Canada history timeline

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Canada history timeline

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013





Adil al-Magrebi Charkaoui trained at a camp in Afghanistan according to CSIS. He was detained in Montreal facing possible deportation.


1608 – Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec, a fur trading colony. The start of Canada’s French colony. (Empires children ©2009 Anton Gill).


1617-1908 – Child migration schemes transport poor children or orphans to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Begun in 1617. From 1882-1908 Dr Barnardo shipped 14% of his children to Canada, illegally without parents consent. 50 British childcare institutions sent 73,000 children to Canada, all of them alone. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK)


1666-1881 – The earliest major census of Canada was taken in 1666 in Quebec. The LDS has indexed the 1881 Canadian census. (How to trace your Irish ancestors ©2008 Ian Maxwell UK).


1670 – The first settlers arrived in Canada. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK)


22 February 1825 – Russia and the UK established the Alaska Canada boundary. (timeline internet)


1827 – The university of Toronto was founded (timeline internet).


28 May 1845 – A fire in Quebec destroyed 1,500 houses (timeline internet).


1865-1935 – Canada was founded in 1867. Passenger lists 1865-1922 immigration records 1925-1935 The first census in Canada in 1881 (Family tree September 2010 UK).


22 May 1871 – Sent as an orphan or child from a poor family as part of the British home children emigration scheme. 100,000 children were sent to Canada between 1870 and 1957. “Nestorian” sailed on 22 May 1871 with 99 children Brighton emigration society. (Practical family history February 2010)


1914-1919 – Arthur Ernst Ewert was born in east Prussia in 1890. He trained as a communist. He emigrated to Canada in 1914 with Elise his wife. After the Russian revolution of 1917 they helped set up the communist party in Canada. On 23 March 1919 Toronto police arrested them as enemy aliens, they were deported to the US, Detroit. They returned to Germany, communist party of Germany. (too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


1943 – At the beginning of 1943 Dr Bruno Pontecorvo joined the British atomic team in Canada, eventually working at Chalk river in Ontario, nuclear research project. In October 1950, defection of leading Harwell nuclear scientist Dr Bruno Pontecorvo, a specialist in design and operation of heavy water reactors. He disappeared behind the iron curtain, with his wife and family, while in Italy. An Italian physicist fled to France because he was Jewish and had relations in the Italian Communist party. In 1940 he fled to the US. (too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


1945 – Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko defected from the Soviet embassy in Ottowa Canada. Code named Operation Bride, later changed to Operation Drug, then to Operation Venona. Nothing has ever been discovered about the KGB network that Gouzenko claimed existed in Canada. (p152,p139. too secret too long Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


1945-56 – Operation DEW WORM. The RCMP had recruited a contractor who was rebuilding the Russian embassy and had installed RCMP officers undercover as workmen on the site. With the help of Igor Gouzenko, a Russian who had worked inside the old embassy as a cipher clerk until he defected to the Canadians in 1945. Guernsey pinpointed where KGB and GRU secret sections and cipher rooms were located.


5 September 1945 – Igor Gouzenko a clerk in the Soviet embassy in Ottawa Canada defected to Canadian authorities. Gouzenko’s disclosures of wartime Soviet espionage activities in Canada and the US lead to an FBI investigation of suspect US Federal employees.


1951 – Mr Manno (mafia), tried to emigrate from Italy to the US, arriving in New York in 1951 but was expelled. He later went to Montreal (National post Adriane Humphreys 13 Dec 2012).


1952 –55 – Files marked KEYSTONE. 1952 when a Russian entered Canada with a false name intent on developing cover as an illegal agent for the KGB. His destination was the US. The KGB sent their illegals to Canada first to establish a secure legend or false identity before going across the border. He was made KGB illegal resident in Canada responsible for running other illegal agents through Canada. In Summer 1955 he was recalled to Russia.


1954 – Mr Rizzuto left his village in Italy in 1954 when he was 8 years old and settled in Montreal with his family. (National post Adriane Humphreys 22 Oct 2012).


July 1955 – M15 received a request for technical assistance in an operation the royal Canadian mounted police RCMP were planning to install microphones in the Russian embassy in Ottawa. The old three storey embassy built overlooking the Rideau river had recently burnt down. Terry Guernsey was the head of RCMP counter espionage department B branch. His assistant was James Bennett.


January 1957 – The Polish government opened a consulate in Montreal. In January 1957 Montreal RCMP installed a microphone. The RCMP knew the identity of the UB Polish intel officer and the location of his room.


August 1961 – A Soviet scientist who defected to Canada Mikhail A Klochko, a specialist in water chemistry and a Stalin prize winner. A professor and head of a lab at the Kurnakov institute in Moscow. He apparently escaped from his KGB minders while attending a conference in Ottawa and got political asylum from the Canadian government.


May 1965 – Canada agreed to provide a nuclear power plant to be located in Karachi called the Karachi nuclear power project KANUPP in Pakistan. (Spying on the bomb ©2006 Richelson).


3 May 1974 – 16 September 2013 national posy Adrian Humphreys Carmelo Bruzzese got permanent residence in Canada. He returned to Italy in 1977, arrived in Canada on 12 December 2009.


1978 – Mr Manno (mafia) helped the Rizzuto family to the top of Canadian underworld. In 1978 he helped in the slaying of Paolovioli, the mafia chief at the time (National post 13 Dec 2012 Adriane Humphreys).


1979 – A Canadian subsidiary of BCCI was launched and it established eight branches eventually.


1981 – Mafias roots in Hamilton exposed. Deadly silence by Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso. Macmillan Canada. Hamilton Spectator. The Canadian mafia was born in Hamilton Ontario in 1981. Extortion trial. RCMP roots in Italy called Ndrina or Ndrangheta Calabrian mafia.


1981 – Historians book pioneer pathways Weraskiwin circle 8 historical society Alberta Canada. (Practical family history December 2009)


1982 – Gouzenko died in 1982. (Too secret too long Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


1983 – Disappearances. true accounts of Canadians who have vanished. book. Worldcat database Derrick Murdoch Toronto Ont doubleday. Missing persons victims of crime.


1985 – Mob rule inside the Canadian Mafia James Dubro book Toronto Macmillan (Worldcat database).


1985-87 – A Canadian lawyer Patrick Anthony Good laundered $7.5 million in cash through BCCI Vancouver branch. About $3 million was converted into US dollars with the rest transferred overseas.


1988 – In the sleeping room the story of the CIA brainwashing experiments in Canada. Anne Collins book Lester lorpen dennys (Worldcat database).


1990 – Blood brothers how Canadas most powerful Mafia family runs its business. Peter Edwards book Toronto Key Porter (Worldcat database).


1993 – Deadly silence Canadian Mafia murders Peter Edwards Antonio Nicaso book Toronto Macmillan (Worldcat database).


1994 – Mr Manno (mafia) was held at Fort Dix jail in New Jersey charged in the US in 1994 with drug trafficking heroin and cocaine from south America through the US to Canada. (National post 13 Dec 2012 Adriane Humphreys).


12 February 1994 – Mafias roots in Hamilton explored. Deadly silence. Peter Edwartds and Antonio Nicaso. Macmillan Canada Paul Legal Hamilton Spentator.


1995 – Assem Hammoud studied for seven years beginning in 1995, a Lebanese terrorist suspect. He graduated with a bachelors degree in commerce in 2002. Plot to bomb New York tunnels. Concordia university in Montreal.


1995 – Global mafia the new world order of organised crime A Nicaso L Lamothe NCJRS abstracts database.


1995 – Canadian security intel service CSIS a successor agency to the royal Canadian mounted police security service communications security establishment CSE communications intel. (Espionage ©1995 E Volkman).


25 May 1995 – First Islamic banking conference Toronto Canada co-sponsored by the Islamic society of North America. Zafar and associates and the American journal of Islamic finance.


1996 – Criminal conspiracies organised crime in Canada google books Margaret E Beare.


July 1997 – Ghazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer was arrested by New York city police, his plan to bomb the subway system. He had been arrested on three separate occasions by the immigration service within about a year before his arrest each time for illegally entering the US from Canada. He was a member of Hamas, visa fraud. (American Jihad ©2002 S Emerson).


6 Nov 1998 – Hells angels roar at centre of violent Quebec drug war Montreal body count rise in Quebec.


February 1999 – Hamid Aich fought in Afghanistan and Bosnia. He came to Montreal in 1995 and later moved to Vancouver where he lived with Abdelmajid Dahoumane who helped build Ahmed Ressam’s bomb. He left Canada in February 1999.


14 December 1999 – Algerian Ahmed Ressam was caught entering the US with 130 pounds of explosives at the Canadian border at Port Angeles Washington. Ressam had links to other al-Qaeda militants and trained in an Afghanistan al-Qaeda camp. Authorities learn his intended target was Los Angeles international airport.


August 2001 – Immediately before 9/11 bin laden sent al-Qaeda’s key financier Mohammed Mansour Jabarah (A Kuwaiti with Canadian citizenship) alias Samy, to Malaysia to prepare attacks against US and Israeli diplomatic targets in Manila Philippines.


1 October 2001 – Terrorists active in Canada by Deborah Tetley. Calgary Herald.


6 December 2001 – Jim Bronskill and Rick Mofina. Hamas funded by Canadian agency, report, aid organisation accused of sending money to US charity, shut down for alleged Hamas ties Ottawa citizens.


2002 – el Shukrijumah was seen in 2002 in Hamilton Ontario posing as a student at McMaster university which has a 5 megawatt research reactor. US officials believe he was in Hamilton trying to obtain radioactive material for a dirty bomb. At least three other al-Qaeda terrorists were seen in Hamilton in 2002 Anas al-Liby and Jaber  Elbareh and Amer El-Maati.


2004 – Oragnised crime money laundering and the real estate market in Canada. Stephen Schneider article Journal of property research Taylor Frances publisher ArticleFirst database.


2005 – The crime that pays drug trafficking and organised crime in Canada. Frederick John Desroches book Canadian scholar press (Worldcat database).


December 2005 – Canada targets biker gangs in crackdown on organised crime Ann Rogers article Janes intel review (worldcat database).


2006 – 400 police raided homes in Toronto and Misissauga Ontario. They arrested 15 people, part of a terrorist cell. (Timelines Canada internet).


2006 – The sixth family the collapse of the New York Mafia and the rise of Vito Rizzuto. Lee Lamothe Adrian Hunphreys book Mississauga Ont J Wiley sons (Worldcat database).


2006 – Northern connection inside Canadas deadliest Mafia family Peter Edwards book Montreal QC Optimum pub (Worldcat database).


13 July 2006 – ELF claims of vandalism spread. Earth Liberation Front direct actions incendiary devices.


9 August 2006 – Quebec anti-terror squad and oil executives car blast. A group called Initiative de resistance internaliste IRI claiming it firebombed the car in emails sent to new media.


9 August 2006 – Ten more Saskatchewan farms quarantined due to anthrax outbreak. Total farms 123, dead animals mostly cattle and bison 615.


16 Aug 2006 – Alleged Hells angels hitman extradited to Canada Quebec court charges.


21 August 2006 – Que police confirm bomb destroyed oil executives car.


16 September 2006 – Bomb making parts found in York apartment, an explosive package and an empty gas can. White powder forces store evacuation. Dynamite found in car. Canadian university shuts down after a mystery outbreak.



19 September 2006 – Suspicious package grounds Air India flight at Toronto Pearson airport.


9 October 2006 – Dozens sick in Ontario after E.Coli outbreak.


18 October 2006 – Regina, powder scare at post office, white powder was found in an envelope.


15 November 2006 – Bomb scare at Garrison false alarm.


19 November 2006 – Canadian pharmacists raise the alert of a cross border threat, fake pills cold containing cyanide or anthrax.


19 November 2006 – Russian spy arrested in Montreal as he was about to board a plane to leave the country. Canadian counter intel op espionage is alive and well long after the Cold War.


2007 – Brazil, CNRO make a $17.6 billion takeover bid for Canadian nickel giant Inco ltd. (The emerging market century ©2007 Antoine van Agtmael).


15 February 2007 – al-Qaeda calls to attack Canadian oil facilities. A posting in e-magazine Sawt al-Jihad (voice of holy war) used by Islamist militants, refered to Canada, Venezuela and Mexico as big oil suppliers to the US. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for a failed suicide bombing of Saudi oil facilities in Abqaiq in february 2006. Canada is the largest oil and gas supplier to the US. Shipping more than half its daily production of about 2.5 million barrels of oil to the US via pipelines. (Toronto Moscow media group).


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