Canada timeline part two

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Canada timeline part two compiled.

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013






2007 – Money laundering in Canada google books Margaret F Beare Cocaine sales trafficking networks the Hells angels and Montreal based Rizzuto crime.


15 February 2007 – al-Qaeda calls to attack Canadian oil facilities. A posting in e-magazine Sawt al-Jihad (voice of the holy war) used by Islamist militants, refered to Canada, Venezuela and Mexico as big oil suppliers to the US. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for a foiled suicide bombing of Saudi oil installations in Abqaiq in February 2006. Canada is the largest oil and gas supplier to the US, shipping more than half its daily production of about 2.5 million barrels of oil to the US via pipeline. (Toronto Moscow media group).


20 March 2007 –

Canada frauds organised crime.


22 March 2007 - Two people were sentenced to jail for smuggling illegals. Two New York city men were caught while smuggling 21 illegal aliens into Vermont from Canada last summer are facing jail. Robert Clark, 56, and Wilfred Nieves, 41, pleaded guilty to charges related to their arrest by border patrol agents in Derby south of the Canadian border. The men were driving two vans, the passengers from Afghanistan, Guyana, India, Mexico and Pakistan lacked documents needed to be in the city. (AP Rutland VT).


22 March 2007 – Canada Hezbollah still active in.


2009 - Money laundering and tends in Canadian casinos. Financial transactions reports analysis centre of Canada ebook Ottawa (Worldcat database).


2009 – Iced the story of organised crime in Canada Stephen Schneider book Mississauga Ont Wiley (Worldcat database).


5 Aug 2010 – Hells angels corrupt staff behind prison drug smuggling illegal drugs.


10 November 2010 – Mafia boss Nicolo Rizzuto (born 1924) was gunned down at his home in Montreal Canada. (internet).


24 November 2011 – The body of mafia boss Salvatore Montagna was found in a river north of Montreal Canada. (internet).


2012 – Mafia inc The long bloody rein of Canada’s Sicilian clan Andre Noel Andre Cedilot Michael Gilsen. Rizzuto clan Canadian empire.


18 May 2012 – Oil politics. Canada’s role in the energy world. Canada has the second largest oil reserves in the world. (BBC).


24 Sept 2012 – CBC news Montreal. Donnie Brasco says mob controls construction via unions.


25 Sept 2012 – Does mafia control Quebec construction via unions


29 September 2012 – New players in the Montreal mafia surface as Rizzuto family falls. (The mafia internet).


3 October 2012 – Italian prosecutors say Canada too lax on mafia. Narangheta to have presence in Toronto’s Thunder bay. Money laundering and Colombian drugs. (CBC news).


5 Oct 2012 – Cops lost track of Rizzuto before he even reached Montreal, sources. Toronto sun m23 Nov 2012 He left Toronto Pearson airport on 5 Oct 2012 he was gone.


6 October 2012 – Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto’s destination unknown, after arriving in Toronto. Rizzuto was aged 66. Quebec Charbonneau commission examines the Rizzuto clan control over major building projects in Montreal. (Graeme Hamilton Montreal National Post).


9 October 2012 – China’s Huawei’s business grows in Canada. The Wall street journal by Will Connors and Alistair McDonald Toronto.


11 October 2012 – Anti-corruption squad raids Montreal area construction firms. 70 officers take files from six different sites. CBC news Montreal.


13 October 2012 – Corruption not limited to construction. Duchesneau CTV news.


22 October 2012 – The Rizzuto’s Sicilian roots. Tracing the Quebec mafia ties to Cattolica eraclea. Vito Rizzuto.  National Post by Adrian Humphreys.


28 October 2012 – 7.7 magnitude quake hits Canada British Columbia, followed by aftershocks. By Jeffrey Hodgson Reuters.


31 October 2012 – Canada’s Vancouver based TAG oil offers $534 million for Greymouth petroleum New Zealand. Deal journal Australia. Wall street journal. By Gillian Tan.


Nov 2012 – The fifth estate CBS news whos killing the Rizzutos Montreal Bob McKeown Canada.


1 November 2012 – Corruption casts a dark shadow over Montreal. Westmont examiner by Toula Foscolos.


5 November 2012 – 70 year old victim Joe Di Maulo killed. A mafia boss. The murder marks a new era in organised crime in Canada. The Huffington Post. Sidhartha Banerjee Canadian press.


5 November 2012 – I suspect this is only the begining. Police fear Montreal mafia murder may be start of bloody mafia war. National Post. Adrian Humphreys. Giuseppe Joe Di Maulo Montreal mafia murder.


5 November 2012 – Montreal man with mafia ties, Joe Di Maulo was killed in front of his home. He was 72 years old and entered the mafia in the 1960’s. The Globe and Mail. By Les Perreaux.


6 November 2012 – Montreal trying to move past corruption scandal. The Globe and Mail by Rheal Segiun and Ingrid Peritz.


7 November 2012 – Two more Canadian oil explorers appear in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. Scoop business.


7 November 2012 – Canadian firm optimistic about oil pipeline. The Eagle AP Texas USA


9 November 2012 – Laval Mayor resigns amid corruption allegations. Quebec’s construction industry. CBC news Montreal.


13 November 2012 – Prostitutes offered to Montreal city officials, corruption inquiry hears. Construction companies. Edmonton journal by Sidhartha Banerjee Canadian press Montreal.


13 November 2012 – Corruption allegations are tainting Quebec cities, The Gazette Montreal by Kevin Dougherty.


13 November 2012 – Man found dead in alley in NDG Montreal police say. Head injury 55 year old victim. The Gazette.


13 November 2012 – It’s a crisis for Quebec women. The Gazette Montreal by Charlie Fidelman health.


15 November 2012 – Corruption trial and the Rizzuto mafia. Mafia used intimidation on construction cartel, business testifies. The by Allan Woods Montreal Quebec bureau.


15 November 2012 – Toronto lawyer stripped of license after $3m taken, mostly from charity. The Tyee by Allison Jones Canadian press Toronto.


17 November 2012 – Ottowa Canada strongly condemns Hamas says Israel has right to defend itself. The voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community VIN news no date on report.


17 Nov 2012 – Vito Rizzuto doesn’t have to follow mafia murder codes now, police say. Toronto star by Peter Edwards Vito Rizzuto aged 66 disappeared after returning to Canada six weeks ago.


19 Nov 2012 – The Globe and Mail Suspected mafia boss fights to avoid testifying in corruption trial Montreal The Canadian press.


19 Nov 2012 – Building construction scandal rocks Quebec Wall street journal Testimony about mafia chiefs.


22 Nov 2012 – Former Montreal detective used police database to help mafia QMI agency Toronto sun Mario Lambert Montreal.


23 Nov 2012 – Farmer strikes back at rampant corruption. Vancouver sun in jail on cooked up false charges.


23 Nov 2012 – The Gazette Montreal. Montreals mafia will the Charbonneau inquiry shed any light?


23 Nov 2012 – Daily commercial news Suspected mafia boss Raymond Derjardins has to testify before Quebec corruption inquiry, judge says The Canadian press Montreal. Organised crime in the construction industry.


24 Nov 2012 – CBC news Vito Rizzuto summoned to Quebec corruption inquiry Charbonneau commission Mafia boss


24 Nov 2012 – Digital journal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto to testify at Quebec crime inquiry by Ken Hanly..


26 Nov 2012 – Former SNC Lavalin exec charged in Switzerland report Toronto Reuters yahoo news CBC news Canada. Riadh Ben Aissa charged with fraud corruption and money laundering in Switzerland.


9 Dec 2012 – CBC news Montreal Montreals 33rd homocide believed to be mafia related


13 Dec 2012 – National post Mr Manno aged 79 Don Corleone figure who helped install Rizzuto family to top of Canadian mafia released from prison returned to Montreal Adrian Hunphreys..


26 Feb 2013 – Canadian meth trail leads to cannibus grow house in Auckland New Zealand. OFCANZ media release Meth imports New Zealand and Canada.


3 March 2013 – Court documents say alleged dragon head laundered Triad cash in Canada. Dene Moore Canadian press Vancouver an accused Triad leader from Macau. Millions of dollars of dirty money in Canada. Lai Tong Sang dragon head water room gang Simon Kwok Chow a leader of rival 14k triad ion Vancouver.


15 Sept 2013 – blog Hells angels escapee Nomad chapter Rene Charlebois CBC news in jail since 2003 for killing a police informer. Spanish national police bust cocaine ring run by Hells agels Canadians arrested in Spain, cocaine. Kim Bokan The Vancouver sun.


16 September 2013 – Alleged mafia boss living in the shadows in Canada accused of fleeing justice in Italy Adrian Humphreys. Carmelo Bruzzese 64 of Siderno Italy Ngrangheta leader.


25 Sept 2012 – Does mafia control Quebec construction via unions


16 Jan 2013 – Drug investigation links Sinaloa cartel to Canadian US Mafias Rizzuto crime group in Montreal and Canadian Hells angels and the Bonanno crime family.


1 Oct 2013 – Mafia and hells controlled FTQ union


1 Oct 2013 – CTV news Montreal. Corruption inquiry witness Mafia controlled provinces largest construction union. Mafia and Hells angels controlled FTQ union. Charbonneau commission.


1 Oct 2013 – Quebec corruption inquiry union had close ties with bikers mafia says former executive Allan Woods Montreal.


2 Oct 2013 – National post Organised crime infiltrated major Quebec labour unions corruption inquiry hears Canadian press Hells angels Mafia unions socialism.


2 Oct 2013 – Union executives cozied up to Hells angels CTV news socialism.


7 Oct 2013 – Italian group files complaint over blue collar union claiming the mafia ripped off taxpayers. The Gazette Montreal. Sue Montgomery.


7 Oct 2013 – Former Montreal police officer charged with gangsterism Hells Angels by Paul Cherry. The Gazette Montreal.
















































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