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I had just suffered a terrible, terrible loss. I could elaborate in this description but I think that its best to just let the poem do its own talking.

Submitted: February 17, 2008

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Submitted: February 17, 2008



Wind blows over…
I think I’m falling down
My acceptance is silent.
I think I’m falling down.
Surrounded by the eerie.
I think they all can see
sounds of the chimes ringing
I think they all can see
I sit, I float, I hover
I think they all can see
All I recognize is red and black
I think I’m falling down
They wait for me to react
To speak the words reminiscent of a movie
But this isn’t fiction of primetime, this is simply my story
To say it wasn’t real
I wish I made it up
how the gunshots rang
through the neighborhood. I was on my way.
Call intercept, I retrace
Rewind back the day
of the ring that wore
of the smile that I beamed
I wish, I may, I wish, I can, I wish….can’t say.
This isn’t, wasn’t a dream
To hear the sound of the chimes echo
as he drops to the ground
bright red on the sidewalk
dark red on my soul
Slideshow, picture clips
Memories etched across, practically forcefed
To know, to live
To show, some give
that better part of me…dead.
Walking to the front, to see him, I collapse.
It’s unreal.
I won’t believe.
It’s unreal…bring him back.
The chimes ,they sing
of the lessons learned
how much better he made
the life, my life that I had allowed to burn
in the sins of my trespassers
in the sins of their mistakes
he saved, I forgave
their souls so for me it isn’t too late
to filter negativity
Provide what was made accessible to me.
No matter how selfish they exude
This is the woman I will always be
To stand outside, I can always hear
the chimes, their song will always play>
My freedom, his life, should not, would not, will not, lay in vain.

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