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"Would you stand still if the world did?"

That was the question I was first asked, when I joined the rebellion. It was also the first words that Dean said to me.

But since then I've been captivated... I believe in freedom.

The right to choose.

The right to live.

This is what I fight for.

"Would a bird still try to fly if one of it's wings were missing?" I answered.

Dean seemed amused "Let's find out." I stared at his firm back, it seemed so strong, and broad.

Now I see why he's the leader. He's also a bird like me.


Stone, who was previously know as Hannah, lives in a dictating society. Hannah always had a problem with the way things worked, but she never spoke up, that is until...

Hannah discovered the idea of a rebellion.

"Rebels...That's suicidal." Though I slowly said this, the concept sparked my heart, and lit a fire into my eyes. Suddenly I was envious.

Do you want to be free?.....

Are you a bird?....

Then you must be suicidal.

So keep reading because you're one of us.

Submitted: April 24, 2014

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Submitted: April 24, 2014



  Chapter 1- The concept of Rebellion


In the spacious dining area they entered. This was just another regular night, eating with the Commanding chief of Sector 5.

"Charles!" The commander made his way towards the three entering the room, as the maid left.

"Flare, you look stunning" The commander stated as he finished hugging Charles.

Flare blushed, looked down, and then smiled. Even after 35 years she still couldn't take a compliment.

"Where's Hannah?" The commander asked looking at Charles and Flare.
The both turned to their left simultaneously.

"She....Was just here a second ago" Flare stated while trying to hide her embarrassment.

"That girl, she'll be the death of me."
The commander laughed, at Charles remark, and then like a good host led them too their seats where a gourmet meal, as well as their name plates met them.

As they sat down, in walked Hannah. She was a fair girl, who seemed rather plain, though she was extraordinarily beautiful.

"Hannah, still the same; always making your parents have a heart attack." The Commander then kissed Hannah's cheeks, and sat her opposite her mum and right beside his son.

As the commander took his seat, everyone began to eat.

"Haven't seen you in a while. What you been up to Hannah? "

Hannah swallowed her food down, and turned to face the commanders son, in the process her long hair swished, and slightly fell in her side dish.

"What Wilky?"

"Your hairs, in your food" Wilky said, while trying too hold in his inner desire to laugh, point, and tease Hannah.

Hannah looked into her side dish, and noticed her hair, as she removed her hair from within her food she grabbed a napkin, and skidded it down hair thick hair.

She then continued to eat, and ignored Wilky who was making a grossed out face.


Hannah's Pov:

"You must be busy, with your new position "  Dad said while chewing his stake.

The Commander who's an old family friend boastfully said "Yeah, I am. I'm too busy to even have small gatherings like this"

"Bruce you don't mean that. " Mum said, clearly unimpressed. I don't know why she keeps on scanning the room, clearly judging, even though we've been in this very room ten thousand times.

"No I really am" Uncle Bruce's tone became serious all of a sudden.

The atmosphere became intense till Wilky the spoilt brat kicked me. I glared at him, hoping he would be able to read my unkind thoughts and not the lady like smile plastered on my face.

"Whats got you so worked up?" Dad asked while gesturing a worker to pass the gravy. Typical Dad, thinking with his stomach...

"I can't say...." Uncle Bruce said this but five minutes of silence latter, and he caved.

"Now this doesn't leave the room. "

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Well a rebellions been formed and..."

Uncle Bruce was  interrupted by Mums over dramatic gasp "A rebellion... That can't be" Mum's shocked expression was shared by all of us.

A rebellion....

Rebellion such a foreign word I though to myself. I couldn't even picture something like that, not in Sector 5 where the punishment is death. However not just death for you, but your family, friends, any lived ones too. Even if their innocent, and of course with that everyone submits to The Keys.

The Keys run everything, from your jobs, your friends... To as far as what dog you own.

The future's clear for me.

I received a letter from The Keys last night. I was told who I was to marry. A man named Dutch. And that's all I know about him. Whether it's his last name or first, who knows..

"There is." Uncle Bruce sternly said. Bringing my waddling thoughts to an end.

"A rebellion" Wilky repeated, as if the subject hadn't been brought up enough times.

I stopped Wilkys annoying blabbering by butting in "Rebels...That's suicidal" Not to mention selfish. But I never said that out load.

For the rest of the night, the atmosphere was heavy, until the wine was brought out that is. The brand of wine was 'suggested' by The Keys to Uncle Bruce when he became a Commander.

It was finally time to leave. I couldn't stop thinking about the rebels.

"Rebels...That's suicidal " as I slowly  said this (again) I felt my heart spark, and light a fire within me.  I was envious.

They were like birds, who wanted to fly without being chained to the ground.

Freedom... But is the cost worth it?

The car door shut, and the Shaffer drove us home.

I touched the tinted windows, wishing they were clear so I could see if my expression had changed from uttering that concept.

The concept of rebellion.

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