New Zealand History timeline

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New Zealand History Timeline

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013





No date – Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry. A NZ guide. ISBN 1-877361-09-7.

1350 – Maori ancestors arrived in New Zealand on seven canoes from Hawaiki. The mother island of east Polynesians. First ancestors of Maori came from Hawaikki.


15th century – The records of Maori in the memory of the Tohungas, was handed down from generation to generation.This dates their landing in NZ at the beginning of the 15th century. (Canterbury old and new Whitcombe abnd Tombs ltd).


1642 - NZ was first visited by Europeans in the reign of King Charles 1. In 1642 by a Dutch explorer named Abel Jansen Tasman. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).


1769-1779 – Captain Cook in 1769, more than 100 years after the visit by Tasman. Hawaii where captain Cook died in 1779. (Canterbury old and new Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).


1769-1869 – A peoples history. Dept internal affairs. From the dictionary of NZ biography vol 1 ©1992 ISBN 0-908912-20-x.


1790’s – New Zealand was settled by whalers and traders. First free settlers arrived in Australia. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK).


1796-1852 – James Cook explored NZ on the Endeavour in 1796. New Zealand was under New South Wales Australia until it became a British colony in 1840. Fencible soldiers and families arrived between 1847 and 1852 Irish settlers with pensions from the British army, escaped the great famine in Ireland, they were given free passage for their families. (How to trace your Irish ancestors ©2008 Ian Maxwell UK)

July 1796 – Charlotte Badger, one of the first two pakeha women to live in NZ. In July 1796 she was sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia, exile for life. (Convicts NZ. M.Wright ©2012).

1800-1945 - Settlers New Zealand immigrants from England Ireland and Scotland by Hearn Terry Phillips Jock ISBN 1869404017 Publication date 1/4/2008 Trade me $40.

1806 – First white European women arrived in New Zealand. (Timeline NZ internet).

1815 – Thomas Holloway King became the first European child born in New Zealand. (NZ in history internet).


1815 – The chief at Waimate was Horomona Pobie. Born at Waimate in 1815, he died there and was buried in the cemetery with a fine tombstone. (Canterbury old and new Whitcome and Tombs ltd).


1820’s – Whaling stations began up the East Coast of the South Island, in Marlborough, on Cook Strait and the Kapiti coast, Hawkes Bay and East Cape in the 1820’s. Whale oil was in demand for lighting and heating, soap and tanning leather. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1825-26 – In 1825 the first NZ association was formed in London UK. The ship “Rosanna” convey settlers here. Captain Herd arrived in Hauraki Gulf in 1826. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombs ltd).

1830 – A permanent whaling station was established at Te Awaiti on Cook strait. Also in 1830 Otakou shore whaling station was built in Otago harbour. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

1830-1840 – In 1830 there had been no more than 300 to 330 Europeans living in NZ. By 1840 the number increased to 2,000. Most came to stay. Most came from New South Wales Australia. In 1840 the year the Treaty was signed Maori outnumbered Pakeha Europeans in NZ by ten to one. (The story of NZ. J Bassett. K Sinclair. M Sienson ©1985).


1 October 1831 John Guard was the second European child born in the South Island. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).


1835 – The “Friendship” ship wrecked at Norfolk island, prisoners. Norfolk was a Penal Colony at that time, from Sydney NSW 1835. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1835-40 – Alexander McKenzie m 1835 ?-1840 (Migration Rod Edmond ©2013 NZ).

21 December 1835 - HMS Beagle sailed to Bay of Islands NZ (Timeline internet).

1839 – The NZ company arrived in Lambton harbour, named it Wellington. (p7 colonial capital Wellington 1865-1910 Terence Hodgson ©1990).

1839 – There were only 2,000 white Europeans in Aotearoa NZ and 114,000 Maori. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).


July 1839 – March 1840 – The “Adelaide” with Hunt A Baker from Feoch in Cornwall, arrived in port Nicholson and the “Glenbervie”. These two ships were the last of six ships to reach Petone New Zealand. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching)

1840 – M N Watt. Index to the NZ section of the register of all British ships 1840-1950. NZ ship and marine society Wellington 1961.

1840 – Auckland maritime museum. Ancestors who came to NZ from the UK by ship from 1840’s onwards. The museum holds lists of ships passengers. Poor immigrants. Museums of all kinds in every town. (p64 Writing your family history. A NZ guide. Joan Rosier Jones ©1997).

1840 – Ship the “Magnet” from Sydney to Otago.

1840 – Hugh and Lyn Hughes discharged in NZ. Soldiers of the Imperial foot regiments who took their discharge in NZ 1840-1870 NZGE Auckland 1988.

1840’s – Most of the early NZ leaders were young. Few old people could stand the long sea voyage. The longest route for migrants in the world, of several months. (The story of NZ. Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).

1840-1900 - NZ birth records from early newspapers CD extracted from newspapers (Trade me $40).

1840-1902 - Henry Brett. White wings Immigrant ships to NZ. Ed Cyril Bradwell Reed Wellington NZ 1984.

4 Feb 1840 – Henry Williams and his son Edward translated the Treaty of Waitangi into Maori. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

12 Feb 1840 – The “Bengal Merchant” Captain Henley carried 120 passengers to NZ arrived on 12 Feb 1840 after a voyage of 104 days. Three other ships the “Ariel”, “Aurora” and “Roxburgh” early settlers. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).

18 Apr 1840 – The first newspaper published in NZ was the NZ Gazette. (Tracing family history in NZ. Anne Bromell).

1841 – The McKenzie family name was recorded as MacKenzie in the 1841 census but not elsewhere. (Migrations Rod Edmond NZ ©2013).


1841 – The “Blenheim” arrived in NZ. Captain Sinclair. In 1841 John Hay arrived on the “Mandarin”. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).

1841-1842 – The voyage to NZ took four months or longer if the ship struck bad weather. It was crowded and uncomfortable, fresh food was scarce and illness a constant worry. No fresh water for washing. For example the ship Lloyds, which sailed for Nelson in 1842, 65 children died during the voyage. 8 died from whooping cough, the rest died from malnutrition, diarrhea and neglect. Small bodies buried at sea was a common sight. (The story of NZ. Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).

1842 – Old colonists jubilee Auckland NZ 1842 –92.


1842 – Thomas Cole born Auckland NZ.

1842 – The Parkhurst boys sent to Auckland from British jail in 1842. (convicts NZ M Wright ©2012).

1842 -43 - Convicts sent to New Zealand. On the “St George” 92 boys arrived in Auckland on 25 October 1842 and the “Mandarin” with 31 boys on 14 November 1843. Boys aged between 12 and 16 sentenced to prison, convicts.


9 January 1842 – Juliette Daniell was born in Wellington. Her father Edward Daniell was from a large Cornish family with property called Trelissick which was sold. Corwall UK and settlements in New Zealand. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).

7 March 1842 – Hanging of Maketu in Auckland. The first person to be executed in NZ. Guilty of murder in November 1841. (NZ crime timeline).


October 1842 – Ship “St George” Auckland. 92 convicts boys aged 12 to 19 years from Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry a NZ guide no date).

1843 – Aliens naturalised in NZ 1843 – 1916. BAB Microfilming 4 Kathryn ave Auckland. ph: 09-625 9778.

1843 – Newspaper Daily Southern Cross Auckland 1843-76. Did this newspaper change its name to the NZ Herald?

November 1843 – Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight. A second group of 31 convict boys arrived on the “Mandarin”. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry a NZ guide no date).


Jan 1844 – Tom White, an American whaler who lived in Port Levy later in Pigeon bay. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).

1845 – H G Longley. The NZ wars 1845-1866 2 vols Wellington 1967 navy 1972 army.

1845-1875 – More gold was found than in the whole previous 350 years. California in the late 1840’s. Australia in the 1850’s. New Zealand in the 1860’s and 70’s. (Costly gold JS & RW Murray. Clutha riches and their human toll. Reed publishers).

7 May 1846 – Devastating landslide at Lake Taupo killing about 60 people. (NZ disasters timeline internet).


1847-48 – Clementina Burns was wife of Rev Dr Thomas Burns, pioneer Presbyterian minister and coloniser of Otago. Scotland 1842 “New Edinburgh” as Dunedin was first named sail on the Philip Laing 27 November 1847. The Philip Laing arrived in Port Chalmers on15 April 1848, about three weeks after the arrival of its sister ship the John Wycliffe. In June the Burns family went to live in their half built house in Dunedin, near Princess street at the intersection of Jetty street. Arthur, son, started farming on land his father chose at Andersons bay. (Petticoat pioneers ©1980 B Harper).


1847-1851 Arrived in NZ in 1851 on the “Cornwall” John Mackenzie emigrated to Australia 1845 and 1847 left Australia for NZ. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).


1848 – Severe earthquake in Wellington. Otago settlement founded. (Tracing family history in NZ Anne Bromell ©1996).


1848 – Presbyterian minister Biography first church of Otago 1848-1920 archives (Find your family on the internet Ros Henry).


1848 – In NZ the registration of UK births and deaths began in 1848. Marriages are registered for 1854 onwards. Before these dates vital events were recorded in parish registers. (Oxford guide to family history David Hey ©1993).


1848 – Samuel Finch born Milton Otago New Zealand.


1848-49 – In Dunedin and Christchurch the new settlers stayed in special barracks until they were ready to build their own houses. 1849 Dunedin making damper bread. Landing of the first Otago immigrants in 1848. (The story of NZ Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).


1848 & 1855 – Two earthquakes in Wellington 1848 and 1855. (colonial capital Wellington 1865-1910 Terence Hodgson ©1990).


1848-1859 – Settlement of Otago began in 1848. Arrival of the John Wyckliffe and the Phillip Laing. Dunedin was by 1859 a town of 2262 inhabitants. (NZ a short history Laurie Barber ©1989).


June 1848 – The chiefs and people of the Ngai Tahu met at Akaroa and sold to the NZ company, lands from Kaiapoi to Port Chalmers. (Canterbury old and new Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).


17 June 1848 – Joseph Burns was hanged on the site of the murders. The first pakeha convicted of murder in NZ. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


17 June 1848 – Hanging of Joseph Burns, Devonport Auckland. The first European to be hanged in NZ under British law. He was convicted of murder. (NZ crime timeline).


October 1848 – The earthquakes of October 1848. The first quake was big and caused much damage in Wellington. Many brick buildings were damaged and half of the chimneys fell down. The Wesleyan chapel, the jail and other public buildings were badly damaged. Frightening aftershocks. Then on 17 October 1848 another sharp quake. The Wellington Independent described it, several buildings fell down and two children were killed by falling bricks. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching)


1849 – “Ajax” London UK to Otago NZ ship.


1850s and 1860s – Jessie Finnie was one of a large number of, so called prostitutes, in Auckland NZ. Constable Thomas Powley of Auckalnd province armed police was a regular visitor at the brothels. Most of the Auckland brothels were in Chancery st. Early sex slavery in NZ. (A peoples history ©1992 p71 & 72 NZ).


1850 – Christchurch founded.


1850-1867 – By the late 1850’s there were 1.5 million sheep in New Zealand, with most in Canterbury and Hawkes Bay. Wool was central to New Zealand’s economy. By 1867 sheep numbers grew to 8.5 million, mainly in the South Island. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).


1850-1900 – Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd., Old pioneers early history of Canterbury.


1851 – 1900 – Otago death records from early newspapers CD (Trade me $20).


1851 – 1900 – Canterbury death records from early newspapers CD Colonial books (Trade me $20).


1851 – Clues about family history in old newspapers. The earliest census was taken in NZ in 1851. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry. p39 no date).


11 Jan 1851 – The first number of the Lyttelton Times was issues Saturday . (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombs ltd).


1852 – Canterbury, a few sheep in the settlement. Sheep, cattle and horses were being brought from Australia, imported by Charles Sidey. Also stock brought by Sefton Moorhouse. (Canterbury old and new Whitcombe abd Tombs ltd.).


1852 – 1923 – Passenger lists Victoria Australia outwards to NZ. Gold miners moving.  a CD, ISBN 9781877217517 (Trade me $30).


1853 – James George Deck, his wife and 8 surviving children arrived on the “Cornwall” in Wellington . (A peoples history ©1992 p58 NZ).


1855 – Wairarapa 8.2 quake. NZs most powerful recorded quake up to 9 people died. (NZ newswire Te Ara).


1855 – Highway to the Hutt valley, the 1855 earthquake pushed up the shoreline by about a metre, making more land available for a road. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).


23 January 1855 – Wairarapa earthquake 8.2 quake struck the lower north island killed between 5 to 9 people and altered the Wellington region. (NZ disasters timeline internet).


23 Jan 1855 – The most powerful earthquake recorded in NZ. Altered the geographical landscape of Wellington 8.2 (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


March 1855 – James Mackenzie shepherd, drover, sheepstealer by Cathy Marr. Mackenzie emigrated to Australia about 1849. North of Timaru in march 1855. Lyttelton Times 12 May 1855. (A peoples history ©1992 NZ)


March 1855 – About six weeks before this, there was a large earthquake in Wellington. Windows broken, chimneys fell down, plaster peels from the walls and furniture flying all over the place. Shock after shock continued. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).


4 March 1855 – James Mackenzie was found with 1,000 sheep stolen from south Canterbury. Mackenzie country named after him. (NZ crime timeline).


1856 – Auckland Almanack and directory W Lambert. Auckland public library POBox 4138 Auckland NZ.


1856-1862 – Martin Cash a convict, policeman and brothel keeper moved to New Zealand from Hobart Australia in 1856. In 1860 Cash in Christchurch as a constable in the Canterbury province armed police force, which he joined in 1859. His main line of work was brothel keeping. His identity and activities were eventually investigated. In March 1860 Cash was sacked and fined for keeping a brothel. Many others like him moved to NZ after the decline of the Australian goldfields. Cash returned to NZ by December 1862. He continued to operate several brothels in Christchurch red light district and Salisbury street including the Red house. He moved to Otago gold fields then returned to Christchurch. (p35 A peoples history ©1992 NZ).


1857 – Prince Edward Islanders on the “Gertrude” to NZ. (Australian family tree September 2010)


1857-1863 – For the four years 1857-60 the total gold exported from NZ was nearly 36,000 ounces. In 1861 alone 400,000 ounces. In 1863  625,000 ounces. Most came from the Clutha areas. Gold quantities were expressed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams. (Costly gold JS RW Murray Clutha riches and their human toll).


1857-1898 – On 15 April 1857 the “Maori” laid anchor outside Otago heads. Uncle Donald Borrie’s farm. John the oldest son went to work at James Macandrew’s store in Dunedin. As the news of gold spread, Dunedin began to boom including Macandrews store. The port became packed with shipping and the customs officer was overworked. So John Borrie left the store to join the customs staff. The influx of gold speculators meant the need for more productive farms. On Sunday Janet Borrie attended church Rev W Gillies was the minister. Janet died in 1898 and was buried in the west Taieri cemetery bedside her husband near the church. (Petticoat pioneers B Harper ©1980).


1857-1957 – Old historical records The Cromwell Argus weekly from 1869-1947. In the century between 1857 and 1957 NZ exported gold valued at nearly 120 million pounds, most gold was in the Clutha area. (Costly gold JS RW Murray 1978 Clutha riches and their human toll ISBN 0-589-01132-4).


7 May 1858 – Sarah Jane Finch born Milton Otago.


1859 – “Cheviot” From Glasgow Scotland to Port Chalmers Otago, ship.


1859 – The “Strathallah” in 1859 was  a turning point in the history of south Canterbury. The “Lancashire witch” the “Victory” and the “Tiptree” and other ships, each with many immigrants. Those on the “Tiptree” were mostly Cornishmen from Cornwall or from the south of England. Flour was imported from Adelaide Australia. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).


1860’s – Iwi receive multimillion dollars settlement by Rebecca Quilliam 17 December 2012 NZ Herald APMZ. Maori wars of 1860’s.


1860 – Martin Cash in Christchurch as a constable in the Canterbury province armed police force, which he joined in 1859. His main line of work was brothel keeping. His identity and activities were eventually investigated. In March 1860 Cash was sacked and fined for keeping a brothel. Many others like him moved to NZ after the decline of the Australian goldfields.  (p35 A people history ©1992 NZ).


1860-1900 – Otago marriage records from early newspapers. Otago and Southland CD Colonial books Trade me.


1861 – Melbourne to Port Chalmers Otago the“Oscar”. Also Glasgow to Port Chalmers Otago the “Lady Egidia”.


December 1862 – Martin Cash retuned to NZ by December 1862. He continued to operate several brothels in Christchurch red light district and Salisbury street including the Red house. Moved to the Otago gold fields then returned to Christchurch. (p35 A people history ©1992 NZ).


1863 – A first year in Canterbury settlement by Samuel Butler London Trade me $188.


March 1863 – Mr A Raper. City of Hobart – Otago NZ. (Public records office Victoria Australia). (15 July 2013).


1864 – Widespread financial crisis NZ. (A peoples history ©1992 NZ)


1864 – 1964 – NZ National mortgage and agency co 100 years by G Parry 1st ed 1964 Trade me $5.


5 December 1864 – Samuel Finch and Elizabeth Strain married Milton Otago.


1865 – 1954 - NZ electoral rolls.


1865 – Newspaper Evening Post Wellington.


1866 – Directory of the city and suburbs of Auckland 1866-67 Mitchell and Seffern.


July 1867 – Canterbury had a large snow storm which lasted six days. Half a million sheep were killed. Provisions got very low. Storm damage. (Trackless sea ©2008 Megan Hutching).


1868 – Canterbury provincial roll 1868-69, 1870-71, 1972-73, 1873-74. BAB Microfilming.


1870’s – Chinese immigrants arrived in Palmerston North in the mid 1870’s. Ex miners from Guangzhou (Canton), who went to the Otago goldfields. (NZ Heritage mag winter 2012)


1870-1977 – Martin Cash autobiography by James Lester Burke published in 1870 The adventures of Martin Cash. He died on 27 august 1877 in Tasmania Australia. (p35 A people history ©1992 NZ).


1870-1880 – In the 1870s and 1880s the appearance of Russian explorers in the south Pacific and Antarctica waters brought fear of the Russian raids on NZ ports. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).


28 September 1871 – Wilfred von Sturmer born Auckland.


1872 – Wises NZ Directory NZ Post office 1872, 1880, 1900, 1955.


1872-1873  – Newspaper Standard and peoples Advocate Gisbourne.


1873 – Susan Love Noone born Alexandra Otago.


1873 – Chapmans Auckland directory for 1873 and 1874.


19 April 1873 – Elizabeth Catherine Finch born Dunedin Otago.


1874 – Melbourne to Otago the “Alhambra”. Also London to Port Chalmers the “Christian McAusland”. Photo. Also Gravesend to Port Chalmers the “Sussex”.


1874-75 – Greenock to Otago the “Wild Deer”.


7 January 1875 – Agnes Finch born Milburn Otago


.4 October 1875 – Thomas Pryor born Dunedin Otago.


16 September 1877 – Lucille Evelyne Finch born Dunedin Otago.


1878 – Liverpool to Port Chalmers the “Invercargill” diary.


1878 – Turtons land deeds of the North Island pre 1878 Alexander Turnbull library POBox 12-349 Wellington NZ.


5 February 1878 – Sarah Jane Finch married Milton Otago.


27 May 1879 – Ada Lillian Finch born Dunedin Otago.


1880-1928 – Deceased estates under public trust in NZ. Trade me $5 1931-1950 CD Colonial books 1929 and 1930 and missing.


23 January 1880 – Amelia Rosetta Williams born Auckland


1 March 1881 – William John Finch born Dunedin Otago.


1882 – Auckland city and suburban directory Ingram and Gardner.


1882 – NZ property tax department a return of the freeholders of NZ Government printer Wellington.


1883-4 – Auckland city suburban and provincial directory Ingram and Gardner.


1886 – Stone’s Dunedin and Invercargill directory.


1886 – The defenders of NZ TW Gudgeon Brett.


1886-1986 – Wanganui police history  Charles E Spicer Trade me $24.


1889 – Cleaves Auckland city and suburban directory 1889, 1890, 1891 until 1923.


5 March 1890 – David Nicol died Dunedin NZ


1893 – NZ became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. Newstalk ZB 120th anniversary womens sufferage.


1893-1904 – NZ bankruptcy notices CD PDF file Trade me.


17 September 1894 – Raper. Sydney to NZ. (NZ immigraton passenger list 1855-1973) (14 July 2013).


26 October 1894 – 1 November 1894 Raper.


1 November 1894 – Raper. Sydney NZ. Born 1849 British female aged 45. Ship “Tasmania” (14 July 2013).


5 November 1894 – Raper. Lyttelton NZ (NZ immigration passenger list 1855-1973).


12 august 1895 – Minnie Dean was a baby farmer she was found guilty of murder and hanged at Invercargill prison on 12 august 1895. The only women ever executed in NZ. Southland Times reports. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


1896 – Agnes Finch married Joseph Robinson Milburn Otago


1896 – Census measures national population at 743,214 (Timeline NZ internet).


10 June 1896 – Earthquakes at Napier a series of violent quakes. Marlborough express p2 vol xxxi issue 132.


1897 – Cyclopedia of NZ vols 1-6 Christchurch NZ 1897-19087.


5 August 1897 – Frederick John von Sturmer died Hamilton Wkt.


1899 – Every place in NZ the NZ index Wises Christchurch.


1 March 1899 – Samuel Finch died.




11 Feb 1902 – Immigration Sydney to Wellington ship “Cornwall” name Raper.


31 March 1910 – The Hocken library opened at the University of Otago museum. A storehouse and a large collection of manuscripts, charts, files and old newspapers and documents. Research library. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


28 Sept 1914 – So called prostitute Frances Marshall was murdered in Auckland. Unsolved crime. (NZ crime timeline).


27 August 1921 – Murder of policeman James Dorgan outside a Timaru drapery. He was shot dead and the killer was never found. (NZ crime timeline).


1927-38 – Rewi Alley, NZ writer, Marxist working in Shanghai, friend of spy Agnes Smedley. Rewi Alley was a factory inspector in Shanghai from 1927 to 1938. Rewi Alley remembered Hollis in China. (too secret too long. p12. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


21 April 1927 – Rewi Alley from Canterbury, arrived in China, where he stayed until his death 60 years later. He died on 27 Dec 1987. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


1929 – Murchisen 7.8 quake landslide killed 14 people. (NZ newswire Te Ara).


7 November 1930 – Ernie Burr missing Marsden NZ. The identity of a body has never been confirmed nor the cause of death. Burr has not been seen alive since 7 November 1930 West Coast. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


1938 – Greengrocer Dalu Desai disappeared without trace Taharoa. He arrived in NZ in 1911 aged 15. Case of missing Hindu.. A reward of 250 pounds but no info was forthcoming. His body was never found how he was killed and by who? (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).













































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