The Requiem Of Love

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The Requiem of Love is a poem about a young woman whom is filled with intense love for the man that she is watching from a distance. The sonnet is thus based upon the woman’s feelings, that cannot find tenderness within her lover’s heart...

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



The Requiem Of Love


Devoid of truth you pass unsatisfied, 

your stern lips revealing not, the thumping 

movement in your heart, much too filed with pride. 

Oh, your looks to me so penetrating, 


cause of my overflow of emotion. 

A thunderbolt within my desperate soul, 

triggering what resembles devotion, 

 provoking poignant pleasure on the whole. 


May it be long before your eyes meet mine?

For flickers and fireworks will unite 

the space between us: we will be entwined

through the moments of rapture in sunlight.


But day might have clouds and night is too deep, 

for the way to our love is far too steep.



- By Sonia Prevedello

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