Life with Him

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Elizabeth is a young attractive women in a relationship with her high school sweetheart Tom. Everything should be alright. But it's not. Tom hits her, the tiniest thing could make him snap. But Elizabeth still won't leave him.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



Life with Him
I saw him coming towards me; there was nowhere I could run. Looking into his eyes, I knew this would be worse than last time. Years later I would look back to the time we were together, and curse myself for being so stupid, I should have just left him. But then again if I did, I wouldn’t have our beautiful baby girl. At the time though, I couldn’t bear to leave him, I loved him no matter what he did. He came towards me, his arm rising, preparing to hit me once again. I felt his hand on my face after I saw the look in his eyes. That look was one I had seen many time before, it was one that told me I had done something wrong. It was the look in his eyes every time he hit me. It was that look that upset me the most, not the pain I felt long after it had gone.
Every time he hit me he would leave our flat, go to the pub and come back begging my forgiveness. His darling Elizabeth was what he called me after every fight, when he told me he would change. I always forgave him even when I didn’t want to. I figured it was my fault that he hit me so I should try and make things work, learning from my mistakes while we got back on track. I stood there, blinking away the tears that started to form in my eyes after this last blow. I went to look in the mirror, looking at how bad I looked this time. Oh god, I thought. The barely visible bruises from last time were now covered in blood. How was I going to explain this to Poppy? She doesn’t believe the stories I come up with to explain why there was a bruise on my arm, why there was a cut on my face. She knows but I refuse to let her help me, if she tries to broach the subject I act like she is crazy, I tell her she is silly for thinking my Tom could ever treat me that way. Every time I lie, lie for him. If I admitted it, he would probably go to prison; he wouldn’t be able to touch me. So why do I keep protecting him? Why do I lie after each beating he gives me? I wish I knew.

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Life with Him

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