The Start of the Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I figured I'd try my hand at a multi-part story told through poetry. Hope you guys enjoy, here's the first part. Be warned- it's very long.

Submitted: May 29, 2015

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Submitted: May 29, 2015



I started the story alone,

I'd fallen back to square one.

Then, almost mystically,

People entered my life,

Her, who wore the Beatles shirt the day we met,

Him, who first talked to me on the bus.

Her, who grew to become closer than family.

They were only the start though.

They entered first, at the start of the story,


As the story continued,

I started to return to life,

Started to become who I thought was me again.

Then she came along.

She stole my heart for a time, 

Then shattered it to pieces.

Scarring me inside and out.

But even in those dark times,

People were there for me.

A sweetheart that kept close to me,

That told me everything about her. 

But as time went on, a void opened between us,

A void I couldn't span.

A void I'd caused.

And so she departed from the story for awhile.



Enter the third chapter of the story.

A brother came along,

A wolf among men.

Blood sealed our bonds,

Family bound now, forever and always. 

Around this chapter, she came along. 

She had been around before, 

But not as a major character. 

But around this time we began to grow closer,

Then she too, was family to me.

Bonds, deeper than friendship.


Now we move into chapter four of this tale,

Where she came in. 

She, who captivated me from the word "go."

She seemed perfect, 

My time with her went by like a dream.

But as the seasons changed, 

So too did we, 

And a new flower blossomed in my heart,

And she departed the story.

At this point, my scars had healed,

Though they remain to this day,

Etched into my skin like brands.

And so the fourth chapter reached its conclusion.



Soon, the fifth chapter opened,

And he came along, 

The new kid from Virginia.

Before I knew it, he was another brother,

And I once again felt happy. 

Soon after, she came along.

Sweet and kind, in appearance at least.

Soon it came to pass that it wasn't right,

That I had to let go. 

But it wasn't easy. It was hard. 


And now, in the sixth chapter, 

The present chapter, 

The still-being-written chapter.

Who knows what will come next. 

Because, though we're six chapters in,

We're still only at the start of the story.

© Copyright 2020 SonicRainDash. All rights reserved.

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