Shimmering Waves of Silver

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rayne misses her sister after she is lost at sea in an accident a few days ago. When illusions appear in her bedroom, she has no plan but to follow them.

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



A blaze of light reflected from the tranquil moon, enabling her to see the images that emerged in front of her, revealing creatures of fantasy; they flourished at Rayne’s gentle touch. Voices called to Rayne, requesting her to follow them into their dreamy land concealed in the shadows. She was mesmerized, gazing at them whilst her mind wandered astray. “Come.” The mysterious creatures beckoned, ill-assorted against Rayne’s dim bedroom. The bed felt empty without Blythe beside her; her sister had been lost at sea for few days, no sign of return. Trailing after the spirits, Rayne did not protest. She had always been obedient, she feared consequences of defiance. Often, her short, mousey hair had been tugged at viciously because she rebelled, her blue eyes met by icy glares. Her small, thin figure had been pushed around by the bullied that ruled her life by terrorising her every minute of each day.

Rayne stepped into the chilling sea outside. Her ankles were enveloped by the salty water. Her bare feet compressed the sodden sand, seaweed uncomfortable around her feet. Objection was not a choice, as she had suffered the consequences before. Taking one glance back at the house, she weighed the chances of escape. The creatures, who looked like wolves but of extraordinary colors, decided Rayne’s fate yet again, for fear she would return to the house. A shimmering wave rose, masking the moon, which had altered to a sinister face, laughing at her. Rayne crouched down, choking whilst the wave collided with her. Pain soared to her head as she broke above the waves. “Consequences...” Rayne heard them howl as they evaporated into the salt-abundant waters. Rayne sprinted inside, closing the door firmly behind her. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her breath shallow. She rested her head against the door, her eyes closed.

Sitting up, Rayne found herself saturated in sweat. She used her sleeve to eliminate most of it, but she found it replaced with tears. It sounded immature, weeping over a few dogs that drifted above the ground, washing a wave over you; to Rayne, it was much more. They creatures materialized repetitively, teasing her with haunting comments. “Stop it!” Rayne whispered weakly, failing to appear fierce. Seeing the mystifying illusions floating down the corridor and through the door, Rayne felt flare of audacity come over her, rushing after it. The shore was empty apart from the translucent shadow of a girl. As Rayne approached the girl, she spun around. Gasping, Rayne realised who was before her. “You vanished into the sea, so how are you here?” Rayne cried. Blythe sighed almost wistfully. “My body is to rest, at sea. This is where my heart lies, so my soul shall dwell here, too.” “Why didn’t you help me from those creatures?” Rayne wailed, tears forming in her eyes and drifted down her cheeks. A peculiar smile played Blythe’s lips. “It was me, you belong to the sea.” She laughed, before her image perished.


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