Australia History Timeline Part two

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Australia History Timeline Part two

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013





13 August 1901 – Edith Grindle female born NSW Australia.


11 February 1902 – Immigration. Sydney to Wellington ship “Cornwall” Raper. (14 July 2013).


1911 – Mr Charles Blythe sold his station in 1911 for 44,000 pounds and brought a home in Kelmscott. Heifer calves a herd of stock. (Western pioneers ©1980 Australia JE Hammond).


1911 – Coastal ship “Monaro”. (Australia family tree mag Sept 2010)


16 August 1930 – Joseph, born in Australia. His parents were farmers in Victoria, one of his parents was Lebanese. (Crime in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1931 – Mr Thompson Logue land at Cookernup in south west early days of the colony. Stoek was a farm. Death in 1931 at age 93 years Mr Logue lived at Cookernup all his life. He was a justice of the peace for over 30 years and a church warden. (Western pioneers ©1980 Australia JE Hammond).


19 March 1931 – Robert Trimbole was born in Australia to Italian parents. Griffith area. Access to corrupt police and customs. Brian Alexander and Terry Clark. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


19 March 1931 – Crime library The fixer The rise and fall of Australian drug lord Robert Trimbole Patrick Bellamy.


19 March 1931 – Robert Trimbole was born in Griffith. His father was from the Calabrian town of Plati Italy. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


13 Sept 1933 – Donald MacKay was born in Griffith Australia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1939-1944 – In 1939 Australia with a population of 7,000,000 had an army of 80,000 men volunteers increased its numbers to by 1944 reached half a million. (The momentous years ©1961 Priestly and Betts).


5 April 1939 – Brian Alexander was born in Sydney. His disappearance was in December 1981. Brian William Alexander and the Sydney law firm of John Lawrence Aston. Corrupt police and customs. The Mr Asia drug syndicate.  (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


30 December 1942 Frances John Nugan born Griffith NSW Frank Farrell Australia dictionary biography 2000 Nugan Hand bank.


1949-59 – Operation MOLE in Australia. Charles Spry was head of ASIO in 1959. Spry was made head of ASIO on its formation in 1949. He had previously been director of military intelligence. He lobbied for an intelligence gathering agency similar to M15. Defection of the Petrov’s who worked in the cipher section of the Russian embassy in Canberra. Russia broke off diplomatic relations and placed their embassy under Switzerland.


13 April 1954 – a KGB officer named Vladimir Petrov, working at the Soviet embassy in Canberra, defected to the ASIO, then joined by his KGB officer wife. The Australian security officer in charge of the Petrov defection was Michael Thwaites. (Too secret too long Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


1955 – Australian public affairs info service APAIS National library of Australia Commonwealth.


1955-61 – Gianfranco Tizzoni moved from Italy to Australia in 1955 married with two children. He worked as a truck driver until about 1961 when he became a taxi driver in Melbourne. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1962 - Secret dossiers probed Godfathers behind Melbourne Mafia bloodshed in 1960s  Domenico the pope Italiano in 1962 Calabrian Mafia in Australia was killed. (Herald sun news 13 July 2013).


1963 – Charles Bateson. Gold fleet for California 49ers from Australia and New Zealand. Sydney Ure Smith.


1963 – The family among the Australian aborigines. A sociological study. B Malinowski. Schocken books.


26 Oct 1964 – Eric Cooke was the last person officially hanged in Western Australia. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1 Nov 1968 – Robert Trimbole was made bankrupt. (crime in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1971-73 – In 1971 Tizzoni, Trimbole and Archie Molinaro dealt with Bally coin machines, alleged mafia connections. By 1973 Tizzoni was the Melbourne head of the marijuana distribution for the Griffith family. (Crime in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1972 – Phyllis Mander Jones ed. Manuscripts in the British isles relating to Australia and New Zealand. Australian national university.


1972-Dec 1981 – NSW policeman Fred Krahe who died in December 1981 aged 62. Krahe was employed by Frank Nugan. Krahe retired from the police in 1972. (Crime in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1973 – Nugan Hand ltd was founded in Sydney in 1973 by Australian lawyer Francis John “Frank” Nugan, alleged ties to the Mafia in Griffith NSW. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).


Feb 1974 – Two of the first marijuana crops discovered in Australia were found near Griffith. Calabrian mafia cell in Griffith, Robert Trimbole. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


19 Feb 1974 – Giuseppe Scarfo was arrested and charged. British Australia, sentenced 21 May 1974 fined, small fines. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


23 June 1975 – A brothel keeper named Shirley Finn was shot dead in her car near the south Perth foreshore. The murder is unsolved. Police corruption is suspected. A year before Finn’s murder a bomb blasted the façade of one of her brothels. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


3 Oct 1975 – Terrence Clark was arrested charged with importing heroin into NZ. Clark got bail and fled to Australia. He based his activities in Australia for the next 2 years, with connections to NZ. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


10 Nov 1975 – Drug bust at Coleambally near Griffith. Calabrian mafia. The market value of the drugs was $25 million. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1976 – Terry Clark ran the “Mr Asia” heroin trafficking syndicate. Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. Corrupt police and customs. Terry Clark moved from New Zealand to Brisbane in 1976 with his first wife. She was a heroin addict, who later died.


1976 – Nugan Hand and BCCI used the same law firm in the Cayman islands, Bruce Campbell and company. The firm acted a registered agent for Nugan Hand. In 1976 it set up BCCI unit International Credit and Investment Company Ltd ICIC. Bruce Campbell also organised and managed several other corporate entities related to BCCI.


1976-79 – Terrence Clark imported massive amounts of heroin into Australia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


Early 1976 – Another death linked to Terry Clark Mr Asia. 26 year old Maria Ann Hission whose bullet ridden body was found in Sydney harbour in early 1976, weighed down with a ships anchor. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


1977 – Another key member of the “Mr Asia” drug syndicate was “Aussie Bob” Trimbole, a senior member of the L’Onorata society, the honoured society, in Griffith Australia. Italians of Calabrian descent. In the late 1970’s drug trafficking. 1977 Donald Mackay’s body was never found. Trimbole organised fake passports. He visited Terry Clark in London in July 1979 and left Australia in 1981. He fled to Spain from Ireland in 1987 and allegedly died. (Article 31 January 2009 by Kara Lawrence. The Daily Telegraph.)


1977 - Donald MacKay was shot dead in a Griffith pub car park. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1977 – Fred Krahe killer cop worked for Frank Nugan in 1977. ex cop killed MacKay book Sydney connection 15 August 2007.


March 1977 – The “Konpira” ship and heroin smuggling into Australia. 400 kilos of white China four heroin smuggled in march 1977. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Mr Asia. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


July 1977 – Jim Shepherd made a few trips to Singapore to set up false bank accounts for himself. Clark asked him for $50,000 over the next 2 years. Millions, banks like Nugan Hand. (Mr Asia ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).


15 July 1977 – Donald MacKay kidnapped in a hotel car park. Shotgun shells and blood found in his locked van. (Wiki organised crime timeline).


15 July 1977 – Donald Bruce MacKay was murdered. Griffith cell of the Calabrian mafia Australia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


15 July 1977 – About 6.30pm the identity of the man who shot MacKay remained unknown for more than 5 years. MacKays body has never been found. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


15 July 1977 – Donald MacKay murdered outside the Griffith hotel 6pm but his body has never been found abc net au 16 July 2002 James Obrien.


Late 1977-1982 – In late 1977 Terry Clark shot Greg Ollard in the head Sydney. Their bodies were found in 1982. Julie Theilman heroin user was also shot dead by Clark. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


1978 – The mafia began selling heroin in Australia, getting heroin from the Mr Asia syndicate. Tizzoni distribute heroin. (Crime in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1978 – Krahe, along with Frank Nugan and others, was charged in 1978 with conspiracy to defraud the Nugan group ltd. He was discharged on all counts. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


April 1978 – Chinese Jack Choo a member of Mr Asia drug syndicate importing heroin and buddha sticks from Thailand into Australia. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


May 1978 – march 1979 – In May 1978 Harry Lewis, British London to NZ to Australia. Sydney he was arrested for cannabis in May 1978 and had not been seen since. In March 1979 his body was found in NSW. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


June 1978 – Fishing boat “Anoa” police army and navy surveillance operation. Cargo of buddha sticks for Australia. (Mr Asia ©2010 J Shepherd Aust Nz).


Late 1978-early 1979 – Terrence Clark, Mr Asia, and Trimbole peaked. Import to Australia of 16 suitcases with 48 kilos of heroin with an estimated street value of $96 million. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1980 – Western pioneers. The battle well fought by JE Hammond edited by Osland K Battye. Imperial printing company 397 Hay street Perth. Hesperian press Western Australia. ISBN 0-85905-015-7. Osland K Battye Perth May 1936.


1980 – Drug traffic narcotics and organised crime in Australia google books Alfred W McCoy.


1980 – Nugan Hand bank affair Alfred W McCoy audiobook Sydney abc (Worldcat database).


1980s – Western Australia organised crime. Bruno Romeo leader of the N’Dranghita with family ties to the Calabrian drug bosses of the Griffith region in NSW.(Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


16 Jan 1980 – Marion Anne Sandford Sydney Australia missing person. Born 1 Feb 1956. (NZ police missing persons).


27 Jan 1980 – Nugan faced stock fraud charges, he was shot dead outside Lithgow NSW. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).


27 January 1980- Frank Nugan was found dead, in his locked car by the side of the road outside Sydney. He had been shot in the head with a rifle. The Nugan Hand bank collapsed within six months. Michael John Hand disappeared. (Who really runs the world ©2005. T Burnett A Games).


6 April 1980 – Linda Susanne Davie missing person Sydney Aust. Born 13 Nov 1957. (NZ police missing persons).


June 1980 – Official Australia inquest into Nugan’s death, he owed 50 million. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).


1981 – The first fleeters. Sydney Australian document library. PG Fidlon and RJ Ryan eds.


1981 – Genealogical research directory. Library of Australian history 1981-95 Keith A Johnson and Malcolm R Sainty eds.


March 1981 – The CIA Nugan Hand and the Kerr group Denis Freney article Island magazine (Informit literature database).


7 May 1981 – Trimbole departed Australia for Europe via the US. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


7 May 1981 – Trimbole flew out of Australia. He was warned by corrupt police, he never retuned to Australia alive. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


June 1981 – Hand fled Australia under a false identity, that of butcher, Alan Glenn Winter. On a flight to Fiji in late June 1981. He spent a week in Fiji, false beard and mustache, then went to New York city. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).


June 1981 – The Stewart Royal Commission of Inquiry into drug trafficking was set up. Mr Asia. Terrence Clark imported at least 85 kilos of heroin into Australia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


December 1981 – Brian William Alexander murdered disappeared. Sydney law firm of John Lawrence Aston. Robert Trimbole and Terry Clark. Corrupt police and customs. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


1982 – Have you stopped dealing with Nugan Hand bank George Molnar (Worldcat database).


1982 – John Kizon was convicted of heroin trafficking and was jailed. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1982 – Report on the legalising of gambling casinos in NSW Ken Booth treasury NSW (Worldcat database).


1982 – Report The associates of Murray Riley investigation of Harry Wainwright Nugan Hand ltd and its associated companies and the affairs of Murray Stewart Riley and his associates Australia joint task force on drug trafficking Canberra (Worldcat database).


1982-83 – Perth. Gold bullion swindled in 1982 from the Perth mint on Hay street. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1 April 1982 – 7 Dec 1982 – Three brothers were indicted on 8 counts between 1 April 1982 and 23 June 1982. Ray, Brian and Peter to defraud the director of the Perth mint of gold. Burglary 7 April 1982 and the third count was arson. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


7 April 1982 – The premises of Conti Sheffield estate agency in north Perth, an agency of WABS. It was broken into and  blank WABS cheques were stolen. The burglars set fire to the building to cover the theft. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


13 May 1982 – Burglars broke into a real estate agency in Bull creek southern Perth. They stole blank PBS cheques and set fire to the building to cover their tracks. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


June 1982 – Arpad security firm employed a number of serving and former SAS soldiers. Gold worth $250,000 disappeared from a TAA flight in June 1982. Accusations were made against Lazlo Bacskai and his firm Arpad security. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


9 June 1982 – Macleans The scandal of Nugan Hand Philip Grenard


8 July1982 – Detective John Kenneth Ellis aged 52 and two other Griffith police were sent to jail. Conspiracy to pervert justice in relation to the Barbaro and Scarfo marijuana plantations. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1983 – Joint task force on drug trafficking Australia report on Nugan Hand bank.


1983 – Sleight of hand the $25 million Nugan Hand bank scandal John Owen Balmain Sydney Colporteur press (Worldcat database).


Jan Feb 1983 – Nugan Hand on Wall street inc accuracy in media article Quadrant (Informit literature database).


7 Feb 1983 – The Perth mint swindle trial. Three men were accused of the crime. Former SAS soldier and Vietnam vet Raymond Mickelberg. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


Feb-march 1984 – Dateline Australia the nation. 3 march 1984 The Nugan Hand investigation Jack Anderson San Francisco chronicle 4 Feb 1984 Banking on drug traffic.


24 December 1984 – The Age Melbourne “Mr Asia” news man set free.


1985 – Dom Meadley. Writing a family history. Australian institute of genealogical studies Victoria.


1985 – Royal commission of inquiry into the activities of the Nugan Hand group NSW parliament book Sydney (Worldcat database).


1985 – How to write and publish your family history. Joanna Beaumont. Orlando Sydney.


1985-89 – Gold and ghosts. A prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the Australian goldfields. DW de Havelland 1951 Hesperian press.


9 March 1985 – The West Australian reported on a Book about the Mickelbergs removed from sale. John Quigley lawyer for the police Union and the prison officers Union threatened to sue if the book “The Mickelberg stitch” was not removed from sale. The police Union bankrolled the legal action by imposing a special tax of $1 per pay from all left wing Union members. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


July 1985 – Author was extradited from the US to Australia. James Shepherd Sydney Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


Late 1980s – The Fitzgerald inquiry into corruption in the Queensland police Australia. Corruption endemic in the state. (Mr Asia ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).


1986 – Melbourne James Bazley got life for killing Donald MacKay. He said he was not guilty and fingered Fred Krahe for the murder. Ex cop killed MacKay 15 August 2007.


1986 – Bridging the generation gap. Heraldry  and genealogy society Canberra.


1986 – Cemeteries and tombstones in genealogy a bibliography by Gary Wright. Wollongogo NSW. WG Wright.


Early 1986 – Brian Mickelberg was dead. A plane crash south east of Perth. One of the two passengers also died. The plane allegedly ran out of fuel. Foul play was suspected. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1987 – Bound for Australia. D Hawkins. Chichester Phillimore.


1987 – Connections 2 crime rackets and networks of influence in Australia Bob Bottom book Sun Books (Worldcat database).


1987 – Desmond Dawson was dead. A wealthy property owner. His ute mysteriously ran off a cliff on his farm Hiawatha in country Victoria. An associate of the Mickelbergs. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1988 – Shadow of shame How the mafia got away with the murder of Donald MacKay. Bob Bottom. book South Melbourne Sun books (Worldcat database).


1988 – At a  mosque in north Melbourne, Sheikh Mohammed Omran headed the Ahlus Sunnah wal jamaah association, one of the most extreme Islamist groups in Australia. His visitor was Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir future head of the terrorist group Jamaah Islamisah. Australia’s branch of JI. Omran, a Jordanian born migrant to Australia. whose friends included Abu Qatada who he hosted in 1994. Omran acted as a conduit for Bashir and his followers in Australia. (report 18 November 2006).


1988 – The founders of Australia. A biographical dictionary of the first fleet. M Gillen. Sydney. Library of Australian history.


1989 – Mafia certainly killed AFP assistant commissioner in 1989. Colin Winchester. Article by Richard Guillialt The Australian. Calabrian mafia Ndrangheta accused. 23 February 2013.


Late Sept 1990 – Parklea prison in Sydney a riot erupted. The prison was destroyed in the riot which lasted six hours. (Mr Asia ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).


1992 – Legal casinos and organised criminal activity. Australian parliament joint committee on the national crime authority book Canberra. (Worldcat database).


1993 – National register of shipping arrivals. Australia and New Zealand AFF HO Andrew Pearce ed.


1993 – Tax havens and their association with money laundering Katherine M Anderson Griffith uni thesis Nathan Qld (Worldcat database).


1995 – Australian secret intelligence service ASIS also known as M19 successor agency to the Australian secret intelligence organisation ASIO. Defence signals directorate DSD communications intelligence. (Espionage ©1995 E Volkman).


1995 – Money laundering. A report of the Australian financial intelligence unit Austrac said that 3.5 billion $A were recycled through Australia each year. As little as 1% of this laundered money was seized by the police.


Late 1990’s – Several al-Qaeda fund raising support cells were set up in Sydney Melbourne Adelaide. There was also a significant JI presence in Australia.


11 June 1995 – The men who exposed sex trafficking in Australia. Natalie Craig. Sydney Morning Herald.


11 Sept 1995 – Andrew Petrelis died of a heroin overdose in Queensland, he was found naked. Petrelis died a month before he was due to testify. His death delayed the trial. Murder was suspected. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1998 – Funeral of murdered Melbourne crime figure Alphonse Gangitano. John Kizon was a pallbearer. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


1999 – Scandals media politics and corruption in Australia Rodney Triffen ebook Sydney uni NSW press (Worldcat database).


1999 - Marie McCulloch. Keeping your record in order. Family history and genealogical record management system. Queensland family history society Brisbane QLD.


2000 – 2003 – Veniamin had murdered a prominent mafia figure Frank Benvenuto at his Beaumaris home in May 2000 and drug dealer Dino Dibra outside his west sunshine home mafia leader. Two other killings Paul Kallipolitis body found October 2002 and Nik Radev a drug dealer killed in Coburg on 15 April 2003. (Lives of crime G Tippet I Monro ©2008 Asust).


1 Sept 2001 – Don Hancock and Lou Lewis. Driveway of former detective Lathlain. There was an explosion. Don Hancock died instantly and Lou Lewis died at the scene. Bikies were charged. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


2002 – Tracing your past. A practical intro to genealogy and family history in Australia. Lesley Silvester and Mike Murray Timetrackers.


16 July 2002 – Donald Mackay murder twenty five years on. Abc net au James Obrien.


9 Sept 2002 – Skinny Shane Spiller disappeared Wyndham Australia. (Lives of crime G Tippet I Munro ©2008).


13 December 2003 – Underworld shooting murder of Graham Kinniburgh gunned down outside his home in Kew. (Lives of crime G Tippet I Munro ©2008 Aust).


2004 – Australia’s first convicted terrorist was British born Muslim Jack Roche. He used his contacts in JI to connect with al-Qaeda. Prosecutors said he went to Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda officials got him to form a terrorist cell in Australia and carry out the bombing of a Canberra synagogue. The trial said that Ba’aysin was the groups leader. The structure of JI in south east Asia. (Simon Jeffrey  9 Sept 2004 The Guardian UK).


2004 – Sydney connection the Nugan Hand Murray Riley the murder of Donald MacKay book John Jiggens (Worldcat database).


20 May 2004 – Detective Lewandowski was found hanged at the rear of his home in Parmelia. His funeral was six days later. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).


2005 – Murdered by the mob the mafia hit that shocked Australia Rachel Morris Sydney (Worldcat database).


20 October 2005 – Fraud, billions washed in banks National The Age. Moneylaundering in Australia from the Asian drug markets.


11 July 2006 – Nugan Hand bank CIA and the assassination of JFK. John Simkin.


5 August 2006 – Jihadis to target Australia. Natalie O’Brien and Stephen Fitzpatrick. The Australian news. Islamic Jihadis Eka Jaya an Indonesian 31 years old who was registered to fight against Israel.


25 August 2006 – Boilivarian book club pro-Chavez Venezuela Marxists. Hasta la Victoria street bookshop 360 Victoria street North Melbourne ph(03) 9326 4280 Australia.


19 September 2006 – Are the wharves the weakest link? Australian maritime security. The Age article.


30 September 2006 – 4th Latin America solidarity conference in support of Venezuela’s Chavez and Cuba’s Castro, held in Sydney. Attending was Commandante William Izarra former vice minister of foreign affairs in the Chavez regime.


9 October 2006 – Poison in cooking powder, a substance was identified after tests and five people were sent to hospital after adding the powder to their food.


1 November 2006 – Food tampering, fruit and vegetables were recalled in Melbourne’s Safeway scare.


7 November 2006 – The FBI opened an office in Sydney. Thomas Fuentes special agent in charge of international operations at a press conference. (The Australian AAP


7 June 2006 – Paul Richard Anthony Slack. Director of football for Christchurch NZ based Mainland soccer. He left his job in May 2006 and went to Australia. He was under investigation as part of an international child pornography sting in 2005. He was wanted on child porn charges. He was picked up during Operation Falcon, a US Department of homeland security investigation into child porn. Operation Falcon sparked Operation Tercel in New Zealand. Slack left New Zealand for Brisbane on 7 June 2006. After being made aware he was under investigation. He has not returned to NZ. Manchester born Slack holds British, Canadian and NZ passports. Slack was living on the Gold coast. (NZPA John Henzell Christchurch Press 9 February 2007).


23 January 2007 – Nine terrorist suspects in Sydney conspiring to make explosives for a terrorist attack. (13 November 2006 AAP The Age Melbourne NSW Terror suspects case adjourned).


14 April 2007 – Jihadists praised by cleric Richard Kerbaj. Weekend Australian Canberra ACT p2.


23 April 2007 – Australia Islam prisons The Daily Telegraph Surry hill NSW article by Kate Sikora about Bassam Hamzy and Ron Woodham.


15 August 2007 – Alex Constantines blacklist The CIA Nugan Hand bank and the murder of Donald MacKay. Rupert Murdoch?.


15 August 2007 – ex cop killed Donald Mackay John Jiggens book the Sydney connection Fred Krahe killer cop worked for Frank Nugan in 1977.


2008 – Lives of crime The Melbourne gangland murders and other tales of true crime Gary Tippet and Ian Munro Harper Collins publisher ISBN 978 0 7322 8609 5


2008-2009 – Preserving the past for the future 12th Australian Congress on genealogy and heraldry editor Vivienne M Parker ISBN 9781877217463.


2009 – The seduction of power The gripping story of the Calabrian mafia in Australia Sergio Scasioli book Ringwood Vic Brolga pub (Worldcat database).


2009 – The killer cop and the murder of Donald MacKay John Jiggens book Westend Qld network to investigate the MacKay murder. (Worldcat database).


2009 – Smack express How organised crime got hooked on drugs google books Clive Small Tom Gilling In 1980 Al McCoy book organised crime and drug trafficking in Australia.


2009 - Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor ©2009 Trimbole, Mr Asia and Donald MacKay. ISBN 978067007 3818 pbk. Penguin books Australia.


2010 – No one was ever charged with this largest heroin importation ever into Australia at that time. The “Konpira” ship. Access to corrupt police and customs. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


2010 – Gangland Australia colonial criminals to the Carlton crew google books James … Susanna Lobez brothel keepers drug traffickers.


2010 – Sin city crime and corruption in 20th century Sydney Tim Girling Butcher MD Kirby NSW (Worldcat databse).


17 January 2010 – TV3 news cold case reopened on Kiwi linked to “Mr Asia”. Marion Sandford disappeared in Sydney 30 years ago, a heroin addict. Reward for info about her…


19 March 2010 – Mormons lend a hand by Lanai Carter. Eight mile plains Australia LDS news online.


14 May 2010 – Drug trafficking ring run from Australian bank Telegraph UK Asia Pacific.


22 May 2010 – Terry Clarks money man making money and dodgy death. Britton Broun Dominion Post.


Sept 2010 – Bundaberg genealogical association inc Queensland records. Adelaide northern districts family history group inc Salisbury SA records. Cornish association of Victoria inc records held relating to Cornwall UK.  (Australian family tree mag Sept 2010)


11 November 2011 – US marines to be stationed at Australian base Darwin. Sydney Morning Herald.


16 November 2011 Human trafficking in western Sydney by Callan Lawrence Penrith city star. Asian women.


17 November 2011 – US troop deployments digging into data CNN Ally Barnard.


21 November 2010 – Chasing Nugan Hand. Whitlam the CIA and Nugan Hand John Jiggens.


23 November 2011 – Public comment sought on slavery laws. Crime of sex slavery and trafficking. ABC Melbourne.


1 December 2011 – Australia urged to work with Asia to combat trafficking. UN ABC radio.


1 December 2011 – The Victoria. UN official urges human trafficking unit. Maris Beck Victoria police.


3 December 2011 – Corruption fight stuck in vacume under office of police integrity. The Australian national affairs. John Ferguson Victorian police editor.


4 December 2011 – UN calls on Australia to better assist victims of human trafficking. Many are children. Child trafficking news.


4 December 2011 – ABC news. Alcohol crackdown nets 1,500 arrests. Operation Unite.


5 December 2011 – Scoop New Zealand. Australian trafficking focuses of needs of victims UN press release human rights office Geneva Canberra.


6 December 2011 – Sydney Morning Herald. Australia adopts more sanctions on Iran. AFP.


8 December 2011 – Herald Sun. Now anti-corruption cops will have semi automatic guns and armor. AAP Victoria.


9 December 2011 – Taipei Times front page. US tries to reassure China on military ties with Australia. Reuters Beijing.


2012 – The Sting. Nick McKenzie. Australian plot to crack a global drug empire. Victory books ISBN 9780522860924 pbk organised crime.


20 September 2012 – A Kurd who fled Iraq refugee resettlement watch, internet. Human trafficking case Australian citizenship 11 years jail.


9 October 2012 – VOA Sex trafficking thriving in Australia.


10 October 2012 – ABC news by Stephen Anderson. Police fail to investigate corruption allegations. Gangland figure Earl Williams murder Victoria.


9 November 2012 – IOC news. Nurse held for drug smuggling freed. Kuala Lumpur Australian nurse Malaysian court.


11 November 2012 – ABC news Australian Paul Freeman held in Bulgarian prison. Article by Thea Lowie.


12 November 2012 – ABC news. Google to pay damages over underworld link $200,000 damages. Melbourne underworld shooting unsolved in 2004.


21 November 2012 – AFP busts $237m international drug ring. ABC A Canadian and an American yahoo 7 news.


22 November 2012 – Canadians arrestedin Sydney. The Mirror UK by Natalie Evans. Smugglers steamroller haul of drugs worth 154 million pounds, found stashed inside machinery in Australia. Cocaine shipped from China.


22 November 2012 – Herald Sun. European ATM skimming machine your credit cards worst enemy in Australia crime first by David Murray.


24 November 2012 – Wall street journal Australia targets China’s rich with millionaire visa by David Rogers. If you have $5 million to invest Australia accepts applications.


 December 2012 – Sydney Morning Herald. Richard Baker. Australian Catholic church uses smokescreen to hide paedophiles. Safe world for women  Katerva.


7 December 2012 – AM Australia Tony Eastley. Sugar cane farmer seeks recognition for buried slaves. The Queensland sugar industry was built on slavery.


23 Feb 2013 – Mafia certainly killed AFP assistant commissioner in 1989 Colin Winchester. By Richard Guillialt The Australian. Calabrian mafia N’Drangheta accused.


7 June 2013 – Cocaine trafficking financier avoids jail. The Melbourne financier told his private school background wont save him from jail.


11 July 2013 - Herald sun news. Mafia buster fury over failure to arrest mobsters Nicola Ciconte Vincenzo Medici and Michael Calleja. By Keith Moor.


6 July 2013 – HSBC exec praises Australian banks. Business spectator. HSBC pleaded guilty to laundering drug cartel money Australia.


30 July 2013 – Organised crime rips billions from Australian economy Steve Marshall Sydney One news Australia.


14 Aug 2013 – man charged with importing 2kgs of cocaine into Sydney foreign Australian federal police.


29 August 2013 – HSBC London asks for diplomatic missions. Radio Australia. Banking giant HSBC the bank had for years acted as a conduit for drug lords of Asia and Pacific.


3 Oct 2013 – Tyrone Slemnik shooting Hells Angels member arrested. Megan Levy Sydney morning herald NSW.


8 Oct 2013 – Leighton hits back at claim of corruption. Bridget Carter. Construction. Business Wall st journal The Australian.































































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