After her father's death, Carina goes to visit her grandma in Savannah, GA. Expecting a quiet stay away from home, the last thing she foresaw was meeting John. John's autocratic, tyranical attitude rubs Carina the wrong way. But then why is she kissing him?
Still reeling from his parent's murder, John has made it his life's mission to hunt down their killer. To do this, he has joined a secret Order- the same one his father belonged to. But nothing could have prepared him for the feelings Carina makes him feel.
Especially now that a copy cat murderer is loose. Or could it be the same person who killed John's parents? Either way, because of strange circumstance, Carina has become the killer's next target.
If fate was kind enough to bring them together, would it be cruel enough to tear them apart?
It's a good thing they don't believe in fate.

Table of Contents

I Don't Believe in Fate

Chapter 1: Carina I Don’t Kiss Strangers Downtown Savannah Georgia- beautiful in the daylight with its glistening windows and b... Read Chapter