When the Roots are Rotten....

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Life of martyrs.

Time mocks me wagging its tongue and finger

Its slave I am…bound…root of a redwood

Frozen under earth…destiny’s dinner

Fate fondles me with taunts…my tale in book.

In the true game of shadows and spirits

My place fixed, in the realms invisible

Bearing my cross to ultimate limits

…Swallowed by darkness indivisible.

Sometimes fear injects in heart, I quiver

Shaking and shivering, scared and shackled

Closing my eyes…bowed in lamb submission

Waiting for the end of losing battles.

Salvation in my heart…truth in my head

Keeping me sane…translating beyond time

Silent trickles…in oceans of the dead

As I live…frozen, drowned, and fried…to die.

Submitted: December 05, 2008

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Sonny I am so very much enjoying your works.
fasinating writing, fasinating!

Fri, December 5th, 2008 11:52pm

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