Did I thank you for that?

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This started as a scene in a movie but when i tried to write the script, a short story happened.

Submitted: March 18, 2009

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Submitted: March 18, 2009



I was going to leave you yesterday, did you know that? I was so angry and so hurt at the words that had passed between us I wanted to go, then what would you say, what would you do? I had imagined packing my things and walking out the door as you followed me, willing me back again, pleading for me to stay. I had imagined pulling up to my sisters house and walking in and her comforting me as I sat around in front of the television eating ice-cream, I really thought I could do that, in a way it seemed like a romance movie, almost comical, I know how bad that sounds.
Then you walked past the table and picked up your hard hat to leave for work, you bent down and kissed my forehead, ever so lightly. I was angry and hurt still and didn’t respond, didn’t say goodbye, be safe, nothing, I just let you walk out the door in stubborn silence.
During the day I did actually get out my suitcase but there were spiders inside and I was so irked by their presence. Usually I would just call out for you and without making me feel ridiculous, you'd take the suitcase and rid it of the ever so disgusting bugs. I liked that you did that for me, do I ever thank you for that? I cannot remember now.
I left the suitcase on the ground by our wardrobe, our poor excuse for a wardrobe that started out as shelving until I got sick of not having anywhere to hang my favourite dresses. So one Sunday afternoon while I was getting groceries you took out the shelves put in a metal pole, bought me some hangers and hung my clothes for me. There was even a place for me to put my many shoes that I love but, lets be honest, I’ve worn maybe twice each. This led me to think of the times you have taken me dancing and I wore those infamous shoes. By the end of the night my feet were so sore I was hobbling next to you, complaining as if it wasn’t my fault, my choice to wear shoes too tight, to tall, to everything. I remember you smiled at my immature complaints and simply stepped in front of me and offered me your strong back, you piggy backed me 4 blocks that night with not a single moan. Did I thank you for that one? I think so.
Walking into the lounge I sat down and saw the photos sitting above the television. The one that stood out was you and me on the beach, we got there in the morning after a heavy night lay down in our swimsuits and promptly fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, my head on your chest. When we awoke my back was as red as the afternoon sunset and your face was glowing red, just about bright enough to light our way to the hotel room that night. I lay on the bed for two hours as you put a wet towel on my back and flipped it every time by burning hot skin radiated enough warmth to heat the water. We laughed at our perfect stupidity.
Late that night you were putting cream on your scolded face and I was drawing circles on your back with my finger. Cheekily I wrote “Kiss me” with my finger and was so surprised when you turned, paused and then kissed me deep, long and lovingly. I didn’t ask if you had understood what I had written, I like to think you did.
I hear your car pull up in the driveway, the engine turns off but the door does not open, you do not get out and I know why. It’s because of me, I don’t even remember what I was so angry about, but now that I think back it wasn’t us fighting, it was me fighting you. You were so calm and quiet as I ranted on about something completely unimportant. I’ve been a fool; I’m pushing you slowly away consumed by my own thoughts, my own selfish needs and blaming you when I don’t fulfill them.
I run to the door and place my hand silently on the warmed dark wood as I compose myself, I suddenly realize I am crying, I’m crying but I have a huge smile spreading across my face. God I love you, I love just the thought of you, and I love seeing you, so why can’t I open the door. My thought is not finished as the handle turns and as I step back, you walk through and see me standing directly in front of you crying and smiling. I thought you would still be upset with me but instead you drop your hard hat, look at me through your gorgeous dark eyes which seem worried, but relieved also. In one quick movement your arms surround me, holding me close and pulling me in to feel your support. It’s a true, devoted embrace that leaves me breathless. I go to talk but your hands hold my cheeks and you kiss me quickly then look in my eyes.
“Ok?” You ask staring in my eyes, your head bent slightly to be at my level.
“Ok.” I answer and we close the door behind us.

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