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Can't really say...Its been a rough few days I guess.

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



Velveteen rabbits have sold me lies
And within this emaciation, I have festered in cries
Take the tape and bind my hands
Give me the prestige to shave flesh off of open wounds and fill them with sand
I cannot leave masochism alone
And if I say I no longer believe
In a reason to save....falter what I breathe
this is how the matyr decieved
There was never an angel watching over me
And this birth of me was never wanted
Who am I to bleed purity
when the filth of others past pours out of me
staining the id. I cannot process
and to this came her
We are not two of the same
To protect, she says wha t I cannot
does when I refuse to react
Double sided I present the circus act
And for mass media, by default I attack
Myself for shit that I cannot change
To this all, I have given an altered name
And by the by, it will always maim
Again I crave, Fade
And to this murder no more
I shadow remorse
of a harbored step child
I have always hid behind this empty smile
to provide the joy
that they, not I, need
But when will this break
pushed to the floor is my sanity
Running through dark coal, filling this room with lies
small pills and lines and lines
acid drops...fantasy land....a depletion equates completion, heartbeat stops
Is it meant for me to break
Alone in a burning room
Full of souls that disguise and pretend
I scratch out my eyes
With blood caught in my throat
Heaven....Hell.....Unrecognizable Begin>>>End

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