USA history timeline

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USA history timeline

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



USA history



589 BC Sailed for many days, we arrived at the promised land, pitch tents called it the promised land sailed from Jerusalem. (Book of Mormon p43).


AD 0 – Jesus Christ was born.


1557-1920 – More than half a million people left Britain from 1630 to 1700 and about 400,000 of them went to America., There are plantation books for 1678-1806 and treasury board papers for 1557-1920, passport registers from 1795. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK).


1585-1620 – The worldwide nature of genealogy. Forms of assisted emigration continued well into the 20th century, when people were encouraged to move to Australia and New Zealand. The Mayflower arrived in New England in 1620 but emigration from Britain to America began in 1585.  Sir Walter Raleigh founded a settlement on the coast of North Carolina, it failed, but a settlement of 1607 in Virginia succeeded, and became a colony. It began in Virginia. ((The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK)


1605 – France’s colonial empire began in 1605. Port Royal in the colony of Acadia in Nova Scotia. (Empires children ©2009 Anton Gill)(.


1617 – Beginning of transportation of convicts to America and the west Indies. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK).


1619 – The first African slaves arrived in Virginia (History of slavery in America internet timeline).


1619 – In Virginia the English colonists set up a parliament. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US).


1620 – Voyage of the Mayflower (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK)


15 July 1620 – 6 May 1621 - The Mayflower and her log, complete by Azel Ames paperback $20 Amazon books


1636-1699 – France laid claim to the Mississippi valley in 1699. Louisiana and Louis XIV name, Harvard opened its doors in 1636. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US).


1645-1660’s – A ship from Massachusetts was the first American colonial vessel to be attacked by Islamic pirates. By 1660s many Americans were slaves in North Africa. The Governor of Carolina was also seized. (White gold ©2004 Giles Milton UK)


1650s – 100,000 Irish children were sold for slavery. Children between 10 and 14 years were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in Virginia and New England. 52,000 women and children sold as slaves to Virginia. (Irish Examiner by Conall O Fatharta 29 January 2013).


1680-1786 – Goree island of the coast of Senegal, more than 2 million slaves passed through Goree island or Isle de Goree. On their unwilling way to America, between the years of 1680 and 1786. The slave trade began Portuguese in Africa in 1444. Senegal slavery. The first black slaves were brought to England in 1440 from Africa. Records. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK)


1692 – Salem trials and punishments. Two young girls and Tituba, a female slave, part of the household. 14 women and 5 men were hanged. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik )


1712 – 1798 – Negro burial ground is in New York city Manhattan cemetery. 10,000 to 20,000 people were buried in the 5 to 6 acre sites.


1714 and 1803 – Digitize preserve index Historians at work on the US slave documents. SF Gate San Francisco chronicle. Colonial LA records shed new light on US history by Cain Burdeam New Orleans. Digitize thousands of 18th century French and Spanish legal papers on slavery in the USA. (7 November 2012).


1716 – Colonial American merchants put to sea. Captain Benjamin Church’s ship, the “prosperous” sailed from New England and was seized in spring 1716, by Sale Corsairs. The crew were made slaves in Islamic Morocco. (White gold ©2004 Giles Milton UK)


26 April 1717 – on 17 Dec 2012 Real pirates explains the intersection of slavery and piracy. The “Whydah” a pirate ship sunk on Cape Cod. Built in Britain in 1715. A commercial ship to carry slaves from west Africa to the Caribbean. Needles used to brand the 700 slaves. Inhuman trafficking and a branding iron, manacles. Public museum 27 may 2013 real pirates Milwaukee.


1720 – Palaeography or study of old documents and handwriting. Important genealogical skills. In north America by 1720 the population of the British colonies had risen to 475,000. With Boston still the largest city, having 12,000 inhabitants, as it had become the centre of the slave trade. (Family tree mag Sept 2010 UK)


1725 – The population of black slaves n the American colonies reaches 75,000. (Timeline internet).


1739 – Three separate violent uprisings by black slaves occurs in South Carolina. (Timeline internet).


1758 – The first Indian reservation in America is founded in New Jersey on 3,000 acres. (Timeline internet).


1760-1775 – 125,000 English, Irish and Scottish migrated to America. In the UK poor work conditions and high unemployment. (Empires children ©2009 Anton Gill).


1770 – The population of the American colonies reaches 2,210,000 persons. (Timeline internet).


1775-1776 – Patrick Henry and 4 July 1776 the Declaration of Independence, civil war. In 1776 still called the United colonies under a Grand Union flag. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik )


1775-83 – American war of Independence. (The people detective ©2001 T McGregor UK).


1776 – St Paul’s chapel survived the great fire of New York, which destroyed many other city buildings, also survived 9/11. (Family tree mag Sept 2010 UK)


1776 – Two out of five original drafters of the 1776 Declaration of independence. Benjamin Franklin and Robert Livingstone were freemasons. Nine of the signatories including George Washington and John Hancock were freemasons and a further ten are believed to have been. (Who really runs the world ©2005 T Burnett and A Games).


1776 – The Illuminati was created in 1776, the same year as the Declaration of Independence. Illumunati leader was Dr Adam Weishaupta professor of canon law at the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The order of the Illuminati was launched on 1 May 1776 with five members. In the first four years it rose to 60 members. The leaders of the Illuminati were also called Areopagites. By 1787 the Illuminati were gone? (Who really runs the world ©2005 T Burnett and A Games).


1776-1783 – Louis XVI was French King. Nine tenths of the arms used by American patriots at the battle of Saratoga were from France 1778. 25 November 1783 was Evacuation day in New York city. The Fire of 1776 New York. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US)


1783 – Arab Barbary pirates were attacking American ships. American sailors were sold in Muslim slave bazaars in North Africa. 1783 treaty British American. (The great upheaval ©2007 Jay Winik US)


1788-1800 – The great upheaval. America and the birth of the modern world. Jay Winik ©2007 Harper Collins. ISBN 978-0-06-008313-7


4 February 1789-1823 – George Washington was elected as the first President of the US. Thomas Jefferson was elected in 1800. Samuel Russell established Russell and company in 1823 making a fortune with opium in Turkey smuggling it to China. (Who really runs the world ©2005 UK T Burnett and A Games).


1790 – US population about 3,929,000 including 698,000 slaves. (Timeline internet).


1791-1816 – The first bank of the US was chartered by Congress in 1791 for 20 years with a capital stock of $10 million, of which $2 million was held in gold. 1812 outbreak of war with the UK. The second bank of the USD was chartered in April 1816 for a period of 20 years. (Who really runs the world ©205 Thom Burnett ©2005 Alex Games).23 December 1805 Joseph Smith jun was born in Sharon Windsor county Vermont. During h9is early life he moved with his family to Manchester in western New York. (Doctrine and covenants intro).


1800’s – From the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s people in the US who could not afford a home, were confined to a poorhouse or workhouse, for the cure of being poor. (Huffington Post Bobbie Ibarra Criminalizing poverty 10 January 2013).


23 December 1805 – Joseph Smith jun was born in Sharon Windsor county Vermont. During his early life he moved with his family to Manchester in western New York. (Doctrine and Covenants intro).


1808 – Congress bans the importation of slaves from Africa. (History of slavery in America internet timeline).


1820 – It was while Joseph Smith was living near Manchester western New York in spring 1820 when he was 14 years old. He experienced his first vision, in which he was visited in person by God, the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ. He was told in his vision that the true church of Jesus Christ that had been established in New Testament times, which had administered the fullness of the gospel, was no longer on the earth. Through him the church of Jesus Christ would be restored to the earth. (Doctrine and covenants intro).


1821-1924 – 33 million people arrive in the US in this period. (Timeline internet).


18 June 1822 – South Carolina Slave rebellion revolt Denmark Vessey and Peter Poyar were arrested (timeline internet).


21 September 1823 – The angel Moroni to Joseph Smith the Prophet at Manchester New York evening. (Doctrine and covenants section 2).


9 October 1825 – The first Norwegian immigrants to America arrived on the sloop Restaurationen. (timeline internet).


1825 –29 – John Quincy Adams served as the 6th President of thew US. (timeline internet).


July 1828 – Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet at Harmony Pennsylvania relating to the loss of 116 pages of manuscript translated from the first part of the Book of Mormon called the Book of Lehi. (Doctrine and covenants section 3).


February 1829 – Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet at Harmony Pennsylvania (Doctrine and covenants section 4).


1829 – A genealogical register of the first settlers on New England. John Farmer.


1830-39 The Book of Mormon was published and the Church organised.


26 March 1830 – The first copies of the Book of Mormon were made available to the public at the EB Grandin bookstore. (Our heritage ©1996 the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints).


19 March 1831 – The first recorded US bank robbery at City bank in New York $245,000 was stolen. (timeline internet).


1832 – Mormon founder Joseph Smith was beaten tarred and feathered in Ohio. (timeline internet).


24 March 1832 – Mormon founder Joseph Smith was beaten tarred and feathered in Ohio. (Timeline internet)


1833 – John Anderson a Kentucky based slave trader was one of ten dealers who during a cholera epidemic petitioned to move the Natchez miss slave market outside the city. (Timeline internet).


1836-1922 – In 2004 the US government said it would digitise newspapers published over this period and make them available to the public in 2006. (timeline internet).


27 March 1836 – The first Mormon temple was dedicated in Kirtland Ohio. (Timeline internet).


April 1836 – The Prophet Elijah came to Joseph Smith, ancestors, sealings and family history and temples. (Gospel principles book p254).


3 April 1836 – In the Kirtland temple the prophet Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey. He delivered to them the powers of the priesthood that authorises the living to do the work for the dead. These keys. Proper records are kept. (Presidents of the church book David McKay).


1837-1863 – More than 700 US banks could issue their own noters during this period and as many as one third of all bills were fake. (timeline internet).


7 November 1837 – Crime history proslavery mob kills abolitionist newspaperman Elijah Lovejoy. A pastor who ran a religious newspaper. (Washington examiner Scott McCabe 6 Nov 2012).


31 October 1838 – 200 attacked a Mormon camp in Missouri killing 20 men women and children. Haun’s mill in western Missouri. 17 Mormon settlers were killed and Joseph Smith was arrested and the Mormon driven from the State. (timeline internet).


1839 – Photography first appeared as a miracle. (timeline internet).


1839-1851 – The opium war of 1839 to 42. By the end of 1851 there were about 25,000 Chinese in California. During 1849 California ships. (The age of gold HW Brands ©2002 UK).


1840 – The 6th US Census was the first to include statistics on agriculture. Free white persons, free colored persons and slaves. (Timeline internet).


1842 – Gold was found near south pass Wyoming but the prospector was killed and the location stayed secret. (Timeline internet).


1843 – In New York city the population grew to 350,000 (timeline internet).


January 1844 – Joseph Smith announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the USA.


27 June 1844 – The prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyram were shot dead at the Carthage jail. 5pm armed men painted black 150-200 persons. (Doctrine and covenants section 135).


1846 – New York newspapers cooperated to share the costs of reporting on the Mexican war. Lead to formation of AP in 1848. (Timeline internet).


1848-1983 – John H Davis. The Kennedy’s dynasty and disaster 1848-1983 New York McGraw Hill 1984.


24 Jan 1848 – Gold was discovered in California. Gold seekers began moving into California. (Timeline internet).


19 August 1848 – The New York Herald reported the discovery of gold in California. (AP 8/19/97 Timeline internet).


1851 – American genealogy being a history of some of the early settlers. Jerome Bonaparte Holgate.


1855 – Sent by Brigham Young, 30 Mormons established the Las Vegas mission, becoming the first white settlers in the valley. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1876 – Extortion by the Black Hand was first reported within the Italian American community in St Louis Missouri. (Wiki Organised crime timeline).


1876 – Patrick Anthony McCarran was born in 1876 in Reno to Irish immigrant parents. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1883-1901 – The Texas school book depository company, the seven storey building was used by the company since January 1962. The original building was erected in 1883. Southern rock island plow company . In 1901 the building was struck by lightening and almost burned to the ground. It was rebuilt the same year, but the new building had seven stories instead of five. (Reclaiming history ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).


1891-1931 – David Critchley. The origin of organised crime in America. The New York city mafia 1891-1931. London UK Taylor & Francis US  ©2009. ISBN 0-415-99030-09.


1892-1900 – When the gates of Ellis island opened in 1892 many Italian immigrants moved into New York city. By 1900 about a quarter of a million lived there. Little Italy Manhattan. The “Black Hand” extortion tactic originated in the 17th or 18th century in Spain. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).


1893 – An economic crisis swept across much of the US, leaving hundreds of banks, railroads, mines and other businesses in financial ruin. Called the Panic of 1893. Elder Herber J Grant was a member of the Quorum of the 12 apostles. (Teaching of the presidents of the church Herber J Grant ©2002 intel reserve inc USA).


November 1894 – The LDS Genealogical society of Utah was founded and a library opened. The family history library became the largest library of its kind in the world. (Discovering your family tree LDS ©1984).


1902-12 – Patrick Anthony McCarran won an assembly seat in 1902 backing unions. He went to Reno and became a criminal attorney. In 1912 he won a state supreme court judgement. (money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


4 March 1902 – Peter DeFeo born 4 march 1902 New York city. Died 6 April 1993 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1907 – 52 bombings in Manhattan Italian areas were blamed on the Black Hand. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).


8 June 1907 – Joseph Dr Palermo born 8 June 1907 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


21 Feb 1910 – Carmine Galante born 21 Feb 1910 New York city. Died 12 July 1979 Glen cove New York. (Manhattan mafia guide Erc Ferarra ©2011 US).


25 March 1911 – Jack Ruby aka Jack Rubinstein was born in Chicago. (Reclaiming history ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).


16 Nov 1911 – Joseph D’Ercole born 16 Nov 1911 New York city. Died May 1976. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Farerra ©2011 US).


6 Jan 1913 – Benedetto Cinquegrana born 6 Jan 1913 New York city. Died 17 Aug 2002 Englewood Cliffs New Jersey 89 years old. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Farerra ©2011 US)_.


3 June 1913 – Natale Evola immigrated from Italy to New York city on the “SS Indiana” on 3 June 1913. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


15 March 1914 – Aniello Della Croce born 15 March 1914 New York city. Died 2 Dec 1985 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


29 April 1914 – John Dioguardi born 29 April 1914 New York city. Died 12 Jan 1979 Lewisburg Pennsylvania federal prison. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


18 Oct 1914 – Peter Di Palermo born 18 Oct 1914 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


19 Nov 1914 – Alfred Joseph Embarrato immigrated from Italy to New York city 19 Nov 1914 aged 5 on the ship “Taormina”.(Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


27 Nov 1916 – 8 year old Joseph Cataldo arrived in New York city with his family on 27 Nov 1916 on the ship “Duca d’Aosta”. He became a US citizen in September 1933. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


5 Sept 1917 – For violating the espionage act FBI agents arrested the leadership of the industrial workers of the world IWW at its Chicago HQ. They seized IWW literature and records. These IWW leaders were convicted in 1918. Illinois.


9 December 1917 – James Jesus Angleton was born in Boise Idaho. American father and Mexican mother.


1918-27 – 1918 at the close of world war 1 Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siepel in New York. Arnold Rothstein. Dealing in heroin. Sicilian Lucky Luciano. (money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


20 May 1918 – The LDS Releif society sells 200,000 bushels of wheat to the US government. “Church wheat to be turned over to government” Deseret evening news.


8 Sept 1919 – Vincenzo James Ciraulo born 8 Sept 1919 New York city. Died 26 Sept 1997 Palm beach Florida aged 78. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


18 June 1920 – Matthew Ianniello born 18 June 1920 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


26 May 1921 – Frank Garofalo arrived in New York city aged 29 on 26 May 1921 on the ship “SS Providence”. In June 1968 he disappeared. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


4 Aug 1921 – Joseph Gernie born 4 Aug 1921 New York city. Died Feb 1972. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1922 – Alphonso Attardi spent 4 months in jail for violation of the Harrison act, passed in 1914, opium or coca drugs etc. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


15 Feb 1925 – Charles Di Palermo born 15 Feb 1925 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


29 March 1928 – Vincent Gigante born 29 March 1928 New York city. Died 19 Dec 2005 Springfield Illinois. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


April 1928 – Seek and ye shall find. Utah Genealogical and historical magazine p59-61.


10 Oct 1928 – Salvatore D’Aquila born 1878 Sicily. Died 10 Oct 1928 New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).. Died 10 Oct


21 October 1929 – In the three days beginning 21 October 1929 over 12 million shares changed hands. Millions of investors lost all they had. Banks failed, businesses closed and unemployment increased. No system of relief and vast numbers of people starved. Soup kitchens. All during the presidency of Herbert Hoover and the Depression lasted a long time. In 1939 war broke out in Europe. (The momentous years ©1961 Priestly and Betts).


1930-1950 – Drug trafficking made the mafia hundreds of millions of dollars, between 1930s and 1950s. Prohibition era of the early 1930s. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).


15 Oct 1930 – Carli Di Pietro born 15 Oct 1930 New York city. Died 1978 drug smuggler with ties to the Canadian mafia heroin into New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US.)


1931-40 – Early 1940s Meyer Lanksy gambling, sex and drugs in LA. Nevada legalized gambling in 1931. George Wingfield. (money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1932 – Pearl harbour had been a focus of Japanese naval attention since 1932 when Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto commander of the Japanese navy was watching US Navy exercises. (Espionage ©1995 Volkman).


Late 1930s – By the late 1930s the heroin trade in the US was one of the largest businesses in the US $1 billion a year. Almost monopolised by Meyer Lansky. The heroin routes from Europe and Japan were cut off by the world war 2 so Lansky funded a new route via Mexico, with Siesa overseeing the trafficking and smuggling himself.  (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


April 1936 – LDS church security program to assist the poor during the great depression. Became the church welfare program. This program grew out of a revelation received by President Heber J Grant.


1937 – By 1937 Bugsy Siegel bookmaking and he ruled gambling boats anchored of the coast. Organised crime in California, extortion and gambling, the drug trade. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1937 – Federal bureau of drugs memo 15 Jan 1947 said Alphonso Attardi attended a meeting in 1937 in Houston Texas. Don Vincenzo Vallone, Dallas mafia boss Joseph T Piranio and Joseph F Civello. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


5 Oct 1937 – Alphonso Attardi his wife Josephine and 14 others were arrested suspected of conspiracy to import drugs from Europe and distribute them in New York city, Texas and Louisiana. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1938 – The Genealogical society of Utah began gathering the preserving records on microfilm. Family history library. Birth, marriage, death, probate, land, military and other records. (Discover your family tree LDS (c)1984).


1940s – Alphonso Attardi spent 8 years in jail on drugs charges and faced deportation to Italy on release. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1940s – In the early 1940s there were more than 10,000 strikes involving 7 million workers, in the US. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris).


Early 1940s – By the early 1940s there were 27 illegal casinos operating in Dallas. Benny Binion. New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello ruled much of the rest of Texas. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


February 1941 – Polish Jew Walter Krivitsky, whose real name was Ghinsburg. Krivitsky died violently in Washington, a KGB assassination?, (Too secret too long Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).


7 December 1941 – On the morning of Sunday Japan launched heavy air attacks on the main American Pacific base of Pearl harbour in Hawaii. More than 2,000 people were killed and 1,000 wounded. (The momentous years ©1961 Priestly and Betts).


1945 – Beny Binion during world war 2. Dallas casino manager was Louis McWillie who had ties to Meyer Lansky, and an associate of Jack Ruby, who soon moved to Dallas from Chicago. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


12 April 1945 – President Roosevelt’s death. His vice president Harry S Truman entered the White House. (The cold war ©2005 JK Gaddis).


1946 – Meyer Lanksy built his first luxury casino in Las Vegas in 1946. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


June 1946 – James Ragen knew about control by organised crime of major elements of the US economy. Nevada gambling casinos and unions, also serving as international enforcers for United Fruit, laundering money through movie studios, extortion of Hollywood executives. Drug trafficking and the mafia. Ragen was poisoned in a hospital room and killed because he talked to the FBI. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1947 – Addisons disease was diagnosed in President Kennedy on a trip to the UK in 1947 by a British doctor. He was near death. (Reclaiming history ©207 Vincent Bugliosi USA).


1949 – Philby was sent to Washington as M16 liason in 1949.


1950 – When Nixon ran for the Senate in 1950 Democrat Kennedy showed up at the Republican office with a large financial contribution from his father. (Kennedy and Nixon ©1996 Mathews).


1950 – The same year the Desert Inn opened. Lansky used some of the millions skimmed from Nevada casinos, to get a new traffick in Turkish , through Marseilles France, setting up labs, and bribes for officials. There was a multi billion dollar drug market in America. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1950s – Info Alphonso Attardi gave to the government in the 1950s led to infiltration of Organised crime and some convictions. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1953 In 1953 Rosario Ario Farulla was convicted of conspiracy for his role in the international crime ring that allegedly smuggled large amounts of heroin into the US from France. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US)>


1953 – Oscar Lewis. Sagebrush casinos. The story of legal gambling in Nevada. New York Doubleday.


1954 – By 1954 drug money and casino earnings mingled in organised crime capital and unions in Las Vegas. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1954 – Patrick Anthony McCarran died of a stroke an Hawthorne in winter 1954. (Money and power ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).


1955 – Joseph Di Palermo, Ralph Polizzano, Netale Evola and others suspected of importing pure heroin from Europe and Cuba to the US. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©(2011 US).


1955-57 – Kennedy had 9 hospital admitions between 1955 and 57 and took lots of medication. Three doctors were treating Kennedy. (Reclaiming history ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi US).


1956 – Kennedy ran for the Democratic nomination for vice President. (Kennedy and Nixon (c)1996 Matthews).


17 Feb 1956 – Benedetto Cinquegrana associations with Chinese drug dealers like Wong Gum Hoy, both were arrested 17 Feb 1956 half a pound of opium. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Farerra ©2011 US).


19 Feb 1957 – Joseph Gernie arrested on 18 Sept 1957 his part in a drug ring that sold heroin to undercover agents purchased heroin. Gernie was sentenced to ten years jail on 19 Feb 1957 and fined $5,000. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©20911 US).


13 March 1957 – The FBI arrested Jimmy Hoffa on bribery charges. (N 3/13/98) Timeline internet.


14 Nov 1957 – Mafia figures from major families met in the small upstate New York town on Apalachia. The meetings at the farm of Joseph Barbara where more than 100 mafia attended. (Mafia son ©2009 Aust Sandra Harmon).


1959 – Frederic Sondern. Brotherhood of evil the mafia New York Farrar Staus and Cudaly.


1960 – Close bitter fight for the Presidency John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon. (Kennedy and Nixon ©1996 C Matthews).


1961-62 – The secret service had recorded 34 threats on the President Kennedy’s life from Texas. (Reclaiming history ©207 Vincent Bugliosi).


20 Jan 1961 – When President Kennedy took the oath of office, he inherited the ongoing Cuban project from the Eisenhower administration. (Bay of pigs ©2008 Howard Jones US).


10 October 1961 – President Kennedy arrived in Dallas to visit Sam Rayburns deathbed. He was greeted by the chief of police. (Death of a President ©1967 W Mandata).


1962 – Joe Profaci, born in Sicily, ruled one of the New York city mafia families for nearly 30 years. Profaci died of cancer in 1962 and was replaced by underboss Joseph Magliocco. (Mafia son ©2009 Sandra Harmon Aust).


1962 – John L McClellan. Crime without punishment. New York Duell Sloan and Pearce.


March 1962 – Federal agents seized Greg Scarpa sr outside New York state, after an investigation into an armed robbery. Thus began Scarpa’s connection with the FBI. His mafia boss was Joe Colombo. Scarpa avoided jail. Greg Scarpa sr admitted to murdering more than 50 people, with the assistance or knowledge of his FBI friends. (Mafia son ©2009 Sandra Harmon Aust).


May 1962 – CIA brief Robert Kennedy, $150,000 was offered to the US mafia for the assassination of Fidel Castro. (SFC 7/2/97 pA5) Timeline internet).


June 1962 – Oswald with the help of a State department loan returned to Texas with his Russian wife and infant girl. He had tried to defect and both his conduct in Russia and his behaviour after his return brought him under surveillance from the FBI. FBI office in Dallas and the five man secret service office there. Oswalds file was in the hands of FBI agent James P Hosty jr, a 35 year old. (Death of a President ©1967 W Manchester).


August 1962 – Angelo Anthony Buia and five other mafia including Benedetto Cinquegrana and Carmine Locascio pleaded not guilty to operating an international drug ring worth $100 million in heroin into the US over ten years. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1963 – Sicilian mafia Nicola Gentile’s book, Joe Valechi released his memoirs soon after. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferrara ©2011 US).


10 April 1963 – Retired Major General Edwin A Walker in Dallas was shot at through the window of his Dallas home. (Reclaiming history ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).


7 July 1963 – Joseph Cataldo, the FBI traced him back to a phone call placed by Jack Ruby on 7 July 1963, four months after the murder of Oswald. Ruby booked mafia for Dallas nightclubs through Joseph Cataldo. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


August 1963 – Oswald was arrested in New Orleans while distributing pro-Castro pamphlets. On a New Orleans radio program he extolled Cuba and defended Castro.


1 October 1963 – the day Genovese family Joseph Valachi went on CBS TV. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferrara ©2011 US)


November 1963 – President Kennedy’s assassination. Americas first Catholic President.


20 November 1963 – Rose Cherami aka Melba Christina Marcades, so called prostitute and heroin addict, was found injured near Eunice Louisiana on the evening of 20 November 1963, two days before the JFK assassination. She was pushed out of a moving car. She spoke to Dr Victor Weiss and told him President Kennedy was going to be killed. (Reclaiming history ©2076 Vincent Bugliosi USA).


22 November 1963 – News a left wing Labour win in a British election. The trial of Jimmy Hoffa in Nashville. (Reclaiming history ©2007 p13 Vincent Bugliosi US).


24 Nov 1963 – Photo Dallas Times Herald found after Ruby shot Oswald. (Reclaiming history ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).


1964 – Joseph D’Ercole was sentenced to 20 years in jail for heroin distribution. He died 16 years later. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra (c)2011 US).


1964 – Melvin M Belli, Maurice C Carroll. Dallas justice the real story of Jack Ruby and his trial. New York McKay.


1964-87 – FBI agents in Boston used hit men and mafia prevented prosecutions. Patriarcha crime family were brought down. (SSFC,7/28/02 pA5 (Timeline internet).


February 1964 – Yuri Nosenko defected to the CIA. (Espionage ©1995 E Volkman).


1966 – Michele Pantaleone. The mafia and politics. London Chitto Windus.


1966 – Fred J Cook. The secret rulers. Criminal syndicates and how they control the US underworld. New York Duell Sloan Pearce.


10 June 1966 – Joseph Biondo was born 16 April 1897 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto Sicily. He died 10 June 1966 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).


1968 – Peter Maas. The Valachi papers. The first inside account of life in the Cosa Nostras. New York GPO Putnam sons.


1969 – Ed Reid. The grim reapers. The anatomy of organised crime in America. Chicago Menry Regnery.


1969 – Ralph Salerno. John S Tomkins. The crime confederate. Cosa Nostra and allies operations in organised crime. New York Doubleday.


14 Feb 1969 – Vito Genovese died Springfield Missouri. He immigrated to New York city from Italy about 1914. (Manhattan mafia guide Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).



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