinigami

Being a Death Deity has its undeniable advantages, such as being able to observe the passing of human life without any worries. KuroTora is about to claim yet another victim...
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The Paradox Violated

Paradox is the hinge that maintains the balance between the natural world and the supernatural world. A complicated ecosystem with rules and principles, once broken it can only be restored at great
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The Red Door

The Supernatural World has infinite nuances. Some are benevolent, others neutral. And then there are those that can be silent and deadly threats.
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Friday, a Technomancer

Friday is one of seven sisters. She is also one of the seven Technomancers who watch over the digital world. And she's on the run.
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Storms on the horizon

Guests at the Renfield Institute have to come to terms with what happened on the ISS. The first storms can be seen on the horizon.
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Sharp, a Memeljth - Part 1

Wilson has unfinished business in Miami. Problem is, Miami has unfinished business with him, too.
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Sharp, a Memeljth - Part 2

Trying your luck is always a gamble. Especially when Wilson has to deal with his past in Miami.
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Underneath rages the storm

At the Renfield Institute the situation rapidly deteriorates. The events in Miami have a severe impact on the underground.
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And the storm strikes

Events precipitate, threats collide: the road to the Renfield Institute is fraught with obstacles and lethal threats.
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The guest in room 1408

The Renfield Institute infirmary is full. Wilson and his group catch their breath trying to figure out what to do about the danger.
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Epitaph #1 - Adam

Several years after the Miami disaster, someone is moving among the ruins.
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