Sober (in the key of B)

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Just another day at the office....

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



To provide this ending...
this unsung melody
cause you're so scared of a diplomacy, a growth
that you shield it all, shield me, continuously damaging us both
And I cannot pretend behind these carbon colored lens
that this is how it should be
before you and after, I have alwasy began
to diminish within the cure
fare the well, this is the tale of her
Cause I'm trying to prove that I'm worthy
for what, for whom, has all become a blur
drowning my sorrows in these bottles
not crying just making the liver hollow
as my heart since I don't know which way to go
this is just how things have panned out
and I'm sorry I refuse to run like you
sorry I won't be a coward
and I forgive you over and over again like a fool
to that apsect of the limelight, I am growing dim
don't know how much longer I can hold on to us, How much stronger I can hold on to him.
And I would rather not be sober to let you inside
to Let you roam
Rather not be sober to hear me cry
grip bedsheets in the labor of being alone
I would rather not be sober to feel all this pain
tis a shame that  I would rather intoxicate my brain
than know for sure that the things you do don't match your claims
And I may have to build it all without
you around or within, I may very well give you up
Cause you want me to say goodbye so you don't have to deal
and we exist behind enemy lines cause you won't step into how you honestly feel
it's back and forth, to me its never fair
And I don't, can't, won't.....sit still when my life has always been bigger than I think I deserve
Saddened happiness, full of curves
on my body as well as my mind
and if you can not accept
i will no longer feign inept
Not what we have is you.....and nothing else
Sorry I couldn't chicken out.....and within your boundaries, I have left.
-Circa September '07

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