The Diary of Mia Johnston

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Mia Johnston is a 15 year old girl with black hair, blue eyes and slim lips she has a beautiful figure.
She lives on a quite street and falls in love with her neighbour.
But then her neighbour's brother rapes her.
Will this make Mia change her mind about her crush? or stay
the same dreamer girl that she is??

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



I woke up on a Friday morning sitting up in my bed letting out a yawn.

"Wow..Friday already?" I said as I stepped out of my bed and slid into my slippers.

I walked to my closet searching for something to wear since today is a non-uniform day.

"Hmm..what should I wear today?" I asked myself flicking past a whole bunch of clothes.

I soon enough brought out a black mini skirt with a white tank top, then walked over to my shoe drawer and brought out black flats.

I then got a white ribbon and put it in my hair then got a silver necklace and put it around my neck and a charm bracelet my mother gave me.

"MIA!!! COME AND GET YOUR BREAKFAST OR YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!" I heard my mom's voice from downstairs shouting my name.

"COMING MOM!!!" I shouted back as I grabbed my hairbrush, running downstairs while brushing my hair.

I sat down in the dining chair in the dining room waiting for my mother to give me my breakfast.

"Hun," she said as she peeked from the kitchen door, "Can you get the milk while I get the breakfast ready?" she asked me

"Sure mom." I replied

"Your a gem!" she said as she swished back, her blonde hair whipping back to the kitchen to carry on cooking.

I mostly look like my mom, but I have my dad's eyes and color of hair.

My dad died last year in a car crash so my mom and I try not to think about it but we always remeber him.

I opened the door and was about to bend down to get the milk until I spotted Owen skating on his skate board around on the pavement. 

Owen is my neighbour..and I think he's really cute he started to wave to me.

I waved shyley back, he walked over and started to talk to me.

"Hey toots," He said with grin.

I began to blush lightly but I didn't know I was until he mentioned it.

I hid my face but he pulled my hands away.

"Your cute when you blush..." He complimented me.


I stared into his crystal blue eyes like mine, his glossy hair with curls at the end, the way the brown curls shimmer..his light abs you could faintly see..oh

he was just gorgeous..

"W-well I must be going now..have school.."

"Oh right well talk to ya later!" He smiled as he skated away from me.

I sighed..I was about to faint..

I then remebered I had to drop off the milk!

I snatched them from the ground and ran inside

"Sugar, what took you so long?"

"T-Talking to O-Owen.." I said, smiling at the ground.

My mom smirked as she lay out the table.

I was half way through my breakfast, until I realised..I WAS LATE!

"SHIIIT!!!" I screamed as I reached for my bag.

My mom grabbed my hand and said angrily, "Don't ever..EVER use that language again!!!!!"

"Sorry mom.." I said

She let go of my hand and smiled, she kissed my forehead.

"Have a good day Sweetie!"

I ran along the road and finally got there

"MISS JOHNSTON!!" Screeched my teacher

"Sorry I'm late, miss.." I said as i sat in my chair

As I looked around while I was in a boring lesson..all the girls looked like..well..sluts..

Some you could see there breasts!! some were wearing skirts that were past their ass!

I shivered and tried to forget the sight I saw.

After School..

I was walking home but then bumped into Owen..liturally..

We both fell in an uncomfortable postion..he tumbled over and I fell inbetween his legs..

We both stared at eachother and I shot straight up blushing.

He then stood up rubbing the back of his neck

We both said at the same time "I'm, I'm sorry I should be sorry!" We both stopped and giggled.

"So...Wanna come bowling with me?"

"Sure." I said smiling with joy.

 I texted my mom and we both waited for a reply.

"O-Owen I have to t-tell you s-something.." I looked to the side, blushing.

"Yeah?" He said, looking worried.


He put his warm hands against my cheeks and kissed me on the lips.


I pushed closer, making the kiss deeper.

I soon felt his tongue drop into my mouth and his tongue started exploring it.

We both soon fell onto the floor, he pinned me down against the ground.


"Sssh..Relax.." he gave me a soft kiss on the lips and then licked my bottom lip.

I gave a moan in pleasure.

He then lifted his head and started nibbling my neck.

This time, I groaned but it wasn't in was in happiness and pleasure.

My hands then slipped to his neck and his to my waist.

He then was about to kiss me again until..


It was my mom.

"2 secs Owie.."

I answered it.

"Hi Mom"

"Of course you can go hun but don't you wanna drop off your bag?"

I gave Owen a sexy grin.

"Na I'm alright.."

"Ok hun, be back for half 9 and no later!"

"Ok bye!" I said quickly as I hanged up.

Owen then grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Your so beautiful..the best girlfriend any 16 year old boy could have.."

He then pulled me even closer, our bodies right up against each other.

Owen pushed me up and I wrapped my legs against his waist and he pushed me against a wall.

We started to kiss all night...

We spent the whole weekend together, we got even closer as the years went by.

I was walking home from the shops when I spotted Owen's brother, Christopher but people call him Chris.

"Hi Chris!" I greeted him cheerfully.

"Heya Hot stuff.." he said, sounding drunk.

"Chris? YOUR DRUNK!!!"

He grabbed me in an alleyway and ripped all my clothes off even my undergarments. 


"He started playing with my breasts, flicked them and twirling them about he then sucked my nipples!!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" I tried to hide the matter of fact..I was enjoying it...

He then unzipped his jeans and his little friend started to enter my flower."

I groaned but this time..IT WAS IN PAIN!!

"So tight..."


He started going was getting tight..

I heard police sirens and Chris soon dropped me to the ground.

I then saw Chris getting thrown in a police car and getting droven away.

I then sat there, hugging my knees and crieing.

A police man walked up to me, "Don't be scared, we can help you.."

I was too hurt to walk, so they carried me to an ambulance and I was driven away.

 I woke up, I was in my room, Did I fall asleep?

My mom was next to me crieing.


"Mia? MIA YOUR ALRIGHT!!!" she said hugging me, crieing happy tears.

She finally let go and I looked at my body..I was

"Mom..How did I get here?"

My mom told me that how she brought me home.

Then I realised...Chris..had..raped me..

Owen then came in and saw I was awake.

"Mia.." He ran up and kissed me.

I broke it and asked him quietly.. "Why didn't you help me.."


"YOU WEREN'T THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST!!" Tears welled up in my eyes.

He kissed me and then pressed his forehead against mine.

"..I put him in jail..I promise that I will always be protect you.."

"You put your own brother in jail..for me...?"

"Yeah...the doctor said you weren't pregnant so your ok.."

"Phew!!!" I sighed in relief

I pulled Owen onto my bed and kissed him.

"HELLO!? I'M STILL HERE!?" screamed my mother.

9 years later...

"Oh are simply charming.." I kissed him

"And you are princess" He said, kissing back.

"I better go make breakfast, see ya later hun." he walked out the room.

*sigh* "What can I say? he IS irrasistable.. *puts hand over tummy and giggles* (IT'S OWEN'S BABY!! NOT CHRIS'!!!!)





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