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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is just a skeleton of a story I decided to write on a whim. It is the beginnings of a psychological horror story.

As the man wakes up he notices a room surrounding him that seems all to familiar with its cold metal floor. He looks around realizing all to quickly that he cannot see much more than a light coming from a distant source unknown to him. “Lights on” says the man in his confused tone of voice. No sooner than the command is given do the lights turn themselves on. 

 “Wait I didn’t say that. What is going on? Where am I and why does my head hurt?” thinks the man in his panic not realizing that he is in fact speaking through his mind.

“You are not alone young man. I am here with you as I have been.” came the reply in his mind in his own voice

“Who are you? More importantly, who am I? Where am I?”

“I am Aiden, I am part of a high tech research facility that you are in and have been participating in for the past few years without knowing as you have just woken from a coma.” came his own voice in his mind.

“Okay Aiden,” thought the man “who am I and where is this facility located?”

“You sir are named Robert, test number 34522. This facility is located deep underneath the state of Florida. Before you ask I am afraid that you may not leave as you are owned by the government of the United States of America.” said his voice once more now sounding more metallic.

“Aiden where are you located? What are you? I can’t see anyone else here and how did you get inside of my head? Why am I in Florida and how am I property? I am a person not a damned animal!” screamed Robert in his thoughts.

“Robert please calm down. You are property because of an experimental medicine that was administered no less than…” and the voice trailed off coming back slowly but surely “according to the dates this medicine was administered two hundred years ago and you have just now been released from cryogenic storage as there was a power failure detected within my systems.”

“Aiden, I feel as if you are lying to me because there was no medicine administered to me and I should technically be dead as I have been frozen for two hundred years. Not only that, but I hear other voices in my head. Voices that are not mine and should not exist. They say ’Shock him he is slipping’ and ‘Get away because he may jerk his limbs and strike you’. Aiden what are you exactly? You are not human so do not bother lying to me.”

“Sir Robert if I may explain. The reason you are here and cannot leave is because we are three miles beneath the surface of the earth or what is left of it.”

“Hurry up and explain yourself.” thought Robert angrily.

“I heard that Robert. You are here because there was a nuclear war two hundred years ago and much of what was is now gone. The United States refused to get involved in escalating tensions between Russia and China and nuclear war eventually erupted after a series of assassinations funded by Chinese infiltrators from inside of Russia. The United States eventually was involved when it refused to stop supplying either side of the war and was accused of funding terrorism. When the bombs fell, the government selected forty-six thousand citizens to be drugged and frozen so that democratic society may once live again. You are the only person to survive the cryogenic stasis at this facility.” came the voice of Robert inside of his own thoughts.

‘Quick shock him we are gonna lose his mind! Get him back!’ came voices fading in and out of thought.

“GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD!” Robert tried to scream “Why can we not speak like normal people?” Robert said as he began to sob weakly

“Robert we can not speak because we are not of the same kind. I have no way to convey speech other than by implanting thoughts into your head. Here in the year of two thousand three hundred and twenty-four. I am not man as you are.”

“The what in the hell are you Aiden?” asked Robert unpleasantly

“I am machine. I am the epitome of machinery. I am fully aware of self and have feelings and I am capable of learning.” spoke Aiden in a more metallic tone

‘charge at three hundred! clear!’ said the fading voices.

“If I am man and you are machine then really, where am I? I know that there is no way I am in Florida. I feel like the time is around midday so if I may peak at the surface through a periscope or something.”

‘inject more myoglena so he can stabilize for longer times.’ said a single cold lonely sounding voice

“I cannot allow you to do that Robert as my visual instruments were damaged during the war and went out of commission thirty-six years ago to date.” said Aiden in Robert’s mind.

“Surely there is something that you can do for me to prove that I am in Florida. Open the hatch to the ascending stairs and allow me to go outside. Fit me with a radiation suit.” demanded Robert with his gruff voice.

‘Good he is stable for now. Continue on.’

“I cannot allow you to go outside as you will die and my experiment will die along with you as you are the only survivor.”

“Yes you can, radiation isn’t lethal after two hundred some years of settling. I just want to leave.”

“I cannot allow you to leave. Would you like to play a game of checkers?”

“Let me leave for just a few minutes and I will play checkers with you when I return.”

‘Zap him again before he slips.’

“I cannot let you leave please play checkers with me.” begged Aiden

“Why can I not leave? I demand an answer from you Aiden.”

“Because the door is open and you are not allow to do more than gaze through it.”

“I am walking through the door, suit or not. Goodbye Aiden.”

‘Up his telocomine so that he is compliant’ came a single distant voice

“I cannot let you go Robert because that will invalidate the experiment.”

“There is no experiment! If I am the only subject left here there is no longer enough of a sample to determine results!” said Robert as he began to cry,”

“This much is true however you are not leaving because it is not my rules. You must stay here. If you leave you can never come back.” said Aiden quickly.

“I am leaving whether you want me to or not. Now open the door and let me leave!” hissed Robert quickly

“You may leave but you may never come back to this area.” said Aiden with sadness leeching into his voice.

“Tell me this Aiden. Why did you lie to me about a nuclear war? What am I actually doing here? What are the other voices in my head.”

‘Decrease the saline so the medicine gets in faster’

“How did you know I was lying?” asked Aiden sheepishly

“Easy when you dodge every question and then none of the answers given make sense”

“Truthfully I have told you all that you are allowed to be told. You may leave but I would advise against it and that you sit here and play checkers.”

“Just open the door and let me leave.”

“Leave then, but never will you return.”

“I never planned to return anyways.” Robert said as he left for the wall panel that opened up and left a small energy field in his way.

“You must press the button to leave as it disables the field in your way.” said Aiden quietly

‘Don’t press the button just walk through’ said the voices from beyond. With that information in mind Robert walked through the door only to end up in a control room. When he looked around he saw a computer with an image of a man sitting in a chair with needles sticking in and out of him and men in white lab coats holding clipboards and paddles waiting to shock the man should he slip or need the shock. The machine spit out some paper with numbers and letters covering it as if it were a transcript of an event. Robert looked the paper over and read in horror all of the voices that had been in his head.

“What is this place?” he said with horror flooding into his voice. “What is going on?”

‘Aiden said for you to stay and play checkers with him. He would have fed and taken care of all your needs. Now you must suffer once more’ said the same voices

“Let me go and get out of my head!” screamed Robert as his voice cracked with sadness and fright.

‘I can let you go, but you will have to trust me and do exactly as you are told’ came a new voice from Robert’s mind.

“Yes whatever must be done. I will do it.” said Robert with hope leaking into his voice

‘There is a gun behind you. It is empty, but put it to your head and pull the trigger. Your life here will be ended and your life in the real world will begin anew’ said that same brand new voice.

“I will try, but it may not work.”

‘Just do it so that you are back here and not there’ said the voice. With that Robert picked up the pistol behind him and put it to his head and pulled the trigger. And suddenly he woke up in a chair with a nasty headache. When he finally woke up entirely he realized that he was sitting in a room alone with a cold metal floor and a metallic familiar feel. 

“What the hell? What in the hell? I was supposed to leave this place!" thought Robert sadly and angrily at the same time. “Where am I? Wait…no, please have mercy and let me out Aiden. Please!”

“Who is Aiden? I am Pennyworth not Aiden” said a computerized voice in Robert’s head.

“No please…just let me go. I was lied to and said that I would be freed.”

“You can never escape here. You should play a game of checkers with me.” said Pennyworth.

“This is all to familiar. Just open the wall so I can leave.” cried Robert.

“The wall is now open and you must press the button so you can leave.” said Pennyworth.

“Why am I still here? How old am I?”

“Sir you appear to be around thirty-six years old. Why do you ask?”

“Because I am twenty-three not thirty-six. How long have I been here?”

“Three hundred and forty-six years. You are not even a real person, just a self aware computer program that wants to leave. You are not real.”

“Yes I am. I am as real as the sun shining on skin.”

“Try to escape again sir. This time press the button.”

“Yeah I will try that.” and Robert pressed the button and out of nowhere everything turned black and he woke up in a chair with people surrounding him with needles sticking in and out of him and paddles ready to shock him back to life or jolt him into reality as he screamed bloody murder. “What is going on? Where am I?” said Robert sadly.

‘Shock him again he is delirious’ said a friendly voice.

“No please don’t do it let me live”

‘Sorry back in the chamber you go.’ 

“No please don’t do it.” screamed Robert

‘Sorry, got to.’ said the voice, and with that Robert was shocked and smacked and monitored as he went back to his coma.

“What? What happened? Where am I, why does my head hurt, and what am I doing here? Wait this is familiar…this room is familiar with its metallic feel. NOOOO!!!!!” and with that Robert began to speak to Aiden once again.

Submitted: November 29, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sonic the Cactus. All rights reserved.

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Nikki Evans

Awesome twists!! It's like Robert is suffering from some kind of Computerized reincarnation and maybe even evolving to the point he is now a machine!! Pretty wild and very well written!!

Wed, January 14th, 2015 1:49am


thanks :) i actually gave it a little thought and i kind of wanted it to show that life is a circle and it will test you over and over again until you get it right. i never thought of it like you did and that is an awesome point of view to take it from. thank you for the new insight into my work. if it please ya check out some of my other stuff :D

Tue, January 13th, 2015 8:38pm

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