All You Are And All You Could Have Been

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A poem for the woman who could have done so much good, but decided to do the opposite.

You should have been God

You should have guided the way

You should have known that


I believed in you

I thought you could do no wrong

You could tell no lies


You believed it too

But deep down you’ve always known

Who you really are


You never believed

That I would one day realize

Time reveals all lies


You left me alone

In my greatest hour of need

Why did I trust you


Because of your lies

I lost all and gained nothing

I was left friendless


I felt so much hate

For everything you did

But there was no use


I yearned to feel love

To see you as someone else

But I hoped in vain


There were moments when

In my deepest pain-filled nights

I wished for your death


I often wondered

If you would mourn my absence

When I walked away


At last I am free

You are alone with your hate

None will hear you now




You are nothing now

A quickly fading nightmare

A thought from long ago


This hate is not worth

Giving up my peace of mind

You are not worth that


Despite all you’ve done

I forgive all of your crimes

May you rest in peace

Submitted: November 01, 2010

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