In Stonehenge

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It was late one evening, I had about 20 minutes to myself after a rather disturbing phone call. So I sat down on my bed with my notebook of many and this was produced well under that 20 minutes.

Submitted: January 12, 2008

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Submitted: January 12, 2008



In Stonehenge…
Failure…Echoes of the day
Father would say…in a whisper
These are the things that she would yell
At the top of her lungs
And stopped her from seeing the truth
The girl the world regaled so
Far too young
To bear so many crosses
Have so many wounds
Unlock the crypt
Float from the tomb
As it all spills over
And over and over once more
Walking across shattered glass
That bleeds into the acid that
Courses over burning flesh
Of a girl once forgotten
By herself, while the world tells
Her of the great things
A magnitude of happiness her presence brings
But she cannot see
The joy
For a past has clouded
Her perception
And settled within a manipulation
That makes her believe
That with her erased, the world would simply forget
Gray overcasts has placed this darken angel in lime
And she just cannot seem to find
Her way out of that carbon gray
As she floats about the unlocked crypt
Undead souls cling to her back
They do not want to see her gain
Strength to make it through the shadow of the day
As her tears of acid rain
Fall to black sand and stain
Faithless it all shall remain
Failure….echoes the whisper
Crash landing to the Earth
She floats no more
And as the pitter patter
Across the sand rises
Will she make it out even though her will has been tested
But not broken
Will she see herself behind the tattered black veil
Prove it wrong, the curse placed upon her head to fail.
The pitter patter rises
And rises


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