Turkey Timeline Part two

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Turkey timeline part two

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013






4 March 2006 – Turkey launched criticism against receiving a Hamas delegation led by Damascus based, Tehran backed, Khaled Meshaal to Ankara. UN secretary general Kofi Annan heaped praise on the Turkish position towards Hamas, to foreign minister Abdullah Gul in Dohar Qatar. Ehud Olmert called the Turkish PM to thank him for the position taken and the messages conveyed to the Hamas delegation that came to Ankara. (Hamas al-Jaafari Sadr contacts  Engiz Landar the new Anatolian).


31 July 2006 – Bomb hits Turk ruling party site, no one hurt. Jihadis about to enter Turkey on their way to Lebanon. Iranian volunteer fighters in support of Hezbollah.  Bomb was hurled at the AKPs Istanbul branch.


9 August 2006 – A suspicious person was detained outside General staff HQ with two rifles and a pistol.


21 August 2006 – Massive explosion in natural gas pipeline from Iran to Turkey.


11 September 2006 – Four consecutive bombs shook two of Turkey’s coastal resorts last week. Turkish authorities blamed the PKK for the situation  which left three people dead and dozens injured, including ten British tourists. The PKK has fought a 15 year  war with the Turkish government trough the 1980’s and 90’s which left 30,000 people dead. Declaring a ceasefire in 1999 after the imprisonment of its leader Abdullah Ocalan the PKK whose ruler allowed thousands to retreat to the northern Iraq Zubeyir Aydar head of the Kongra-Gel the political wing of the PKK. (Time mag 11 sept 2006 targets old conflicts. Andrew Purvis).


17 September 2006 – More explosives were found in Turkey.


9 October 2006 – Izmir police seize four kg of explosives. PKK blamed.


27 November 2006 – Turkish police on alert due to lost c-4 would make a 5kt explosion perhaps used during papal visit to Turkey. Nazif Yuksel Turkey’s anti-terror chief of police intelligence services said 5,000 tons of c-4 explosives belonging to the Iraqi defence ministry had been lost. Turkey special services arrested extremists who prepared an attack against Catholic cardinal. No details of the identity or nationality of those arrested.


5 March 2007 – Turkey announces long range air and missile defence system program. www.defencetalk.com Also Korea competing with France for tank exports to Turkey.


20 March 2007 – is Turkey moving away from the west? www.todayszaman.com.


29 March 2007 – One person was killed and ten others injured in a gas tank explosion at a resort hotel in Turkey. (CNN breaking news).


22 August 2007 – Iraq will begin exporting oil through Turkey in a few weeks reported Reuters citing Iraqi oil minister Hussein Sharistani. Exports will begin at 500,000 bpd said Sharastani. A special security force will be deployed to guard the pipeline which runs from Kirkuk to Baiji. (Stratfor intelligence summary).


29 August 2007 – For the first time since the founding of Turkey more than 80 years ago, an Islamic political force controls all of the key civilian institutes of the state. A former Islamist was elected as Turkeys 11th president. Abdullah Gul aged 56. ( Stratfor morning intelligence brief. Geopolitical diary).


November 2007 – General elections, Turkey wanting to join the European Union. (9645khz VOA 2.47am nz time 27 jan 2007 world news now).


27 January 2011 – Turkeys growing ties with Arab world by Amberin Zaman BBC.


12 November 2011 – Turkey earthquake death toll rises. Two journalists among those killed. Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz CNN.


10 October 2012 – Sex slavery nets Turkish occupied Cyprus $12.98 million by A Papapostolou Greek reporter ANSA.


14 October 2012 – Turkish megamosque in Germany sparks controversy by Erick Stakelbeck CBN news terror analyst Colonge Germany.


15 October 2012 – Refugees to Turkey top 100,000 by Joe Parkinson in Istanbul and Ayla Albayrak in Hatay province Turkey. The Wall street journal.


15 October 2012 – NATO must offer Turkey military support in Syria crisis by Joya Benitez Christian science monitor.


15 October 2012 – Global investing Golden time for Turkey by Sujata Rao Reuters.


15 October 2012 – Turkey becomes entangled by Dr Mordechai Kedar The Jewish Press.


16 October 2012 – Another Syrian bound plane ordered to land. By Gulsen Solaker and Ozge Ozbilgin Stuff.co.nz


16 October 2012 – Turkey stats building water pipeline to northern Cyprus. By Selcan Hacaoglu Bloomberg.


19 October 2012 – update 3-blast halts Iran gas flow to Turkey 28 troops hurt, sabotage operation. By Orhan Coskun Ankara Reuters.


22 October 2012 – Committee to protect journalists press freedom news. Mission journal first of two CPJ delegation visits to Turkey by Jean Paul Marthoz. Journalists in jail in Turkey.


22 October 2012 – Iranian cash is flooding into Istanbul by Adam Taylor  business insider.


23 October 2012 – Turkey seizes five tons of marijuana near Iran border Istanbul worth $2 million. By Ece Toksabay, Nick Tattersall and Micheal Roddy. Reuters.


23 October 2012 – Iran may be using Dubai (UAE) to hide all the gold its trading with Turkey. By Joshua Berlinger Business insider.


29 October 2012 – Turkey targets $100 billion Arab world trade in five years. Realignment from Europe to the Middle East by Peter Shaw Smith. Gulf Business.


29 October 2012 – Turkey trades gold to Iran via Dubai (UAE) Iran sells oil and gas to Turkey. The lobe Mail Reuters.


30 October 2012 – Gold being remonetised as banks in Turkey target gold worth $302 billion. Business insider. Goldcore bullion and wealth management company.


30 October 2012 – New jobs for Ugandans in Turkey. Mahmut Arslan president of Hak-it Turkish trade union signed on behalf of the Turkish government by Patrick Jaramofi. New vision Uganda.


6 November 2012 – Why Turkey should be tough on Iran by Can Kasapoglu The Jerusalem Post.


7 November 2012 – Turkey may deploy patriot missiles near Syria by Neil MacFarquhar and Rick Gladstone Beirut Lebanon New York Times.





























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