Saudi Arabia

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Timeline. Saudi Arabia.

Submitted: January 26, 2015

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Submitted: January 26, 2015



Saudi Arabia





570-632 – Muhammad, the Muslim profit was born in about 570, to a merchant family in Mecca. In his 60 years he preached. Two years before his death in 632. Muhammad’s armies took over the capital Mecca. After his death, the two cities, Mecca for Hajj, and Medina. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1500 – The Najd was where Wahhabi Islam started, the tribal family of Saud. The Saud family lived in Najd near Riyadh in 1500. Students were called Mujahadeen, or holy warriors of Wahhabi. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1744 – Muhammad Saud, was head of the Saud family and local Emir in 1744. Muhammad Ibn Abd al Wahhab, made a covenant for an Islamic state. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1798-1900s – After 1798 the Saudi Wahhabi alliance captured two holy cities Mecca and Medina. They destroyed ancient shrines, including the tomb of Muhammad himself. Their heartland in the Najd, in the center of modern Saudi Arabia. Rise again in the 20th century after the fall of the Ottoman empire. (The Middle East ©2006 C Catherwood).


1811-1824 – The Ottoman’s efforts to destroy the Wahhabis began in 1811. The Ottomans invaded the Wahhabi capital of Diriyan, murdering people and burning the city. Diriyan never recovered, and the ruins can be seen just north of Riyadh. Saud’s imam was taken to Istanbul Turkey and executed. The Saud’s retreated to Riyadh. The Saud’s made Riyadh their capital in 1824. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1865 – The first contact between the British and the house of Saud was in 1865. Ibn Saud’s grandfather. A treaty between Faisal al Saud and colonel Lewis Pelly. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


1865-1935 – The Salafiyya movement was the work of Rashid Rida. Salafist ideology. (Alms for Jihad (c)2006 Burr ands Collins).


1911-14 – The British backed Ibn Saud against Turkey. Sir Percy, British in the Gulf.. Harry st John Philby who was the  father of spy son Kim Philby. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


1923-30 – Discovery of oil in commercial amounts the late 1930’s. Ibn Saud gave the first oil concession  to the British in 1923. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


1926 – Ibn Saud became King of Hijaz Sultan of Najd.


March 1929 – Battle of Sabilah. The State of Saudi Arabia was declared three years later, about the same time that Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was getting his construction business off the ground. (al Qaeda ©2003 J Burke).


1932 – Using the Ilkwhan holy warriors, Ibn Saud invaded the Hijaz. Mecca and Medina were now in the hands of the hardest line Muslim group in Islam. 1932 created the new state of Saudi Arabia. Only Wahhabi Islam was allowed. The Wahhabis supported al Saud, and  in return the al Saud clan supported Wahhabi Islam, which is in full force today. Saudi petro dollars spread Wahhabi Islam over the entire Islamic world. (The Middle East ©2006 C Catherwood).


1932 – Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. (Yamani ©1988 Robinson).


1932 – The Saudis have about quarter of the world’s oil reserves, producing about 8 million barrels of oil a day.  There are about 6,000 male princes in the huge Royal family. The house of Saud. Which took control of the desert Kingdom in 1932. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1932 – When the Kingdom was founded in 1932 there were no schools in Riyadh, instead the mosques were the schools, The Koran was it. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


22 Sept 1932 – Ibn Saud named the county the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1933-36 – In 1933 a year after the Saud’s came to power, Ibn Saud gave exploration rights to Standard oil company of California. The company found oil in 1936. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1936 – The Saud’s oil discovery lead to a giant consortium. Aramco, the Arabian American oil corp. Standard oil of California, Texas company Texaco, Mobil, Standard oil of New Jersey and Exxon. King Saud gave Aramco 60 year leases on 400,000 miles of land. Aramco paid in gold for the leases. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US)..


1939-50 – In 1939 ARAMCO, Standard oil of California and three other companies, still used 700 camels for their work. By 1950 Dhahran was the Saudi oil center. American strategic air command built a huge air base to protect oil. Meanwhile poor Saudi beggars who tried to ask for money from Ibn Saud’s motorcade were beaten to death. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK)..


1940s – The Arab American oil company ARAMCO. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


1943-45 – In 1943 US Pres Roosevelt authorized the Lend Lease aid to Saudi Arabia, saying the defence of Saudi Arabia is vital to the defence of the US. Over the next two years the Saudis got $99 million through the program.


1944 – Saudi Arabai’s crown prince Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz  visited New York. He had with him a personal slave named Marzouk. Ibn Saud abused his slaves, wives and concubines. He had a harem of several hundred young girls. Well into the 1940s each of Ibn Saud’s sons had a young slave boy. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1945 – US military used the Saudi airbase at Dhahran since a deal in 1945. Aramco. Wahhabi Islamic Religious police. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1945-63 – Saudi Arabia became the largest oil producer in the Persian Gulf in 1963. Oil production in the Gulf region was dominated by the British, until after World War Two, when American companies became more involved. By the end of the war (1945) American Standard oil of California and Texaco had gained control of all foreign oil concessions in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. (American wars ©2003 Huchthenson).


1950 – Diplomatic intervention in 1943 to assure the access of US companies to Middle East oil. In 1950 the US used diplomatic means in Saudi Arabia to ensure a good position for US companies. (Compassionate peace ©1982 AFSC).


1953 – Ibn Saud died in 1953. 5,000 government workers and corruption. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


1957 – Osama bin Laden of al Qaeda was born, he was left handed and later walked with a cane.


Jan 1958 – The Mohammed bin Laden company was one of the many enterprises that got a start from Aramco. Bin Laden Kaiser became one of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world Osama bin Laden was born in Riyadh in Jan 1958, for most of his young life he lived in Jeddah. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


1960 – Oil producing states organized and coordinated their activities. OPEC was made up of third world nations. OPEC was founded in 1960, six of its 13 members were still colonies. (Compassionate peace ©1982 AFSC).


1960 - Soon after OPEC’s beginning, Faisal resigned and al Saud returned to power in Saudi Arabia. Among al Saud’s supporters were the Free princes, led by a younger brother of prince Talal. The conflict between al Saud and Faisal was created by the Free princes and came to a head when Prince Talal and the others quit and went to live in Egypt. (Yamani ©1988 J Robinson).


1960s – Kamal Adham had connections to the US government, since at least the early 1960s when he founded Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, with assistance from the CIA.


1962 – The MWL was founded in 1962. Muslim World League. Among its founders was Said Ramadan, grandson and religious heir of Hasan al Bana, the father of the Muslim brotherhood. A charity was established in Saudi Arabia, secretary general of MWL, Prince Abdullah bin Abd al Muhsin al Turki, who is also the minister of Islamic affairs. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 JM Burr and RO Collins).


1962 – Slavery was apparently abolished in Saudi Arabia. (The Middle East ©2006 C Catherwood).


1962 – Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz was governor of Riyadh, the Saudi capital, a post he held since 1962. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1962 – Slavery and expendable chattels. US Pres Kennedy spoke against slavery with Prince Faisal. Trade in slaves and wives.  Saudi Arabian slavery and Wahhabi International terrorism. Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Wahhabi ideology. Sharia Islamic law. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1963-66 – Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service was set up by Kamal Adham, a brother in law of crown prince Faisal, who became king in 1964. In 1966 Ghaith Rashad Pharaon, whose father was an advisor to king Faisal, set up Saudi Research and Development Corporation, REDEC.


1963-77 – Kamal Adham was born in Turkey in 1929, to a Turkish mother and an Albanian father. He was taken a year later to Jiddah, the Saudi city. Adham was educated at Cairo’s Victoria college and he learned several languages. In addition to Arabia and English he speaks Turkish, French and Italian. From 1964 to 1975 Adham was one of the most powerful men in Saudi Arabia. In 1963, with Faisal’s backing. Adham became the first head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service, a post he held until Sept 1977.


1964 – The govt of Saudi Arabia opposed Nasser’s return in Egypt. They supported Sayyid Qutb and gave him money and weapons. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


Mid 1960s – Saudi Arabia’s Yamani did a barter deal with Romania, trading oil for goods, marketing oil with the Communist bloc. Many objected. (Yamani ©1988 J Robinson).


Nov 1964 – King Saud drank heavily (not very Muslim). Saud also liked young boys, which the CIA provided for him. Corruption. Aramco’s vice President was Mike Ameen. Saud abdicated after 72 princes forced him out. Saud’s half brother Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz  took over the throne. Aramco and the house of Saud. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1965 – Kamal Adham the Saudi spymaster was representing three foreign aerospace contractors simultaneously, and tried to sign up the arms make Northrop as well. Adham also had a piece of  the Mirage deal and the Lockheed deal. Adham stood to get a commission from just about every major military aircraft purchase that Saudi Arabia was making.


1965-70 – Mike Ameen was vice President of Aramco in the 1970s. Herman Eilts was US ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1965-70. Saudi men thought European women were for sale, as sex slaves, in Paris France and London UK. Saudi women were banned from studying or practicing journalism. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1967 – Adnan Khashoggi had formed a new and bigger company called Triad, a Liechtenstein corporation with an address in Geneva Switzerland. (Arms bazaar ©1977 Sampson).


1970s – George Bush ran the CIA in the 1970s and worked closely with Saudi intel headed by Kamal Adham.


1970s – Wahhabi Saudi Arabia was exporting the ideology. The Muslim World League and the World association of Muslim youth. Since the early 1970s millions of dollars went to Wahhabi mosques and associations in dozens of countries, spreading Wahhabi Islam. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the kingdom ©2005 US).


1970s to 1988 – Jumale Ahmed Nur Ali. The Dubai UAE, Al Barakaat bank was a hawala enterprise, whose founder and director was Ahmed Nur Ali Jumale. Jumale had begun his career as a hawaladar in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s.He met Osama bin Laden during the war in Afghanistan, during which the two had forged a friendship. In 1988 he opened an Al Barakaat bank in Somalia. Through Al Barakaat, Osama bin Laden could transmit intel and instructions to al Qaeda terrorist cells. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


May 1970 to Jan 1971 – In  May 1970 the Tapline, an oil pipeline running from Saudi Arabia to the port of Sidon in Lebanon was damaged in Syrian territory. The Syrians refused to allow the Tapline to be repaired. The oil did not flow for 8 months, until Jan 1971. The shortage of less than half a million barrels a day to Europe was felt. For the first time in oil history prices increased. (Yamani (c)1988 J Robinson)


1972 – Kamal Adham’s path crossed that of BCCI’s Abedi.


1972 – Sudan, Khashoggi arranged a revolving loan of $200 million, raised by 31 banks and guaranteed by the Saudi central bank. A giant project, sugar, cattle, textiles, minerals and cement. (Arms bazaar ©1977 Sampson).


1972-2002 – WAMY World Assembly for Muslim Youth was founded in 1972. By 2002 it controlled 450 organizations in 34 countries. In the early 1990’s it began acting as a channel for Saudi donations to radical Islamic groups.


1973 – US arms sales helped recoup dollars being spent on petroleum. The 1973 embargo and OPEC price increase, upped the pressure to sell arms.


1973 – The Islamic development bank group of Saudi Arabia was founded.


May 1973 – Adham and Frank Jungers, the chief executive of Aramco, the consortium of US oil companies in Saudi Arabia. Adham said that Egypt’s Sadat might go to war against Israel and there could be an oil  embargo.


3 May 1973 – Aramco Presidenbt Frank Jungers met with Faisal, oil minister Yamani and Foreign minister Ommar Sayyaf in Riyadh. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


13 Oct 1973 – King Faisal and Saudi financier and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi asked Nixon to stop sending jet aircraft to Israel. Nixon and Khashoggi were friends. They met in 1967 at the Rasputin hotel in Paris France. Khashoggi gave Nixon campaign contributions of $1 million which was  reported in the French press, but not proven. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


1974 – Leonard Mosley. Power play, oil in the Middle East. Baltimore Penguin books.


1974 – Osama bin Laden was from the Kandah tribe, which has about 100,00 members, the tribe originated in Najd, then migrated to Hadramont in Yemen. In 1974 while still in high school bin Laden joined the Muslim brothers, hoping to establish an Islamic state. Jamal Khashoggi, a friend of bin Laden’s joined the Muslim Brothers about the same time. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


1 Jan 1974 – The price of Saudi oil increased and an “oil standard” might replace the “gold standard”. (The secret history of the American empire. John Tomkins ©2007 US).


1975-82 – The major Middle East arms importer in 1982 was Saudi Arabia. In actual arms purchases Saudi Arabia was the leading world customer for US arms since 1975.


Oct 1976 – By Oct 1976 a summit of Arab leaders was convened by the Saudis in Riyadh to end the war. (Arms bazaar ©1977 Sampson).


Sept 1977 – Adham stepped down as Saudi intel chief. He was followed by his nephew, prince Turki bin Faisal al Saud. Both men were BCCI stockholders.


1978 – Abdul Raouf Khalil was owner of Saudi security and tech service company founded in 1978. He provided electronic and computer equipment to the government of Saudi Arabia for its intel ops. Khalil worked with Kamal Adham.


1978 – Hasan Hudaybi was the supreme guide of the Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


28 June to 31 July 1978 – The Wall street journal published articles on Boeings payments to Arab middlemen including Adham sheikh Zayed, who was involved in one deal.


18 Oct 1978 – Sheikh sultan, one of Zayed’s sons, sold his FGB shares to Adham.


1979 – Book the house of Saud, the rise, corruption and coming fall. Said K Aburish ©1994-2005. ISBN 0-7475-78-745. Bloomsbury UK.


 1979 - The Saudis kidnapped the Saudi writer Nasser al Said from Beirut, and took him to Saudi Arabia. They paid an associate of the PLO’s Yasser Arafat $2 million for the kidnapping.


1979 – JRL Carter. Leading merchant families of Saudi Arabia. London UK Scorpion.


1979 – Mahrous bin Laden, an older half brother of Osama was associated with members of the militant Muslim Brotherhood. He played a key role in a violent armed uprising against the house of Saud in Mecca in 1979. This  resulted in more than 100 deaths. (House of Bush, house of Saud. C Unger ©2004).


19 Jan 1979 – King Khaled announced that Adham had been dismissed from his post as a Royal advisor. Saudi Arabia opposed the peace deal between Egypt and Israel.


Nov 1979 – Armed rebels in Saudi Arabia seized the Grand mosque in Mecca. Corruption in the Royal family was one of the main things the rebels were angry about. After weeks of fighting left hundreds dead, the rebels were captured and 63 executed. Damage was done to the grand mosque.


20 Nov 1979 – Grand mosque seized, 200 Islamic terrorists seized the Grand mosque in Mecca. Saudi Arabia taking hundreds of pilgrims hostage. Saudi and French security forces re took the shrine after an intense battle, in which 250 people were killed and 600 wounded.


20 Nov 1979 to 9 Jan 1980 – The seige of the mosque in Mecca during Hajj. Those responsible were beheaded in the largest execution in Saudi history. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright (c)2006 US).


1980 – JB Kelly. Arabia the Gulf and the West. New York Basic books.


1980s – During the 1980s Afghan war against the Soviets, Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz organized transport to Afghanistan for militants, the Mujahadeen from many Arab countries. He controlled Saudi charities, giving tens of millions to the Mujahadeen. Many of these charities were on the US list of terrorist sponsors. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


By the early 1980s – Aramco employed about 50,000 people, and was worth about $50 billion. (Gerald  Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom. ©2005 US).


1981 – R Lacey. The kingdom, Arabia and the house of Saud. New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.


1981 – Irvine Anderson. Aramco, the US and Saudi Arabia. Princeton.


1981 – The US military in Saudi Arabia investing in stability or disaster. The Defence monitor vol x no 4. Washington DC Center for Defence info.


Oct 1981 – Statement by Pres Reagan saying the US would not allow Saudi Arabia to become another Iran. A growing US commitment to intervene to prevent political revolt. (Compassionate peace. ©1982 AFSC).


28 Oct 1981 – The US senate voted to allow the sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia.


1982 – The US army corps of engineers was under contract for about $24 billion. Large scale projects top build military infrastructure. Saudi Arabia was spending large on air, land and sea bases, training centers, communications networks HQ and command center.


1983 – The appointment in 1983 of the director of SAMA, Saudi Arabian monetary authority. Hamad al Sayari was responsible to the ministry of finance and national economy. Al Sayari needed Royal approval to impose punishments against violators. (Alms for Jihad (c)2006 Burr and Collins).


1 Jan 1983 – Pres Reagan said that any threat to the Saudi Arabian government was a peril to US interests. (Americas wars ©2003 Huchthausen).


April 1983 – OPEC was founded in 1960. Aramco and the Saudi oil minister, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani. In 1983 the house of  Saud owned 51% of Aramco. The Muslim World League to spread Wahhabi and anti Jewish.  The Saudi Royal family. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


23 Sept 1983 – Gulf Air explosion 112 killed.


1984 – Fundamentals of the petroleum industry. Norman uni of Oklahoma press. Robert O Anderson.


1984 – The CIA budget for Afghanistan soared. Hundreds of millions from Saudi Arabia were included to match the CIA budget. Saudi intel officer Ahmed Badeeb was a former teacher of Bin Laden. (Reclaiming Parkland. James DiEuganio ©2013 US).


1985 – The American house of Saud. The secret petrodollar connection. New York Franklin Watts. Steve Emerson.


1985 – The big business families of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Michael Field. Woodstock New York Overlook press.


1985 – Said K Aburish. Payoff, wheeling and dealing in the Arab world. London UK Andre Deutsch.


1985 – Ayman Zawahiri arrived in Saudi Arabia from Egypt. On a pilgrims visa, which he converted into a work visa. He spent a year practicing medicine at the Ibn al Nafeer clinic in Jeddah. Jeddah was the commercial center of the Kingdom, pilgrims to Mecca each year for the Hajj. Zawahiri and Bin Laden met in Jeddah. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


1985-86 – Saudi Arabia. Al Zawahiri first met up with bin Laden in Peshawar in 1986, or possibly 1985 in Jidda before al Zawahiri returned to Peshawar as a member of SARCS.


June 1986 – Saudi Arabia’s bin Mahfouz family got large stakes in BCCI and First American. Khalid bin Mahfouz joined the BCCI board of directors.


1987 – Abedi arranged for the bin Mafouz family to sell its BCCI stock.


1987 – Khashoggi. Ronald Kessler. London UK Corgi.


Aug 1987 – Nimrod Raphaeli. Commentaries on Islamic economic banking. Middle East economic news report no 19.


1988 – Yamani, the inside story. Jeffrey Robinson UK. An American writer who lived in Europe for 19 years and 4 years as an officer in the US Air force.


June 1988 – US Fred Dutton was a Democrat and was registered as a foreign agent for Saudi Arabia.


7 Aug 1990 – The US launched Operation Desert Shield. Sending paratroops, armored brigade and jet fighters to Saudi Arabia.


1991 – Tajuddin B Shuaib. The essentials of Ramadan the fasting month. LA Daawah enterprises int inc.


1991-2002 – Yassin Abdallah al Qadi was assistant to Khaled bin Mahfouz. Introduced Islamic banks at NCB and the Al Rajhi bank. Yassin was director of the National management consultancy center NMCC from 1991 to 2002. (Alms for Jihad. ©2006 Burr and Collins).


28 March 1991 – The attempted shooting of three US marines at Jubial in Saudi Arabia.


Oct 1991 – Hani Hanjour first entered the US in Oct 1991, from Saudi Arabia to attend an English language program at the uni of Arizona in Tucson. He left the US in early 1992 for Saudi Arabia. Hanjour then had a full beard and spent most of his time reading books on Islam or airplanes. (The 9/11 investigations ©2004 S Strasser public affairs reports).


July 1992 – A New York county grand jury indicted Khalid bin Mahfouz and his aide Haroon Kahlon for BCCI fraud of $300 million. The Saudi elite may have been involved in BCCI crimes. One week after the NY indictment July 1992 the federal reserve said bin Mahfouz took control of BCCI and First American in 1986. The fed came under pressure from Saudis who wanted it settled quietly. Bin Mahfouz was in Jiddah when 40 million ounces of silver were dumped onto the market on 7 July 1992, and the price of silver dropped.


1993 – Waqf was created by the Saudi shipping magnate Abdul Latif Jameel, who left about $7 billion upon his death in 1993. To fund the charity aims of militant Islamic movements in Algeria, Sudan, Somalia and Israel. (Alms for Jihad. ©2006 JM Burr and RD Collins).


1993 – Mordechai Abir. Saudi Arabia government society and the Gulf crisis. London UK Routledge.


1994 – The house of Saud. Said K Aburish. The rise, corruption and coming fall. ISBN 0-7475-78-745. Bloomsbury UK.


1995 – Mugniyeh was flying back to Beirut Lebanon from Sudan after a meeting with bin Laden. The US arranged for his Middle East airways plane to make an unscheduled stop in Saudi Arabia. But the Saudi government refused to make him leave the plane.


1995 – By 1995 Saudi Arabia’s 12 commercial banks were flush with oil revenues to rank them among the top ten banks in the Arab world.


17 July 1995 – Banking in the kingdom. (Saudi Arabia), Gulf states newsletter no 515.


13 Nov 1995 – al Qaeda did not claim responsibility for the bombing of the national guard building in Riyadh that killed seven people. Or the Khobar towers military factory in Dhahran that killed 19 Americans and wounded several hundred more. (Inside al Qaeda ©2002 R Gunaratna).


13 Nov 1995 – OPM-SNG Riyadh car bomb 6 killed 60 injured.


13 Nov 1995 – Saudi military installation attack. The Islamic movement of change planted a bomb in a Riyadh military compound that killed one US citizen, several foreign nationals employed by the US government and over 40 others.


13 Nov 1995 – A car bomb exploded outside a Saudi government building in Riyadh where US officials were working. Five US national and two Indians were killed and 60 injured.


13 Nov 1995 – A car bomb loaded with 250 pounds of explosives blew up near the three storey HQ of the offices of the program manger of the Saudi national guard in Riyadh. Five Americans were killed and 34 wounded. Months later a Saudi TV said they were influenced by bin Laden and Egyptian Islamists. (Ghost wars. ©2004 Steve Coll).


13 Nov 1995 – Terrorism in Saudi Arabia. Five people were killed and more than 60 injured at a US military mission. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK)


1996 – Iran al Qaeda ties were revealed in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar towers residence complex that housed US military in Saudi Arabia. The bombing killed 19 Americans.


May 1996 – According to Greg Palastan, an American investigative journalist. One international arms dealer described the meeting of Saudi billionaires at the hotel Monceau in Paris in May 1996. To descide who would pay for bin Laden operations and how much. Saudi financing of bin Laden networks, part of the $3 million given by Mahfouz was sent to the international Islamic relief group in the Philippines. This is a Saudi charity set up in the early 1990s by Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, bin Laden’s brother in law. Donations were use to bankroll the Abu Sayyef armed group. Khalifa who has returned to Saudi Arabia managed terror funds for him in Malaysia and the Philippines. (Modern Jihad L Napoleoni ©2003 ).


June 1996 – Hezbollah attack on the Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia. 19 people were killed.


25 June 1996 – The Khobar towers bombing. A tanker truck blew up outside a US military housing complex in Dhahran killing 19 US airforce and wounding 280 others. Suspects included, Ahmed Ibrahim al Mughassil. Ali Saed bin al Hoori. Ibrahim Salih Mohammed al Yocoub. Abedelkarim Hussein Mohammed al Nasser.


25 June 1996 – The Khobar towers bombing. A fuel truck carrying a bomb exploded outside the US military Khobar towers housing facility in Dhahran killing 19 US military and wounding 515 people including 240 US personel. Several groups claimed responsibility for the attack.


25 June 1996 – Saudi Arabia an explosive packed truck blows up in front of a US military base in Dhahran killing 198 soldiers and inuring 386 more The US military linked bin Laden to the attack, or a Saudi Shiite group.


25 June 1996 – Khobar towers bombing. A tanker truck blew up outside a US military housing complex in Dhahran Saudi Arabia. The explosion killed 19 US airforce and wounded 280 others.


Aug 1996 – Bin Laden declared war on America from a cave in Afghanistan. US forces were still in Saudi Arabia five years after the Gulf war. Bin Laden, a Saudi in a cave in Tora Bora. Bin Laden became the most wanted man in FBI history. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).


23 Aug 1996 – Bin Laden signed and issued a declaration of Jihad, to drive US forces from the Arabian peninsula and overthrow the government of Saudi Arabia. Muslim holy sites, Islamic revolutionary groups worldwide.


Nov 1996 – Hani Hanjour left the US for Saudi Arabia in Nov 1996. He returned to the US in Nov 1997. (The 9/11 investigations. S Strasser public affairs reports ©2004).


1998 – SL Hayes III. Islamic law and finance. Religion risk and return. The Hague and Boston Kluwer law Int.


Aug 1999 – The Saudi based Islamic development bank gave CAIR $250,000 in Aug 1999. The IDB also manages funds (al Quds, al Aqsa) which finances suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, by providing funds to the families of Palestinian martyrs.


Sept 1999 - Hani Hanjour left the US again in April 1999. After receiving an FAA commercial pilots certificate. In Sept, after an initial denial, he got a student visa in Jeddah and returned to the US. (The 9/1 investigations. S Strasser ©2004 public affairs reports).


14 March 2000 – In Mecca a fire broke out at a girls school, 800 girls tried to escape the fire, but the religious police stopped them leaving. 15 girls died and more than 50 were injured. Police were beating the girls. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


2001 – A small state of Arabia called ‘Afar’ on the border of Yemen. The region which produced most of the 9/11 hijackers in 2001. (The Middle East ©2006 C Catherwood).


2001 – In the years before the 9/11 attacks Saudi mosques were militant Islamic centers where Saudi Muslim charities funded Wahhabi outside the Kingdom and Jihad. Muslim extremists and Wahhabi Saudi Arabian Jihad. Anti Jewish too. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


2001 – Saudi execution of drug traffickers. There were more than 150 executions in 2001. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


July 2001 – Prince Fahd bin Salman died, aged 46, of alleged heart failure. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom (c)2005 US).


11 Sept 2001 – Bin Laden’s financial network in Saudi Arabia was run by Saudi businessman Wael Hamza Jalaiden based in Jeddah. 9/11 did little to alter this network.


11 Sept 2001 - CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 11. Abdul Aziz al Omari from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. United Airlines flight 175. Mohand al Shehri from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airline flight 11. Satam al Suqami from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 11. Wail al Shehri and Waleed al Shehri from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. United airlines flight 175. Ahmed al Ghamdi and Hamza al Ghamdi from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 77 from Dulles Virginia to LA .Washington DC. Pilot hijacker Hani Hanjour from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 77. Nawaf al Hazmi and Salem al Hazmi from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 77. Khalid al Mihdhar from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. American airlines flight 77. Majed Moqed from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. United airlines flight 93. Saeed al Ghamdi from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 2014. United airlines flight 93. Ahmad al Haznawi from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – CNN facts hijackers 8 Sept 20914. United airlines flight 93. Ahmed al Nami from Saudi Arabia.


11 Sept 2001 – 142 Saudis left the US on six chartered flights, within a week of 9/11. Another 150 Saudis, officials and Royal family went out on commercial jets. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


11 Sept 2001 – 14 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were establishment Saudis. Male rulers of the Saudi Royal family numbered about 10,000. Wahhabi Royal family political system. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


10 Oct 2001 – The Guardian UK. Ghaith Pharon was linked to bin Laden and charities. A French intel report. A Saudi company REDEC.


2 Nov 2001 – G Simpson and R Wartzman. US probes Saudi conglomerate for links to Islamic militants. Wall Street Journal.


8 Nov 2001 – Jonathan Wells.  Rich Saudis and a bank linked to bin Laden. Boston Herald.


9 Nov 2001 – Reflections from a Saudi prince. Business Week online.


19 Nov 2001 – The Saudi game. Newsweek.


10 Dec 2001 – Khilafah Rashidah. The significance of Zakat, uploaded at Fi sabeelillah. In the way of Allah.


2002 – A history of Saudi Arabia. Medawi al Rasheed. Google books. New York Cambridge uni press.


2002 - Muslim brotherhood affiliated CAIR. In 2002 prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the world’s 8th richest man, according to Forbes. A Saudi who gave CAIR $500,000 for efforts to stock American libraries with books and tapes about Islam. CAIR website posted instructions on how to assist the project. (The Muslim brotherhood and petrodollars Islam in the west).


2002 – Yasin al Qadi a Saudi magnate and supporter of bin Laden. He transfered millions via the Muwafaq foundation, the Arab name for Blessed relief, the charity is supported and managed by leading Saudi families.


2002 – Targeting terror. Position paper Washington institute for near east policy Matthew Levitt.


2002 – The US seized computer files in Bosnia, showing an alleged ‘golden chain’of Osama bin Laden’s financial supporters. A former Saudi govt minister, three billionaire bank tycoons and Saudi individuals. (Gerald S Posner.  Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


6 Feb 2002 – JM Dorsey. Saudi Arabia is monitoring key bank accounts. Wall Street Journal.


10 Feb 2002 – Robert G Kaiser. David B Ottaway. Saudi leaders anger revealed shaky ties. Washington Post.


23 June 2002 – Peeling back the layers of the Saudi funded terror net. Pittsburg Tribune.


Aug 2002 – Born in 1941 in Mecca, a pioneer in modern Saudi banking. He founded the Dallah works and maintenance corp for Islamic principles. After 9/11 the US government began to investigate Dallah al Baraka group as part of an investigation into Islamic banking, that helped the finance al Qaeda. In Aug 2002, 9/11 families brought a law suit against 3 Saudi princes and companies in the Dallah and Baraka group. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


Aug 2002 – 9/11 families brought law suit against three Saudi princes, Defence minister Sultan bin Abd al Aziz al Saud. Businessman Muhammad al Faisal al Saud. Former chief of Saudi intel Turki al Faisal al Said. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


20 Aug 2002 – Seth Stern. Can a trillion dollar lawsuit stop Saudi terror cash flow. Christian Science monitor.


3 Dec 2002 – Saudi Arabia announces counter terror measures. Official statements and press briefings from the embassy of Saudi Arabia info office.


2003 – Hatreds kingdom. How Saudi Arabia supports the new Global terrorism. Dore Gold. Washington DC Regency.


2003 – Unocal joined the Saudi Delta oil corp to create a consortium called CentGas. Delta oil is owned by the bin Mahfouz and al Amouidi families. Saudi clans with strong links to bin Laden’s family. The sister of Khalil bin Mahfouz is one of bin Laden’s wives. Mahfouz has been sponsoring charities used as fronts by bin Laden associates through the National Commercial bank, which his family controls. It was through CentGas corp that people close to bin Laden came to work with people close to the Bush family in the US.


Jan 2003 – Hamal al Hussaini. Akel trading company and Hussaini and co. Mohammed Yousef al Naghi brothers co Jidda. Ahmad Turki Zaki Yamani founder Investcorp Saudi European bank. Taher group, Arab company for hotels. Saudi European bank. Abdel Hadi Taher. Mohammed Abdullah al Jumaih first Islamic investment bank. Mohammad al Issai Saudi research and marketing company. Arab cement company. Suleiman al Rashid trading and contracting Rijadh. Salah al Din Abdel Jawad United Gulf industries. General machines agencies. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


28 Feb 2003 – Mansour al Naqaydan. The Islamist map in Saudi Arabia and the question of repudiation. Al Wasat Manama FSIS translation from Arabic GMP 2003022800126 Washington DC.


3 March 2003 – Saudis issue order to freeze terrorist linked assets. USA


12 May 2003 – al Qaeda operatives in Iran played a role in the 12 May 2003 suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia. 34 people, including 8 Americans, were killed. (Chch Press NZ. 27 May 2003. AP Reuters).


26 June 2003 – Alex Alexiev. Terrorism growing Wahhabi influence in the US. Center for security policy position paper. US Senate subcommittee on terrorism, technology and homeland security.


2 Aug 2003 – James Risen. David Johnston. Report on 9/11 sights role by Saudi spies. New York Times.


3 Aug 2003 – Saudi links to 9/11 US suspects diplomats of al Qaeda . Sunday Herald Glasgow Scotland. Neil MacKay. US suspects diplomat of al Qaeda .


10 Sept 2003 – Subversion within Saudi funding of Islamic extremist groups, undermining US interests and the war on terror. Testimony of Matthew Levitt, Senate Judiciary committee subcommittee on terrorism. US Senate Washington DC.


8 Nov 2003 – In Riyadh a suicide car bombing took place in the Muhaya residential compound, which was occupied by nationals of other Arab countries. 17 people were killed and 122 wounded including 4 Americans. Al Qaeda was suspected.


2004 – Craig Unger. House of Bush, house of Saud. The hidden relationship between the world’s two most powerful dynasties. ISBN 1-903933-58-7.


2004 – Ali bin Ibrahim al Naimi. The Saudi oil minister was 68 years old in 2004. Spring 2002 (The end of oil ©2004 P Roberts).


Late May 2004 – Massacre of  22 western oil workers in Khobar. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).


15 Sept 2004 – In Riyadh two gunmen shot dead a British contractor, who had been working for the Marconi communications company. In a shopping center parking lot.  al Qaeda in the Arab peninsula claimed responsibility.


2005 – Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom. The inside story of the Saudi US connection. Random house New York. ISBN 1-4000-6291-8.


2005 – Chattel slavery was a tradition and legal in Saudi Arabia. Children were sold into sex slavery by poor Arabs from Sudan and Nigeria.  (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).


2005 – The rise, corruption and coming fall of the house of Saud. Said K Aburish. Bloomsbury. ISBN 0-7475-7874-5.


Dec 2005 – Prince Alwaleed bin Talal donated $20 million each to Harvard uni and Georgetown uni to finance Islamic studies. The gift to Georgetown was the uni’s second largest donation in history.


2006 – Charles Allen. God’s terrorists. The Wahhabi cult and the hidden roots of modern Jihad. London UK Little Brown.


2006 – Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Nephew of King Fahd and crown prince Abdullah. He has made numerous education bequests supporting the American uni of Beirut Lebanon. The American uni of Cairo in Egypt. Various uni’s in the US. (Alms for Jihad. JM Burr and RO Collins ©2006).


2006 – Shaykh Nizam Yaquby a graduate in economics from McGill uni and advisor on Sharia to the Arab Islamic bank in Bahrain. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


2006 – Muhammad Qutb brother of another Muslim brotherhood member Salalfist Sayyid Qutb in Saudi Arabia. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


2006 – Saleh Kamel. Al Baraka was lead by the Saudi businessman. (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


2006 – The Saudi government did block assets of al Haramain foundation offices in Somalia, Bosnia, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and Indonesia. (But no offices in New Zealand were blocked?) (Alms for Jihad ©2006 Burr and Collins).


2006 – Abd al Rahman al Rashed was the editor of the London based Saudi daily al Sharq al Awset. Saudi Arabia was funding terrorism and references were made to American propaganda. (Alms for Jihad (c)2006 Burr and Collins).


21 June 2006 – al Qaeda Saudi killed in 04 was a 9/11 hijacker. The New York Times.


17 Sept 2006 – Dirty bomb fears over world’s most insecure nuclear facilities.


24 Nov 2006 – Machine guns were found hidden near US embassy in Riyadh. Dumped near the US consulate.


2 March 2007 – Walid Mutlaq al Radadi, of al Qaeda. Saudi Arabia has identified al Radadi as one of the men involved in the 26 Feb 2007 shooting deaths of 4 French citizens. Al Radadi’s name appears on a list of Saudi most wanted terrorists. The report remains unconfirmed. Al Radadi appears on a list issued by the Saudi interior ministry in June 2005 of fugitives suspected of involvement in militant acts. Of the 15 wanted suspects still at large in the country at the time. Al Radadi was listed as number 12. (Stratfor terror brief 2 March 2007).


19 April 2007 – Center for Muslim Christian understanding at Georgetown uni. Conference on what it means to be a Muslim in America. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.


28 April 2007 – Terror sweep. Daily record Glasgow Scotland. Saudi Arabia foiled an al Qaeda terror plot for 9/11 style attacks on oil refineries and fields.


11 Sept 2007 – Brian Ross. US, Saudis still filling al Qaeda coffers. ABC news.


19 Sept 2007 – The EU is considering restrictions on foreign companies access to European energy networks. The Financial Times reported. On a confidential working paper. The step would first be aimed at Russian companies but could have clauses towards Saudi Arabia, which restricts EU investment. The European commission is expected to publish its proposal 19 Sept 2007. (Stratfor intel summary 30 Aug 2007).


23 June 2009 – Eric Lichtblau. Saudi link to establishment. New York Times.


5 Dec 2010 – Wikileaks. Saudi chief finances al Qaeda. Telegraph UK. Alex Spilliur.


9 Sept 2011 – US choking terror funding since 9/11. CNN wire. In the days just after 9/11 the US treasury dept sent officials to Saudi Arabia. A cash society that lacked financial record keeping.


9 Sept 2011 – Lloyds insurer sues Saudi Arabia for funding  9/11. The Independent UK. Lloyds insurance syndicate legal case against Saudi Arabia. Accuses the Kingdom indirectly funding al Qaeda.


12 Sept 2011 – Insurance firm sues Saudi Arabia over 9/11 role. The Hill. London based insurance syndicate sues the govt of Saudi Arabia in the US district court in Johnston PA.


2 March 2012 – A former senator says Saudi Arabia might be tied to 9/11. Eric Lichtblam. Int herald tribune. Bob Graham of Florida.


12 March 2012 – US Senators Bob Graham and Bob Kerrey in support of 9/11 victims against Saudi Arabia. Bioterrorism. A Saudi government.


9 Nov 2012 – Little girls brought and sold by wealthy old men in Saudi Arabia. United patriots internet.


26 Nov 2012 – AFP Saudi women tracked with RFID chips by their male masters, slavery. Now the end begins.


30 Nov 2012 – Front Page mag. Saudi offers castrated African slave for sale on Facebook. By Daniel Greenfield.


23 Oct 2013 – Saudi US Syria. The Times London UK. Diplomatic row at the UN over Saudi Arabian funding fighters in Syria.


15 Dec 2013 – Inside the Saudi 9/11 cover up. New York Post. Al Qaeda.


20 Dec 2013 – 9/11 victims ok to sue Saudi government. New York Post.


20 Dec 2013 – Saudi Arabia and 9/11. The Toronto Star Ontario Canada. Lawsuits against Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda and 9/11.


7 Jan 2014 – FBI, ties Saudis and  9/11 hijackers. FARS news agency. Links between powerful Saudis and the 9/11 hijackers.


25 May 2014 – Strategist. Arab news Jeddah .


14 Sept 2014 – US failure to look into the Saudi role in 9/11 had helped ISIS. Independent on Sunday London UK. Senator Graham. Saudis treat women as chattels or property to control. 15 of the 19  9/11 hijackers were Saudis. 28 pages of official inquiry is still censored and yet to be published.


15 Dec 2014 – Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Agence France Presse. The Guardian UK. Saudi billionaire, on Forbes rich list, to launch Arabic satellite news channel Alarab.


26 Dec 2014 – Saudi Arabia beheads a Pakistani for smuggling heroin. Daily Times. Riyadh. The twelfth person from Pakistan to be executed in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking since mid October 2014.


8 Jan 2015 – The Saudi role in 9/11 hidden papers. Newsweek. Declassify 28 pages of Congressional inquiry into 9/11. These 28 papers are still classified.


8 Jan 2015 – CBC news. Congressmen demand release of report on Saudi role in 9/11. Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch. 28 pages to declassify. Philip Zelikow former executive director of the 9/11 commission says they should remain secret.


8 Jan 2015 – US Congressmen demand the release of a report on the  Saudi role in the 9/11 attacks. CBC news. Declassify 28 pages on the Saudi role with 9/11 hijackers.


11 Jan 2015 – Meshael Alayban. Saudi princess trafficking charges dropped. The Guardian UK.


18 Jan 2015 – Saudi Arabia after Abdullah. INSS Hospital for King of Saudi Arabia aged 91 Abdulla bin Abdul Aziz.


18 Jan 2015 – US senators visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Global Talks about training Syrian rebels. AP. Canadian press.


19 Jan 2015 – US senators in Saudi Arabia, talks about training Syrian rebels. ABC news. A US delegation led by John McCain, who met with Saudi crown prince.


22 Jan 2015 – Business Insider, Australia. There could be a power vacuum in Saudi Arabia. A stronger Iran is dangerous.


22 Jan 2015 – Pakistani minister says Saudis are destabilizing the Muslim world. VOA. Pakistan’s Pirzada says loans are to promote the Wahhabi faith, a fundamentalist brand of Sunni Islam.


23 Jan 2015 – Saudi Arabia lifts a 2008 ban on recruiting workers from Bangladesh. Bangladesh news. A six year old Saudi ban on using workers from Bangladesh is lifted.


24 Jan 2015 – Saudi Royal family. Mohammed aged 55 is a deputy crown prince and second in line to the throne. He is the grandson of King Abdul Aziz. 



2020 – The GCC and the oil market. Dar al Hayat int ed. Beirut Lebanon. 6 Feb 20134. Expected oil production in the US in 2020 is 9 to 11.8 million barrels a day. Or as much as Saudi Arabia, which is the worlds largest producer and exporter of oil.


2030 – Saudi Arabia to build 17 nuclear reactors by 2030. Xinhua news agency. 21 Nov 2012. Riyadh. Worth about 100 billion US dollars.








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