The Horror at Coven House-Part 1

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A short story that I first wrote back in 2005. A take on the haunted house story and what happens when you are a little too curious...

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012



In the summer of 1960 I went up to Coven House with three of my friends on a weekend adventure. Actually it had been my friend George Kelly's idea to go up there. My pals Derek Wilby and Zack Murray had not heard much about Coven House, otherwise they probably would not have gone that day. I myself knew the horrific story.

They say it occurred in the fall of 1891. The owners of the house were a man named Edward Coven, who was married to a woman named Pauline. The two had three children-Esmeralda 18, Josephine 15, and son Marse who was 22. Marse had always been strange-according to the townspeople. He barely spoke and he kept mainly to himself. He spent long hours up in his large bedroom, locked away from everyone in the family. While everyone went out riding, Marse remained at home alone in the world of his seclusion. While the family went to the grand ballrooms of the era to dance the night away, Marse went-barely, and remained in the shadows of the magnificent ballrooms. But that year of 1891 something began to happen to Marse. He grew even more withdrawn and sometimes he flew into a rage. He would scream at anybody who approached him and threw things around the room. His face contorted in anger-his eyes practically flaming red.

Marse's parents didn't know what was wrong with him. They worried about him but they didn't think it was anything serious. They thought he was spoiled and was throwing a child's tantrum. One day while talking to friends, the Covens decided that what their son needed was adult responsibilities. They decided that the best way to make their son grow up was to wed him right away. And they knew exactly just who the right girl would be-Hannah Sullivan. Hannah was 18 and the daughter of the town's mayor. It was a perfect match that Marse could not object to, and it would give their son the chance to grow up.

The fateful day of November 9, 1891 came, the wedding day of Marse Coven and Hannah Sullivan. The wedding would be held at the Coven estate. Family and friends gathered on the large Coven gardens, all talking excitedly and taking their seats on the wooden chairs. Meanwhile Mrs. Coven stood inside Marse's bedroom, observing her silent son as he stood on the balcony staring down at the crowds gathered below. Marse was not wearing his wedding attire. Instead he wore a long black cloak over his usual dark clothes and boots. His mother shook her head in disapproval.
"Marse! Why haven't you changed into your suit? The ceremony will begin any minute-hurry and put it on!" she ordered.
Her son ignored her and continued to stare at the crowd below. Suddenly his mother grabbed his arm and ordered again firmly:
"Put on that suit right now Marse!" she said loudly. Marse yanked his arm out of his mother's grasp and spun around. He walked quickly out of the bedroom followed by an angry Pauline Coven.
"Marse, stop! What on earth is the matter with you?" his mother cried. Marse did not stop and instead pulled open the front door and stepped out of the house. He walked past bewildered guests down in the gardens, bumping chairs and nearly knocking down the table of refreshments. The best man Robert Sullivan, Hannah's brother, called out to his future brother-in-law:
"Hey Marse!! Where are you going? The wedding is in here you know!"
Marse ignored him and everybody else. He walked over to the stables and mounted his horse. Then amidst startled gasps and confused stares, Marse Coven thundered away into the distant horizon.

The guests and his parents waited for him. Then they sent out search parties. Everyone else waited for him in the house. They waited anxiously even until after the sun went down and it was obvious he wouldn't be coming back for the wedding. Guests then began to leave, and soon it was only Marse's family, the servants and Hannah Sullivan. Hannah stared sadly out the front window and sighed. she could not believe her luck. Her fiance had abandoned her on their wedding day! She looked down and was about to turn around to go retire for the night when she heard sounds coming from the outside.
It sounded like hooves on hard ground. A horse!
Hannah looked out the window and saw someone coming towards the house on a horse. Marse! It had to be Marse!

In the morning, neighbors found a hysterical Hannah Sullivan wandering the edge of the woods. She was bloody and screaming over and over that her fiance had murdered his entire family. When police went to the Coven Estate they found it deadly silent. Someone noted that the servants' sheds were smoldering-as if they had been on fire the night before. Police found that one window in the house that faced the gardens was completely shattered. Inside they found the dead bodies of everyone-Marse Coven's entire family as well as the servants. They had been brutally murdered and left piled up in the remains of the wedding parlor that had been set up for the wedding. The immense room was surrounded by mirrors that reflected the horror that had been left behind. The corpses were nearly unrecognizable-but it was the Covens.
What had happened here? The cops had questioned Hannah-but her hysterics prevented her from answering.
All she could say was the same thing, over and over.
Marse Coven had murdered everyone.
And he was going to kill Hannah next.


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