One of Us can be Free

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Inspired by Destiny Blue's One of us can be free.

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Annelise closed her eyes peacefully, humming gently to the rhythm of her violin. Her bow struck the strings repetitively, the sound echoing through the tower. She was locked in a damp dreary tower, awaiting someone to discover her. “You can be free, Butterfly.” She whispered as she carefully used the penknife she found to trace around a butterfly in her dress. She whistled gently onto the thin fabric shape, breathing life into it. Its wings fluttered, resting on Annelise’s index finger; almost as if she wanted her to come join her. “I cannot,” Annelise sighed, tugging at the metal chain bound to her neck. Pushing the butterfly up towards the light, Annelise wondered how long it would be until she was free, until she could soar up so that she could live a life of freedom. Hazel will be somewhere outside, Annelise thought. Will she remember me? Is she looking for me, unsuccessfully?

Meanwhile, Hazel searched everywhere. “What could have happened to her, Mother?” She cried, head in hands. Although their Mother felt inconsolable, she tried her best to calm Hazel. “I am not sure.” She replied. Thoughts ran through her head, crazy things that could have been the reason Annelise had disappeared. Was she abducted, or had she just fallen and couldn’t find her way back. “We have searched every road, alley and lane, hidden corners too. Where is she?” Hazel begged, anger showing through slightly. “Like I said, I do not know.” Rebekka, their mother, muttered sipping from a glass. “Why don’t you know? Why can’t we still search? Your first child is lost, and you care not for her return but more for that glass in your hands!” Rebekka shook her head, exiting the room. “Let’s go, then. Let’s go find her.” She informed as she wrapped a scarf around her neck and pulled on her coat. “I said let’s go!” Hazel swiftly traced Rebekka’s steps, her heart thumping wildly in her chest. “Annelise, where are you?” Hazel sighed, stroking her locket. “Where are you?”

The floor was wet and freezing, but despite that Annelise felt she had to sleep. She couldn’t understand how no sleep for two days followed by an hour’s sleep could taste so sweet yet sour. “Cold,” Annelise wept. “So cold.” She shivered, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. “Help!” She screamed, trying to drag herself to the window. The chain wasn’t long enough. “Somebody, please help me!

“Can you hear that?” Hazel asked her Mother. Rebekka’s hair flew around her shoulders as she shook her head. “No,” She responded.

“Help me! Hazel, Mother? I’m here! Up here, the tower!”

“I swear on my life that I can hear her!” Rebekka listened closely, her breaths slowing down considerably. “It’s just in your head, Hazel. Annelise is gone. I cannot hear her.” They turned and walked back to the house.

“I dreamed the dream that I was free, but that is not reality. They have given up on me; I’ll stay here for eternity.” She sang, tears rolling down her cheeks.

© Copyright 2017 Sophie Turner. All rights reserved.

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