Happily ever after..

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poem about how firendship can turn for the worst and ultimately become destroyed. an apology and farewell to my friends out there who meant a lot to me, and still mean a lot to me and i will never forget them.

Submitted: July 29, 2009

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Submitted: July 29, 2009



I go forward and back
Through dead mans chest

I be their present and become their past

I fall the waterfall and rain and the rainfall
It is me who is the heartache and pain
My friendship is neither loss nor gain
Im sorry i cudnt be what you wanted me to be
Im sorry i cudnt see what you wanted me to see
Im sorry for doing this, for being just me
And i hope that some day u will forgive me
I wish i hadn’t tried
I wish i hadn’t cried
I wish our paths never crossed
If the ultimate break was ahead
I hope that in time u can mend all the peices
And weld all the pain away
I wish i coud do things to change it
To change what u go through

I didn’t intend on making it the end

But you opened a different chapter
And read the wrong book
In innocence i came along
In innocence i was the one
Who wasn’t meant to be
Don’t see the perfection in me
As it shadows all the flaws beneath
Losing you was painful to me too
watching u hurt

hurt me too

knowing you hurt

and theres nothing i can do

you had a place in my heart
even if it was a different part
it was there
and always will be
if life was simple people wouldn’t be living
if life was eternal people wouldn’t be giving
every story has a happy ending
even if not far far away
happily ever after
my friend

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