For almost a decade I have been searching for the place where I can do my job well for years and years to come. I've been shot down many times; these lyrics, with a forthcoming tune, chronicle the pain of this journey...

Just when you think you’ve found a place to call home,
Something arises and the whole thing explodes.
I’ve been around the block a few too many times before;
Each and every time feeling so alive and so sure.
How can I do the job I know I’m destined for
If every time I land somewhere it’s on the wrong shore-
I can’t live this way forever; please push me along
For now I just don’t know where I belong.
I’ve settled down and laid my roots everywhere I’ve been,
But then it falls beneath the sea time and time again.
Some places I thought would save me came to be a lie,
And I, in desperation, would scream up to the sky.
How can I live my days in fear of solitude?
How can I be the one when they think my ways are crude?
How can I shine like the sun when they tell me I’m so wrong?
At this moment, I don’t know where I belong.
I tried and tried and fought my way to the top and fell back down again
Always feeling so outnumbered and riddled with the darkest sin.
I know my dreams will all come true at just the right time
He says I must believe in me before my days to shine.
I’ve asked and begged and pleaded for the answer to come to me;
It’s so hard to wake up every day from the same deluded dream.
Could someone please just leave me a single open door?
Maybe then I’ll finally know what I’m living for!
Sweet charity, fall upon me- I don’t know where I belong
Closing doors and vacant shores- I don’t know where I belong
A home, a dream, alive in me still forevermore-
I’m gonna sing this song all night long until I find where I belong
Where I belong
Where I belong…

Submitted: April 25, 2010

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