White Night

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The days when she is filled with frustration he is the thing she always looks forward to.

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



The sun was just setting as Ella walked into the cafe on the corner of Green Woods Dr. and Elaine St. not even paying attention as to where she was headed only that she need to sit down. As she entered the small yet cozy cafe she was quickly overwhelmed with scents of all different kinds. As she seemed to fall into a haze do to the large amount of infusing smells she was quickly snapped out of it as a waiter asked her the number of her party. She looked down at her feet feeling quite embarrassed as she  put her finger up and quietly mumbled, "one". She hastily followed her waiter as he walked her to her table not wanting to look up thinking I must have looked stupid.  She suddenly felt embarrassed again, as she shut her eyes trying to hide her now growing embarrassment she bumped into the waiter as he stopped at her table. "Excuse me" she said in her soft voice covering her cheeks so he wouldn't see her blush. "No it was my felt" he said looking down at her. Hearing his voice for the first time clearly know made her heart seem to take of all though she didn't know why. Maybe it was because his voice was rich and had such a tenderness to it that she instantly felt comfortable. As she sat down at the small two person table she looked up as he asked her what she would have to drink wondering what the person with such a voice looked like.

He looked as if he had lived in a place where the sun nerved stopped shining his hair almost the same shade of yellow that resembled  the sunflowers as start to bloom. Yet his eyes were as black as the night on a moonless night. She stared almost as if in awe unable to speak lost in her thoughts. "Excuse me madame? is there something wrong?" she quickly remembered where she was trying to remain composed she simply said almost apologetically, "no, I seem to get lost in thought lately". She took the chance of the pause in the conversation to look at the menu next to her suddenly realizing she didn't know what any of it was exactly. Seeing the confused look on her face he giggled as saying "would you like to know our specials today?". She looked up as she smiled and nodded. In truth thinking to her self, Did he just laugh at me, What nerve i can't believe him!. Without even glancing up she stated the she have the special almost demanding it. As he left she finally realized that almost no one was in the cafe which stroke her as odd because of it's location in the middle of the city. Still it was peaceful and that is what she needed right now. She had been walking since noon after having a fight with her mother again. Ella had always been the shy meek type of girl and after having ten years of hearing from her mother she should put herself out there more she finally snapped and stormed out the house. Her eyes drifted towards the window when the sun caught her eyes as it peered over the buildings across from the cafe. For some reason the feeling of someone watching her filled all her senses. Quickly she turned her head only to see the waiter coming with the special. Her eyes quietly followed him as he sat the small see through teacup in front of her.

The cup was filled with a cloudy tea that was complemented only by the single rose petal flouting in it. She was questioning as she raised the glass to her lips. The smell of the tea seemed to erase all the frustrations of the day as it cleared her thoughts. She took a small sip as if wondering as if it was real or not. As the smooth drink slipped down her tongue and down her throat it hit her taste buds creating an everlasting symphony of music in her mind. She closed her eyes gently as she place the cup to the table trying to imagine the feelings of the person as they made the tea. She quietly placed the money on the table as she rose from her seat and left home.

Every day she returned to the cafe not ever knowing the name of the waiter that served her, and it was always the same she would come after her long antagonizing days. She would take the same seat as the first time asked for the special took one sip and peacefully left. Never daring to ask him his name and never wanting to finish the tea. For she knew that there was never a chance with the waiter she had become fond of and the tea that he made that soothed her heart and soul. Not as long as that ring was wrapped around his finger. 

Only enjoying the White Nights that he always gave her.

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