New Zealand History Timeline Part two

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New Zealand History Timeline Part two

New Zealand part 2


1941 – farmer Stanley Graham went on a murder shooting spree on the West Coast. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


1942 – Wairarapa 7.2 and 6.8 quakes 10,000 chimneys in Wellington were damaged (NZ newswire Te Ara).


12 November 1944 – Terrence Clark was born in Gisborne NZ (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust Mr Asia).


8 April 1945 – Jean Marie Martin a lab technician went missing on a bush walk Wilsons bush. These were the final days of the war. The case has never been solved Mystery. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


15 July 1946 – Charles John Mangan died Dunedin Otago NZ.


18 November 1947 – Ballantynes fire 41 people were killed department store in Christchurch (NZ disasters timeline internet).


19 January 1949 – Harold Charles Norman Mangan died Dunedin Otago burial 22 Jan 1949.


1 Feb 1949 – Douglas Neil Henry strange circumstances surrounding his unexplained disappearance. On 1 Feb 1949 after he was missing for 7 years and 5 months he was declared dead Te Akau NZ. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


6 June 1949 Thomas Pryor died Timaru NZ.


8 Dec 1942 – 37 people died in a fire in the Seacliff mental prison north of Dunedin. 39 women were locked in. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010). (NZ disasters timeline internet).


12 Nov 1944 – Terrence Clark was born in Gisborne NZ. Mr Asia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


13 July 1950 – Wilfred von Sturmer died Dunedin NZ.


13 March 1952 – William Giovanni Silveo Fiori who had murdered Jack Gabolinsky, his wife and son in the north island. Hanging returned. (NZ crime timeline).


20 April 1954 – Born in Rotorua Allison Dine went to Australia in December 1976 Terry Clark (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


5 December 1956 – Tauranga tax inspector Pat Fisk disappeared. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


1960’s – When people immigrated to New Zealand in the 1960’s as assisted migrants they had to work for two years in the New Zealand government. Many male immigrants chose to work in the prison system. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


27 April 1960 – Elizabeth Catherine Finch died Dunedin.


15 September 1961 – Disappearance of Wendy Mayes. She met with John Maltby  for photos. His body washed ashore at Island bay on 24 September. Wendy Mayes body was never found. (1966 Encyclopedia of NZ).


5 February 1962 – The parcel bomb murder. Dunedin lawyer James Patrick Ward was killed by a bomb delivered in a parcel to his office. No other Dunedin leads were found. (1966 Encyclopedia of NZ).


8 February 1962 – Sonya Ash Pryor was born in Dunedin. Aka Judith Rose Pryor.


20 July 1962 – Ada Bee died Dunedin.


24 Aug 1962 – Terrence Clark was convicted in Auckland of theft and given probation for 18 months. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


11 September 1963 – Sydney Douglas Pryor died. He was cremated in Auckland.


7 Dec 1963 – The Bassett road machine gun murders. John Gillies and Ronald Jorgensen were convicted and given life sentences. Paroled in 1984 Jorgensen was living in Kaikoura and disappeared in mysterious circumstances. (On this day in NZ p245 Ron Palenski ©2010).


27 February 1964 – Douglas John Pryor born Cromwell Otago. Electrician.


1965-71 – Between 1965 and 1971 Terrence Clark was convicted of theft and receiving stolen goods. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


15 May 1965 – Graeme Timlin 19 years old missing. Graeme was finally officially listed as dead 21 December 1977. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


20 July 1965 – A failed armed escape attempt from Mt Eden prison. Resulting in the gutting and destruction of the jail. All the inmates were transferred to other prisons in New Zealand., (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


1966 – An Encyclopedia of NZ 3 vols AH McLintock. Government printer Wellington.


19 Oct 1966 – US President Lyndon Johnson arrived in NZ at Ohakea Air Force base for a two day visit. Vietnam war. NZ sent combat troops in May 1965. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


24 May 1968 – Inangahua earthquake 7.1 quake on the West coast. Three people were killed. (NZ disasters timeline internet).


24 May 1968 – Three people were killed, in the west coast town of Inangahua junction, earthquake 7.1  (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


1969 – At about seven years old I went to Oamaru and Timaru with brother Doug and parents. We went for a funeral of a family member. I Got a “broken leg” falling off uncle Mervyn Pryor’s motorbike at his home in Timaru. Hospital in Timaru. Leg in plaster at primary school in Dunedin. Doug was there he was five years old. Other relatives were there Pryor family.


31 Dec 1969 – Jennifer Mary Beard, 25 years old, on holiday from Tasmania Australia was killed in Haast area of South Westland. Mystery unsolved. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


31 December 1969 – Jennifer Beard murder a 25 year old school teacher from Tasmania was murdered in the South Island in a sexual attack. The murder remains unsolved. She was hitchhiking down the West Coast on New Years eve. Dunedin police. (New clues give life to cold case murder. 23 December 2012 Deidre Mussen Fairfax NZ news).


1970 – The NZ Genealogist NZ society of genealogists inc Auckland NZ.


1970’s – Australia New Zealand drug syndicate. The Author was born in New Zealand. Secret society of corrupt police in the 1970’s (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


12 March 1971 – Terrence Clark first prison sentence came after being convicted of burglary and five charges of receiving stolen goods. He was released on 8 July 1974. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


28 February 1972 – Sonya Ash Pryor’s 10th birthday.


11 Dec 1972 – PM Norman Kirk NZ involvement in the Vietnam war was ending, Withdraw began. 37 NZers, 36 army and 1 air force, were killed in the Vietnam war. First involved NZers in 1965. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


1973-76 – Imported Thai buddha sticks were readily available in New Zealand. Corrupt police protecting the trade.  (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


8 July 1974 – Terrence Clark was released from prison and began drug trafficking. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1975 – Mona Blades disappeared. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


1975 – Terrence Clark brought a vessel the “Catana” for transporting drugs from south east Asia to NZ. Clark made several trips to south east Asia in 1975, Thai sticks. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1975 – 13 years old at boarding school on Oamaru Waitaki girls. Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judy Rose Pryor.


21 Feb 1975 – William Bell Sutch aged 67. Supreme court in Wellington charged with spying. He was arrested in September 1974 and charged under the official secrets act that between 18 April and 26 Sept 1974 Sutch had a series of secret meetings with a Russian diplomat Dimitri Razyovorov. Sutch denied the charge. A jury took seven hours to find him not guilty. Sutch died on 28 Sept 1975. His security file was made public in June 2008. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).


31 May 1975 – 18 year old Mona Elizabeth Blades disappeared hitchicking from Hamilton to Hastings. No body has been found and no one has been charged with her disappearance. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


August 1975 – March 1976 – The “Brigadoon” left NZ and returned to NZ. Sailed to Thailand to collect buddha sticks for Mr Asia drug syndicate, Bangkok in October 1975. Via Indonesia for three and a half months. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


3 October 1975 – Terrence Clark was arrested charged with importing heroin into NZ. Clark got bail and fled to Australia. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1976 – I was raped at age 14 by Rex Connolley and I got pregnant. My mother forced me to go to hospital and have an abortion in Dunedin. Doctor Borrie, Roland Watson and Rex Connolly were all part of a Dunedin paedophile ring.


1976 – Old coaching days in Otago and Southland EM Lovell Smith (Trade me $38).


1976 – George Griffiths in search of an ancestor Otago heritage books Dunedin.


1976-77 – In 1976 Auckland nightclub called Pips international began. Included gambling. It burnt down in late 1977. No one was ever charged with burning down Pips. Mr Asia drug syndicate links. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


January 1976 – Heidi Charles disappeared on New Years eve murder. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


March 1976 – 450,000 Thai buddha sticks were smuggled into NZ on the yacht “Brigadoon”. This allegedly gave Terry Clark the money to buy hundreds of kilos of high grade heroin in Asia. (Was it on credit?) Martin Johnstone was Mr Asia maybe? (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).


March 1976 – Cannabis imported into NZ on the “Brigadoon” by Christopher Johnstone was sold by Clarks network, which included Douglas Wilson. Clark also arranged heroin to be sent to NZ. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


7 July 1977 – The day Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judy Rose Pryor left school in Dunedin Queens high school at 15 years old. My first job was working for the Chin Chinese family as a kitchen hand in the restaurant. My boss Eddie Chin later died and his son became Mayor of Dunedin.


1978 – Robert Trimbole and Terrence John Clark. Mr Asia heroin smuggling. (Crims in grass castles Keith Moor Aust ©2009).


3 April 1978 – Michael John Dudley. Working for a TV repair company in Dunedin NZ. Born 2 June 1957. Missing person. (NZ police missing persons).


June 1978 – Terry Clarks 23 year old girlfriend Karen Soich. She grew up in Whangarei studied law at Auckland university and worked for Auckland barrister Peter Williams. Clark was his client, and she helped defend him. Clark was extradited to face heroin import charges in NZ in June 1978. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


June 1978 – Terry Clark in Brisbane cells, extradited to NZ to face his old heroin charges. (Mr Asia ©2010 J Shelherd Aust NZ).


1979 – National register of archives and manuscripts National library Wellington.


1979 – Peter Fulcher was questioned about the deaths of Doug and Isabel Wilson. He was not charged. Fulcher was arrested in 1979 as he had a disguise and a false passport, plane ticket to London. In and out of prison ever since. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


April 1979 – Trimbole was also a close friend of Mr Asia gang enforcer Peter Fulcher, who tried to reactivate the syndicate after the arrest of Clark in the UK. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).


1 July 1979 – Auckland Queen street nightclub murder Brian Ronald McDonald allegedly shot Margaret Bell aged 17 in the head. NZ Listener. I was living in Titirangi Auckland with Charles Caulder Bree, (Chas), who was at the nightclub.?  (NZ listener).


Guess time I was pregnant… Charles Bree brother Scott was murdered on the Grafton bridge in Auckland. He was a homosexual and a hairdresser. I was living in Whangarei with Charles. Spent time at his mothers place. He had a bus parked at his mothers.


1980 – NZ Herald journalist Pat Booth book the “Mr Asia” file life and death of Marty Johnston published in 1980.


1980 – Petticoat pioneers South Island women of the colonial era book 3 Barbara Harper ISBN 0-589-01310-6 Reed publishers.


27 Feb 1980 – The Soviet ambassador to NZ Vsevolod Sofinsky was declared persona non grata and ordered to leave NZ within 72 hours. For giving $10,000 to the Socialist unity party. The money changed hands in a NZ hotel and was detected by the SIS as part of routine surveillance of Soviet embassy staff. Full diplomatic relations were re-established 4 years later. (On this day in NZ ©2010 Ron Palenski).


27 July 1980 – Randall Caulder Bree born in Auckland. Son of Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judy Pryor. Also son of Charles Caulder Bree, Auckland.


1 September 1980 – Marion Granville due to appear in court on drugs charges. She did not turn up. A drug syndicate. She was never seen again. Mr Asia links NZ. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


1982 – New Year raped. I was working as a barmaid at a hotel in Whangarei I was taken and raped by a group of men I was injured badly. Lucky to be alive.


8 February 1982 – Sonya Ash Pryor 20th birthday. Aka Judy Pryor.


5 June 1982 – Unsolved murder. Alfred Anderson. Hastings street apartment retired railway worker throat cut and beaten.  Christchurch. It could have been a Muslim….


2 August 1983 – Doreen Gayle Meggitt. Missing person Waitara North island. Born 18 Feb 1953. (NZ police missing person).


1 September 1983 – Kirsa Mary Jensen 14 years old in Napier She never returned home and was never seen again. A mystery unsolved to this day.


1984 – A history of Otago. Erik Olssen. John MaIndoe publishers ©1984 ISBN 0-86868-058-3.


1984 – Anne Bromell. Family history research in NZ. NZSG Auckland 1984 rev ed 1985.


27 March 1984 – A bomb in a suitcase exploded at a Wellington Trade union hall in the central city. The building cleaner Ernie Abbot was killed. No one has ever been charged. (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


December 1984 – Ronald Jorgensen 1932-84. Jorgensen’s orange Cortina was found at the bottom of a cliff just south of Kaikoura, partly submerged in the Kahutara river. The doors were smashed shut and the drivers seat was caved in, but, there was no body inside. Christmas card from Western Australia. Several other sightings, but, for legal purposes he was declared dead in 1998. (law breakers mischief ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).


1985 – Peter Fulcher was an enforcer for drug boss Terry Clark heroin trade. Fulcher was sentenced to 14 years in Paremoremo prison in the 1980s on drugs charges. In the mid 1970s with a baseball bat and pistol, Fulcher collected drug debts of up to $100,000. (NZ Herald Lynley Bilby 21 July 2013 Mr Asia ally dies peacefully at 72).


1985 – The story of NZ. Rev ed. Judith Bassett. Keith Sinclair. Marcia Strenson. Reed books ©1985 ISBN 0-7900-0644-8.


4 May 1985 – Judith Rosena Withell married Douglas John Pryor.


March 1987 – Stella Muriel Hilda Mangan died Otago Dunedin NZ.


2 March 1987 earthquake in Bay of plenty 6.2 injured 35 people ands caused widespread damage aftershocks lasted several days most severe since Inangahua in 1978 (On this day in NZ Ron Palenski ©2010).


1989 – Casinos the report of the committee of inquiry into the establishment of casinos in New Zealand Ministry of tourism book (Worldcat database).


16 October 1989 Reta Irene Gladys Mangan (Pryor) died Dunedin NZ.


5 January 1990 – Judy Rose Pryor, aka Sonya Fay Ash Pryor. Freelance journalism Stotts correspondence college.


Two more rapes, without dates. One in Dunedin I was raped suffocated and nearly murdered then the rapist told WINZ I was dead and they cut off my welfare.


 Another rape when I had recently arrived in Christchurch from Whangarei, I was raped and suffocated and nearly murdered my welfare was cut off too. All because I tried to get work at the press and refused to join the union. In all these rape cases the police just laughed and label me a crazy whore.


8 february 1992 30th birthday.


I tried to do another freelance journalism course.NZ institute of business studies. I paid for it ,which was the only money I got out of my (forced by a socialist nurse), marriage and house sale. WINZ would not let me do the course and cut off my phone. WINZ tried to force me into a bedsit surrounded by alcoholics.


1993 – Stephen Collie Auckland businessman from UAE jailed for 16 years in 1993 after a string of violent sexual attacks on eight women. 21 June 2012.


May 1993 – Jane Furlong went missing she was going to testify for police about Stephen Collie a multimillionaire who was guilty of sex attacks on women NZ Herald 22 Sept 2013.


31 July 1995 – First convicted serial rapist Joe Thomson New Zealand pleaded guilty to all 129 charges over a decade. 30 years jail.


30 September 1997 – Arthur Roland Watson died Dunedin in his sleep.


1998 – Disappearance of Auckland teenager Joanne Chatfield who went missing. Offer of $50,000 reward yielded no results. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


10 July 1998 – Irene von Sturmer (Watson) died Dunedin NZ.


17 August 2000 – Finau Toutaiolepo missing since.


2002  - Hillmorton high school Sonya Ash computing business administration.


8 February 2002 40th birthday


2 Mrch 2002 – WINZ case manager sacked for corruption NZ Herald sold welfare info to repossession agents.


6-10 January 2003  - Sonya Ash university of Canterbury freelance journalism.


24 November 2003 - Chch city council must act on feral cats Sonya Ash article Scoop NZ.


10 October 2004 – Iraena Asher disappeared Piha. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


17 December 2004 – 6 years in NZ jail then deported to South Africa, prison for cocaine. Christchurch Press John Henzell A South African drug mule sentenced to 6 years jail for trying to smuggle more than $1 million of cocaine through Christchurch airport. Jason Khan 28 had 790kg in 62 packages he swallowed before leaving South Africa.


18 April 2005 – Francesca Martin disappeared Hamilton (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


22 April 2005 – Police corruption and immorality is bound to worsen Garnet Milne Porn scandals and the NZ police Scoop.


13 June 2005 – Kaye Stewart disappeared during a bush walk in the Rimutaka park near Wellington. She never made it to her car. In March 2007 police offered $50,000 reward for info  (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


August 2005 – book ‘without trace’ Reed publications background and investigations of 16 people who had gone missing in mysterious circumstances in New Zealand. (Still missing Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).


7 June 2007 – Ngatai Cornelius missing since.


22 June 2007 – Annabell Tumanako born 31 May 1972 Maraenui Napier. Missing person. (NZ police missing persons).


7-8 July 2007 – Baptism LDS Sonya Fay Ash Pryor Christchurch.


2008 – Still missing. More unsolved missing persons cases in New Zealand. Scott Bainbridge Penguin books ISBN 978 014 3009429


21 August 2008 – New lead in 2008 missing person case. 68 year old New Zealander  Do Trieu was last seen 21 August 2008. Mr Trieu moved to NZ from Vietnam in 1980. (NZ Herald Stephen Gillson 7 Sept 2013).


31 January 2009 – The real underbelly criminals by Kara Lawrence The Daily Telegraph Terry Clark Mr Asia heroin trafficking corrupt government officials police lawyers and customs.


23 September 2009 – Tom James Pryor born Dunedin Otago NZ.


2010 – Mr Asia last man standing James Diamond Jim Shepherd ISBN 9781 4050 4020 4 Australia New Zealand. P53 Ron Jorgenson still missing believed to have been  murdered in the South island NZ.  (yet he was seen in Perth….)


21 January 2010 – Hugh Charles McAllister missing since


24 January 2010 – Leo Lipp Neigbours missing since.


7 February 2010 – Sonya Fay Ash Pryor Patriarchal blessing LDS Christchurch.


1 May 2010 – Emma Campbell missing since.


15 May 2010 – Raymond Piper missing since.


7 June 2010 – Close Hillmorton institution now stop forced drugging. Mental prisons in New Zealand, run by corrupt socialists. They rape, lie, torture, use psychological warfare and experiment on right wing people. They force painful drugs onto innocent people and lie about them. Such is Socialism and political violence in New Zealand.


1 July 2010 – Carmen Thomas missing since.


22 July 2010 – Organised crime agency busts multi million dollar money laundering operation. OFCANZ financial exchange business Auckland.


12 August 2010 – son of Hells angel gang leader runs for Wanganui council Mayor Laws lacks candidacy Jack Bullock.


23 October 2010 – Mr Asia lawyer wins damages Peter Williams said in a book the mafia in the UK paid Queens counsel  $4.1 million to defend Mr Asia drug lord Terry Clark, jailed in the UK died in the Isle of wight in 1983.


3 July 2011 – Gang celebration disrupted. 50th anniversary by the Hells angels motorcycle gang NZ.


20 August 2011 – NZ Listener Peter Fulcher interview The Last days of Mr Asia David Lomas.


2 Sept 2011 – OFCANZ targets illegal debt collection by gangs. Four men including 3 Hells angels Auckland unlawful debt collection.


8 Sept 2011 – Drug mule dies in NZ after cocaine packages burst Telegraph UK A Colombian drug mule died after attempting to smuggle cocaine into NZ.


29 Oct 2011 – DIA rejects Hells angels gambling plan online Department of internal affairs rejected Hells angels application for a gambling license.


2 Nov 2011 – Hells angels gang gets wake up call from police Nine men arrested  firearms charges Auckland 5 of the men are members of the Hells angels.


3 May 2012 – when will union corruption be investigated in new Zealand Cameron Slater Sydney morning herald.


24 May 2012 – Business. NZ shell company linked to $150m fraud Ukraine and Latvia owned companies the Russian mafia and money laundering.


13 June 2012 – Hells angels fight to get drug charges thrown out NZ Herald senior Hells angels.


20 July 2012 – WINZ staff fired over privacy breaches ACC forum corruption.


22 July 2012 – Cocaine back on menu for NZ worlds biggest drug lords zero in on high end buyers or those with money.


19 Oct 2012 – One news TVNZ inappropriate sexual behaviour still a problem in police.


24 Oct 2012 – science Tracing where the first kiwis came from DNA tests Michael Daly.


29 Oct 2012 – NZ Herald Filipino police arrest child sex offender from Timaru Charged with human trafficking violations.


30 October 2012 – NZ Herald missing man may be homocide victim Patrice Dougan 6 Sept 2013. Otago man missing for almost a year Simon Garrick 42 a known heavy drug use Mr Garrick was last seen at Caversham four square supermarket in Dunedin on 30 October 2012 APNZ.


31 Oct 2012 – Hells angels in drug charges dropped. The fake prosecution of an undercover policeman has had charges against a senior Auckland Hells angel member being thrown out.


31 Oct 2012 – Deal journal Australia Wall street journal Canada’s Tag oil offer $534 million for Greymouth petroleum by Gillian Tan Vancouver based Tag oil ltd.


3 Nov 2012 – Cocaine use is creeping up NZ Herald police and cocaine in the streets of NZ.


15 Feb 2013 – Sunlive Cocaine bust father and son in court Tauranga father accused of importing cocaine 21 year old son facing same charges.


26 Feb 2013 – Canadian meth trail leads to cannabis grow houses in Auckland OFCANZ media release meth imports NZ and Canada.


18 April 2013 – Police bust Hells angels associate 3 news organised crime division seized drugs cash guns Hells angels.


22 April 2013 – Seized cocaine Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ sealed in cosmetic bottles half a kg of cocaine seized by customs in Auckland airport.


26 May 2013 – Man faces jail over cocaine charge NZ Star a Wanaka man.


27 June 2013 – Woman fined for cocaine ODT Queenstown news an Australian woman who teaches primary schools fined $400 by judge in Queenstown court.


8 Aug 2013 – OFCANZ media release police seize imitation assault rifles and machine guns gang raid members of the Hells angels Nomad outlaw motorcycle gang in Auckland.


26 August 2013 – WINZ case manager gets home detention for $194k fraud.


29 Aug 2013 – Anonymous threatens kiwi freedom “Kiwi freedom” operation.


10 Sept 2013 – EQC pays $1,233,300 to cocaine importers NZ companies register a company owned by convicted cocaine smuggler.


22 Sept 2013 – NZ Herald. She knew too much about the wrong people. Bevan Hurley. Jane Furlong disappeared in may 1993. She was to testify for police against Stephen Collie a multimillionaire and sex attacks against women.


24 Sept 2013 – Missing woman’s death remains a mystery. A DOC worker recommended she take a walk in the bush. She was a former all blacks physiotherapist. (NZ Herald Patrice Dougan 24 Sept 2013).


28 Sept 2013 – Ten year old rape victims was willing. NZ police corruption association. Culture of rape and cover ups.


3 Oct 2013 – Brothel baron John Chow granted diversion. NZ Herald Ka Yu Chow aka John Chow.


5 October 2013 – A few people who are above the law and work for the New Zealand government. These people need to be investigated Their crimes include. Attempted murder, rape, forcing women into sex slavery, torture, lies, abuse of power, corruption etc. There names are Wyn Jarvis and Sonya Vincent from WINZ., Mike Cron and Milton Weir from the police and Diane Fitzgerald from the hospital.


7 Oct 2013 – Jury retires in drug trafficking case APNZ Newstalk ZB Latvian Rokas Karpavicius.


11 Oct 2013 – Three Chinese warships due in Auckland. Vernon Small.


































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