Fashion Trends of 2007

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Wonder what was hip in terms of women's fashion back in 2007?
Wonder no more! Here I'll recall some of the clothing trends that were most seen back in that year of 2007-seen on the streets and in fashion magazines and catalogs.

Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



The year 2007 kept some of those styles that we first saw in 2006-such as the longer length sweaters.  We had options back then-we could choose from short or long sleeve, hooded or not, henley style, three-quarter sleeved and what kind of neck do you prefer?  We had cowl-neck, rounded neck-you name it.  These sweaters we tended to pair with the skinnier fit jeans and knee length boots.

What happened to the denim flares that were so popular in the earlier decade?  Well to be honest, I don't really know.  They kinda faded away and were replaced by these skinnier fits sometimes called "boot-cut" jeans.  Sometimes you'd see these high waisted jeans too-maybe to go with the "Victorian" blouse.  These blouses were often in white or ivory and were made of a light airy material like chiffon, and usually buttoned up and had a lacy neckline and sometimes a bow at the neckline. 

One of my favorite things from 2007 were the many options in hoodies and sweatshirts.  There were so many cool prints to choose from, and thus many tastes were satistied.  If you were "girly" then you could choose the ones with the cute heart appliques.  If you were into cartoons, they had some with the old Transformers logo.  If you were into music they had these hoodies with piano-keys design.  Some of my favorites (maybe because I love the 1980s) were the vintage logo ones.  They had some with boomboxes, tape cassettes, and from band names like Aerosmith and such.

In 2007 the "bib" top became very popular.  You saw these shirts everywhere-and actually, they had bib-dresses too.  Some women would wear them with the popular "trapeze" jacket, which is just another name for a breezy, roomy jacket that doesn't do a thing for your waist.  And if this wasn't your thing, you could wear a baby-doll top.  What?  Yes, a sort of revisit to the shirt once so popular in the early 1990s.  But this time it wasn't so little girl.  These new tops were more "grown-up" and came in funky prints and colors.  They actually were more like a mini-jumper.

What else would someone see commonly in 2007? Colorful plaid, ethnic prints, 1970s type floral prints, plastic jewelry, high waisted skirts and pants, slip on sneakers, black and white prints, camoflauge, "bouquet-print" skirts and dresses, mixing prints, short-sleeve hoodies, studs accents, prints like hearts, musical notes, and skulls on t-shirts and sweatshirts, colorful patent belts and colorful knits, bows and ruffles, the Mod look, wide stripes, preppy blazers, aviator sunglasses, trapeze dresses, full minis, puffy sleeved tops, long colorful necklaces, buckle boots and waist gathered dresses and tops.

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