An ode to the most wonderful man in the world...

Sing me now this song of love; my praises for thee exceed the heavens!
O how I adore every inch of your God-like form,
Your hands of most tender flesh caress me gently like a summer breeze;
Your arms of steel could carry my soul the farthest reaches.
Your soft skin so pale gleams like the moonlight, shining bright;
Your lips are perfect like a cherub's, with quaint distinction and fullness.
Speak me not of your eyes, for they are the pinnacle of your beauty,
Reflecting a spirit of richest earth, fecund with life,
Yet hold no sorrow for the losses of the past.
With verdant glory, they peer into the hearts of the blessed and the wicked,
Seeking every perfection, every flaw, seeing only the truth.
I could drown in the pool of your eyes.
Your fine chestnut locks flow majestically in the wind,
Soothing to the eye, pleasing to the touch.
The heart of a warrior and the passion of a man
Are confined within the boundaries of a graceful and beautiful shape.
Such wonder is not created by random chance,
Rather, only the loins of deities could produce such elegance.
Refined and crude both, as human as you are demi-god,
My eternal worship is thine and thine alone...

Submitted: January 03, 2010

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