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the story is about the life of a young girl colled sara

Submitted: February 21, 2010

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Submitted: February 21, 2010



Sara Once upon a time there was a young girl called Sara; who lives with her grandmother. Sara was an adventure lover she always went to the forest at night. The forest was her favorite place, as she does not have any one to play with; she considers animals as the brothers and sister whom she never has, since she was born the only person she know was her grandmother Anny , after the death of her parent’s in a car accident. Anny was taking good care of Sara but lately she was ill and Sara was forced at the age of 14 to look after her sick grandmother She was prevented from enjoying her puberty.

Three weeks later, Sara was alone again as she lost her grandmother, She was forced to leave her house and memories back and move to another house where she will meet her new family; this family consist of a husband and his wife who have lost there first baby and were unable to have anther .Sara was happy with her new parents they treat her as she Is there own daughter , she had built new life and new friends but she was all the time thinking about her real parent Because she was very young when they left her she was only two years old she knows nothing about them.

One year later, Sara was enjoying her fifteenth birthday but that night she sow a very strange dream; she dreamed of her old house and the forest where she was spending her time , unfortunately she was awake before she could finish the dream .since then Sara was thinking about that dream and hoping to finish it and was willing to went to the forest to figure out if the dream was real or not . One day she decided to visit the forest and look a round, may be she will find something that has to do with her dream .three days later Sara was beyond hope she thought that her dream was just out of her imagination .

Desperately sitting next to a three in the forest, she accidently sow a small flesh directed to the bottom she stood up and found tow names written on the three; it is her parents names she starts digging and she found a small box she opened it and she found some dairies written by her parents, they were writing for her as if they know that they will leave her alone when she started reading them she realized how much they have loved each other and that she is the offspring of a strong love .they loved her too much and were happy to have her she also found a necklace which they were planning to give her in her engagement day ..

Sara was happy and she took the box to her room, she kept it under her bed and since then she was writing her own dairies and put them in the box for her kids when she will grow up. Ten years later Sara found her true love ,she got married and give birth to a beautiful girl she named her after her mother Teresa ; every night Sara was talking to her daughter about her adventures she did even read some her parent dairies to Teresa.

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