Confessions of a Flirtatious Nun

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I was given a list of words and asked to write a story. This is what came out of it. It may seem strange sometimes because I was even given some terms related to math. But it's kind of cool. It is short but intense.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



Confessions of a Flirtatious Nun

I have always been quite religious. Meaning I like to dress with modesty most of the time and know the definition to antediluvian words. Sadly, it also means rejection from most teens and even some obtuse adults. They are completely aloof that it is better to be judge by your clothes than by your body. Moreover, you feel comfortable and avoid turmoil. That makes me eclectic.

By recounting all this, it is not my intention to be pretentious. You must know the beginning to this story. This is when my irrefutable morality turned into a parabola. It got divided by a y-axis and started to have both negative and positive values. And I must warn you, you could come face to face with my alexithymia. Nevertheless, it will tickle the hidden highbrow in you.

*** *** ***

The summer after tenth grade I decided to complete all of my community service hours. I chose a place that I had already been volunteering for. I had not had the opportunity of working there because they had iteneract requirements. But at last I had the minimum age, although I had always had the maximum value.

My first day was emotionally difficult. Yet the tasks assign were below my capacity. I had never seen a kid with tracheostomy or gastrostomy. We were considered kids, so we were only there to watch them, play with them and roll their wheelchairs. We could not feed them, carry them, be alone with them, or talk to them about their families, which sometimes became a difficult matter. It was indeed a whole new experience.

That day we had to decorate for a birthday “party”. I hanged some pink and white decorations with the help of a girl. When I looked back the decorations had fallen, a volunteer that was nearby looked at my stressed expression and offered help. He was considerably handsome, but looks are not exactly my order of the day.

They asked us to organize in a circle whose radius was quite uncomfortable for strangers. We had to present ourselves including: name, school and aspiring field of study. I was extremely wary of what my first words would mark their impression. I was melancholic because I missed the familiarity of school. Some of these people knew each other and I knew none of them.

I was vigilant for any clue I could grasp. I was trying to be cordial, but also meticulous of what to say. Compared to some other volunteers I was living in misery. They had cars my mother could roughly pay with her salary, pools in their houses and air-conditioning in every room possible. I am not a fan of turmoil, meaning I had to keep shut every time one of them talked about how useless was the maid or something similar.

I also discovered I was eclectic in every way. They all had or had had boyfriends or girlfriends. They got frequently castigated by their parents for their inappropriate and foolish behavior. I am pedantic and uptight, in contrast with their easy-going, sugar-rush-at-every-hour kind of behavior.

This guy caught my attention, the one that had helped me. He was from a sporty school. He waved his hair like the most natural thing in the world. And said he wanted to study law, but didn’t know if he could do it.

I thought about it for longer than I should have. He sure could thrive for more. His candor was genuine, but he was giving away the fact that he was not adept for that job. He clearly lacked seriousness and maturity. Someone so tenacious like me could never validate such manner.

However, I had a profound feeling which longed for freedom. A fervent desire to live for happiness and not for success, just for one day, came upon me. That freedom represented autonomy, not from my parents, from society. He was a maverick and I a chaser of success. I was eccentric to him and him to me.

Later, I discovered he had a girlfriend, but I was not looking for a relationship. I was looking for a way to live in the moment without pressures, worries or regrets. He looked at me straight in the eyes when talking to me. His intense gaze was somehow weird and romantic at the same time.

Not in my most whimsical dream had I dreamt of a guy who did not know what to do with his life, but looked at me like he knew what he was doing. A complementary shot of ego for my self-esteem was he. Perhaps that is why I could accept his assertive courtship. I knew it was basically against my principles. But he made me feel something that at that time I could not describe.




 Soon he started giving me a kiss for goodbye. I was conscious of his arm around my waist. Yet when the conservative girl wanted to scream for help, the edgy part of me slapped her in the face. Of course I was an amateur in that type of behavior. The end came and I was happy not to see the incarnation of temptation lingering around me. The latter sentence was maybe a deceit.

Loneliness had turned to livelihood when I was with him. He laughed at my jokes, poured amusement from his eyes and made me feel at home. His fervent expression was better than peaches to me. The guy had gone on several endeavors that he could easily narrate, appearing loose and comfortable.

Neither my conscience, nor the environment agreed. We met at a workplace, but know I had finished working for the summer. Volunteers planned a gathering at the bowling alley. My mom dropped me off and I walked through the aisle thinking he could be there. When I arrived people greeted me friendly.

I stood there for what seemed like minutes. I was actually getting a little bit bored, when I saw him. His touch felt foreign even though I had felt it before. I don’t want to exaggerate, but he held me for circa 30 seconds. My cardiac rhythm increased and I could hear it.




After that they planned a pool party that kicked the optimist out of my body. I took a breath and decided to go, but not to wear a bathing suit. I wore what I like to call short pants (beneath the knee) and a sporty shirt that revealed both my arm muscles and my flabbiness. When I arrived he moved over, so that I could seat beside him. I doubted for a moment, looked around to see if his girlfriend had arrived and sat. It was irresistible, after a few moments I asked him if she was coming.

We talked about many subjects: success, children, values, seasonal diseases and more. After his girlfriend arrived, he was a bit less talkative. That was until the time to dive in came. I said I had not brought my swimwear. Unfortunately that raised a conversation revolving around me.

He got very close to me, touched my shoulder and whispered in my ear: “I like the 80’s, but don’t you think this is too much”. I told him I didn’t wear normal bathing suits and didn’t want people to see me in my old-fashioned one. Plus, I didn’t have the body. He leaned and told me I was beautiful. I felt like a goddess that could reign the whole world.

I had never accepted complements, nevertheless he sounded right. Leva could not pursue a long career because he lacked studiousness; however he had a valuable persistence. He wanted to convince me to get rid of my concern for my physical imperfections. Little did he know the quantity of people that had tried before.




Subsequently, he threatened to throw me to the pool. So I told him no such thing was necessary for I was going in myself. While everyone was talking I joined them silently. I took a deep breath and sunk. When I reentered the atmosphere Leva’s girlfriend splashed my face with a water gun.

That was probably the biggest mistake in her life because soon Leva took over. I asked for the other one and we started a water gun fight. Before long people got tired of just sitting in the pool and decided to go pick the movie we were going to watch. Nonetheless Leva and I were too caught up in the game, never taking the eyes off each other. In circles we came near each other and immediately ducked strategically.

He mistakenly hit me in the eye with the gun. I complained and he apologetically approached me. Leva put his arm on my shoulder look me in the eye and asked me if I was fine. After I muttered him an okay, we had eye contact for quite too long. To break off the awkwardness, I proceeded to shoot him. He said something about me taking advantage of his concern, but I didn’t care I was clearly falling for a forbidden man.

At one moment I could not reach the floor of the pool. As always he had a talent to open up my vulnerability. I told him I could not swim. Giving me the sexiest look I have ever been given he told me: “Don’t worry I’ll save you”. I laughed numbly at his twisty joke.




I knew I should not give in. Leva was taken and I unexperienced. I resorted to the splashing technique again to soothe the racing heart. A moment later his girlfriend interrupted. He listened to her and I waited uncomfortably. Leva was still talking to her when I shot him. To my disbelief I was being reckless for the first time in forever.

She asked him to get out; he asked for a couple of minutes more and obediently complied. I followed him out of the pool. We parted different ways to get a towel. I entered the bathroom and lost track of him. I had to get my wet clothes in a bag. But my mind needed more washing than my clothes.

When I got out of the bathroom I stumbled upon a half-naked guy. Leva was in a towel procuring to enter the bathroom. We both got very nervous. He asked me where the others were, I told him I didn’t know, nonsense came out of our mouths. I was trying to look at his face. We were extremely, disturbingly close.

I talked with the host’s mother for an hour or so. Then went down stairs to have food and watch the movie they selected. I sat in a good location. Leva’s girlfriend sat beside me. When he came, he sat between the two of us.

He made jokes and she laughed. In one point I made a comment to which she reacted politely but he was serious. And then it hit me. I went from watching the game to playing the game. I had entered private property.

It wasn’t long before I made my conclusion. I wasn’t planning on getting arrested. I had already thrown a pebble. When the movie finished I walked out. Weeks later a Facebook friend request arrived.

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