Waiting in limbo

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Where do we go after we die?

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



I sit here in limbo,

Watching as the colors

Of my once seemingly long life

Pass me by in a blur,

And no matter how hard I try,

I cannot shake the ominous feeling

That has begun to sink into my bones,

The feeling that something is not quite right,

For every time I try to reach out and touch one of the images

That speed past,

I am stopped by an invisible barrier,

One that cannot be pushed or swayed,

But simply stays in place,

Caging me in,

And before I know it,

A panic has begun to sink in,

A panic so fierce that all of the air has been sucked from my lungs,

 I feel my body slowly sinking,

And before I realize what has happened,

I have collapsed

And lay in a crumpled heap on the ground,

With tears pouring from my eyes

Like miniature waterfalls,

And it is then that I notice

That all of the colors have stopped,

And I can clearly see an image,

An image of myself

Lying on the cold, damp, dark, dusty street

With paramedics surrounding me,

Trying with endless effort

To bring life back into my empty shell of a body,

And now I am screaming,

Screaming for someone to help me,

To help me understand

How it was possible someone so young could die,

And then God is before me,

Staring at me with His all knowing eyes,

Instantly I am calmed,

For I know all will be okay,

And that it does not matter

That I had lived a short life,

I am relieved and full of comfort,

For I know that a new life is about to begin,

One devoid of pain and despair,

So hand in hand I walk with The Father

Into the illuminated gates of Heaven

© Copyright 2018 Sonja Bell. All rights reserved.

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