Beautiful Heart

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This is the saddest thing I've done. I've been having doubts in my writing abilities so I tried a hard topic. True sadness. Something is wrong with the way I paste my poetry in, it won't make a new line when I want it to. So random capitalization and periods mean that is when a new line is supposed to begin.

I used to punch and kick

With all my hurtful words.

I made people who wanted to be my friends.

Cry every single day.

I didn't do that to make me feel better.

I just had hurt so bad.

Because everyone else.

Beat my heart out.

And made me feel like nothing.

I started to heal.

But broke down again.

When I saw.

What I had done.

To all those who had loved me.

They said the hurtful words.

We're erased from their brains.

I thought I could finally be.


I opened my heart.

Tried to make everything better.

They took my heart.

And slapped it in my face.

They said they weren't my friends.

They would laugh with me.

Make me feel like I was something again.

And again, just when I'd finally open my heart.

They're denying everything again.





A bad person.

Now they beat me down.

Make me burn.

Like I'm the bitch.

The witch.

And still I TRY.

I pick up the shards of my heart.

And stick them back together.

Smile for the camera.

Just to shatter behind the scenes.

Just when everything matters.

The scarred tissue around my heart.

Makes everything ache.

Even when try go back to being.


They wonder why I'm the mean one.

Do they even see?

What they do to me?

All the tears.

That I say I never cried.

I am crying right now.

They believe in nothing.

I do.

I cry so hard each night

. Curled up in my fragile state.

Then my mom walks in.

She looks so happy.

She's just enough.

To make me hold on.

I wipe away the tears.

And smile brightly back

. But I am not depressed.

I'm not messed.


Because I'm done TRYING.

I've found some new people.

Who have more courage than those.

That used to be.

They have the courage to be.


They are little.

They love me.

I will always remember the others.

In their best moments.

Laughing as they.

Accidently show me who they are.

I will remember you.

As I pick up the pieces of my heart.

And forget my stubborn side.

I'll walk up to a person that loves me.

And look at them with.



Trusting eyes.

I will ask them.

And not wait for rejection.

"Can you fix my shattered little.



Though I don't have all the pieces.

I left them with a couple

Of really good people.

Who I just wasn't good enough for.

But it's ok.

Because I'd rather have.

A whole hole filledheart

Than a.





Because with your love.

I will have a beautiful heart.

That'll finally be able to love

. And if you stick through this storm.

Of mine

. I will love you with every inch

Of my.


Full of friends.





Submitted: June 06, 2012

© Copyright 2021 SongofSoul. All rights reserved.

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I could feel a sadness of pain I only minimally know, perhaps. This was an amazing release from you! I am glad you can share this piece!

Sun, June 10th, 2012 8:14pm


Thank you!! Usually I feel I am made for books than poems. But, lately, they seem to suite me!! I am very thankful for your input and ask for more of it constantly!

A writer,

Wed, June 13th, 2012 4:40pm

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