France Timeline

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France Timeline

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013






August – October 1572 – Paris St Bartholomews day 24 August 1572 on the order of King Charles IX of France Huguenot inhabitants were murdered, homes attacked robbed, shops destroyed. On 25 August 1572 the government halted, but the killings went on. By the time the massacre had subsided in October 1572 an estimated 40,000 Huguenots were killed. Thousands fled France, many went to the UK. (Practical family history mag August 2003 UK).


1642 – Louis XIII died when Louis was four years old. (The great upheaval©2007 Jay Winik US)


1668-1682 – Louis began a palace in the village of Versailles. In 1682 the King officially moved into the palace. France’s Louis XIV went to war in 1673. He brutally repressed the Protestant Huguenots. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik).


30 July 1690 – Pierre Francois Creuze male born France.


16 July 1726 – Lewis Ogier born Moncoutant Poitou France.


1740 – Pierre Ogier died France.


June 1774 – Coronation of King Louis XVI. Paris riots over bread prices. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US)


1783 – The epicentre of Europe was France, the globes mightiest empire. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik).


1788 – The hardest French winter in 80 years, many people and animals froze to death. A hailstorm ripped through central France. Food and supplies were hard to get. There was hunger and bread riots. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US).


1788-1789 – The French revolution. Louis XVI. Gain shortages, hunger, riots and looting. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US)


1835 – First recorded photograph of a person was made by Frenchman Louis Daguerre. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK).


26 July 1910 – Angelo Anthony Buia was born 26 July 1910 in Nice France to Sicilian parents. He died 3 May 2003 in Montgomery Maryland USA. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1929-33 – There were eight changes of government in France. (The momentous years ©1961 Priestley and Betts).


1933-Nov 1940 – Maundy Gregory was sent to France in 1933 and told not to return to the UK. Called then Sir Arthur Gregory. He was interned by the Germans in November 1940 and died several months later. (Family skeletons ©2005 UK R Paley & S Fowler).


November 1945 – With 907,000 members in France by the end of 1945, the Communists were the largest party in the country. (Cold war ©1993 M Walker).


1945-1954 – In France by 1954 industrial production was 50% more than in the last year before World War II. The number of tractors on French farms rose from 25,000 in 1945 to more than 100,000 by 1949, the year when France stopped issuing food ration coupons. (Cold war ©1993 M Walker).


1979 – The Marseilles mafia the truth behind the world of drug trafficking Pierre Galante Louis Sapin WH Allen publisher.


1979 – New Zealander Yvonne Crossley was shot dead in France in 1979 with her 6 year old daughter. Mr Asia linked. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell)


22 Sept 2013 – Newstalk ZB French police seized 1.3 tonnes of cocaine AAP Air France flight originated in Caracus the Venezualan capital..












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