*The Stars *

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Submitted: August 13, 2008

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Submitted: August 13, 2008



As the night fades away,
I begin to sway,
And the black inky sky has come to stay..
I dance under the stars,
And they heal my scars,
For they are magical..
As I sway,
I can hear them,
They whisper to me and say,
"You may Sing and Sway,
But most of all I hope you stay!!"

I lift my head and smile,
for this is worth my while..

As I turn,
i can see you appear,
You come out and into the dark paradise im in,
I stop in silence and stare,
As you walk to me,
I hear the stars saying,
"Go to him girl"
I couldnt refuse for they know best...
As I ran into his arms,
He said,
"Baby Im sorry For everything i've done,
I didnt mean to hurt you!!"
And then and there the stars were shining brighter than ever..
And I said
"I will never leave you,
but this time I want you to stay here with me!!"

As the stars sang a song,
We sang with them and swayed,
And whispered to the stars,
"We are here to stay!! "

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