Fallen Stars

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The easiest way to sum this one up is that I was in a situation that didn't seem quite right to me...

Submitted: January 24, 2008

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Submitted: January 24, 2008



Fallen Stars
If I were to breath into the depths of a broken atmosphere
I could see you, I could see me
and the deceptions that we abide in
For we continued to form when there was no adhension
Just an intensification of emptiness
So we stayed
If I were to grasp onto the sideline for stability
I would see cracks and I would burn
the palms of my hands as I continued to hold
onto the unworthy longing for your lies
But again,  I stayed.
If I were to reach for the symbolism
Degree of the change
I would wish and it would fall
I would wish and I would fall
But it didn't matter, for right there you stayed.
If I were to close my eyes and fly
Saved of all the nothing
Saved of all the things that I know I'm without
I could breathe, I could see
I could go, I could leave
But you want me to stay
So I do.
But you want me to leave
So I stay
As we fall, but you let go of me
And I.......
stay in the abyss of the mortiary
For I know no other way than to attempt
So I carry....
Every thing that has ever gone wrong
Every one that has ever gone wrong
Every time you've ever gone wrong
I hollow out so that I can burden your pain
And you watch me fall,
you stay and you watch me fall
Until gravity pulls too strongly and into the mist, I become vaporized.
with the weight that was on your mind.
And you watch me....cause you stayed
You watch me......
as I continue to fall this way.

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