A life of abuse

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I was abused growing up and this poem shows that even after all of it i stop the cycle and i declare i will be free no matter what the past looked like.

Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015



A life of abuse hurt and pain

Going thru the storms and rain

Days full of depression

Nights full of tears

Wishing the end was near

Blocked from the reality of my life

Being who I am and who I wanna be

To them it isn’t right

Facing constant turmoil

It’s a constant fight

Many years allowing people to control me

Trying to determine my destination for eternity

So many years trying to fight

I’m getting so tired now

So many nights up feeling depressed and suicidal

Wanting it to all end because I’m so miserable

having no one to understand

no one to care

im alone

no one is anywhere

its time to take control

time to take charge

time to be who I am

to be me

and not be bound chained

I declare I will be FREE

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