My sister's broken heart

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Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011




Yay! Freedom at last…tension free!! ‘Casey said to her little sister Miranda.

Hmm….? I don’t get you? Freedom for what?

Miranda didn’t know what her big sister was taking about.

How can you not know! My exams are over!

Oh god! It’s just your exams!


Casey got annoyed with her sister because she wanted to share her happiness with her little sister but Miranda did not bother. Casey walked out from the door with anger and disappointment and that did not make Miranda feel even a little sad because she was having her own problems at school.


Casey knew something was not right because Miranda was never like this so she decided to take her sister out for lunch and ask her if anything was wrong.


Miranda! Miranda! Come down now! ‘Casey called Miranda from down stairs’.

Miranda rushed down stairs right away.

What!? What do you want? What happen?

We are going for lunch outside! Just the both of us.

Oh god! You called me down like something happened!

Ok sorry but now let’s go!


They went to a diner down town in Brooklyn where their parents used to take them there when they were a kid and that was before they died.


Casey knew by taking her sister there, she will tell Casey her problem.


Wow! Remember we used to come here with mom and dad. Casey said to Miranda in a sad tone.

Yea…how can I forget this place and the memories.Anyways thanks for bringing me here? I really appreciate it.

Your welcome and can you tell me if something is bothering you? You seem really disturbed just now. You’re usually not like that. What happened?


Miranda decided to tell her sister about her problem.

Well remember 2 months ago I told you that I am with Jake well we got in a fight this morning and he broke up with me. L

What?????? ……..but it was just one fight right?

No, we argued many times for the past one week.

OH dearie! I am so sorry. Don’t worry he is a jerk to give up on this relationship.


Casey tried consoling her sister and it did work. She told her that it’s not the end of the world and she doesn’t need to be upset. She will find someone 1000 times better than Jake.


Miranda decided to move on and she went on a few dates and she finally found her dream guy Earl. Casey on the other hand got back together with her ex Jason.


After 5 years, Casey got married to Jason and Miranda was already engaged to Earl. They lived a happy life after all the drama. J\"\"

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