Tales of the Medicated Butterfly

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There are some dark things in my past...as there are in many, if not most, peoples lives. This is just a sliver of mine in poetic form of course...Enjoy.

Submitted: January 12, 2008

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Submitted: January 12, 2008



Visions of copper stained conceptualism spin...wrap...warp the reality of a once confused mind.
Trying to pull my way out of situations not created by I, but still make me question the road to divine...
light, my path has been broken and I've always walked alone.
With a group, with a tribe...it is still I. For I carry these crosses on my own.
Won't say I'm not to blame, just not as much should be placed
to the point that I cannot trained this twisted perception of the pain as it stencils around the crevices of my face.
but I continue to push on, drop to my knees every night and pray
for I do not know how lost I become, I just know that I'm still trying to find a way
to not become the predecessor, not dwell in sadness that abides
 within the heart of my capitivator.
Rape still occurs in flashbacks....this is the world twice removed through these eyes
and they say that I'm a fool. That I'm so serious all the time.
Not true, all facade....couldn't protect me then, so I'm doubled thick to not repeat the screws that disappeared within this mind.
let my head rest upon my chest...slump to feel the present id
Why is this woman still afraid to take care of herself?
Why does she blame herself for what HE did?
Work in progress is what my eyes tell me
As I look in the mirror; deep coal stares back.
Maybe new beginnings can end this suffering.
Fuck him, fuck all the times I've sat i the corners crying and yelling from attacks.
This little girl is no longer damaged.
And this woman is taking her life back.

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