Frozen in Time-a poem

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A poem inspired by a real life story I read once in a magazine. This poem was inspired by a child who disappeared one day in the 1980s. He was never found.

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012





Your photograph sits on the mantle,

as it has ever since I can remember.

You were barely eleven

that awful day in September.

I was only four,

 but I’ll always remember as you walked out that front door.

You smiled as you said,

“Be back soon”.

But you had not returned home by the time

the sun had been replaced by the moon. 

Mom searched for you.

Our aunts, uncles and cousins too.

But days later we had not a trace,

not a sign, not a single clue.

Days became weeks

And weeks became months

But still you were gone.

Suddenly it was Christmas

But it came without presents, without a tree,

Without eggnog or tinsel.

When your birthday arrived on March 3

The only thing on everyone’s mind was the question of

“Where on Earth could you possible be?”

Then months became years

And still we cried desperate tears.

Time passed like a blur

as styles changed and technology progressed.

But as I gaze at your photograph

I realize that you always stayed the same.

We got older with every year

until suddenly I was older than you.

Yet still no sign, no trace of you.

The years continued to pass

as I entered high school and graduated college.

Every single day I passed by your picture and asked myself

“Where are you, brother?”

Where you out there somewhere?

Who had taken you away from us?

Our mother never stopped searching,

or believing that you were still alive.

She searched to exhaustion until recently

when cancer took her life.

Now I am the only one left alive,

in a house so filled with pain.

I still gaze out my window daily

And I walk the streets through sun, snow and rain.

I still believe I’ll find you,

in some form or way.

Now I am almost forty,

but it seems nothing has really changed.

I am still your little sister,

who saw you walk out that front door.

It is a moment frozen in time.

I still see you clearly-

I see your smile, hear your laugh,

I can still see that twinkle in your eyes.

And I know in my heart

That hope like mine never dies

Yet time goes on

As it always will

As I grow older

And you never will

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