Taken For Granted

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A reflection on when you've been so busy in life that you dont stop too appreciate the people around you until there no longer there.

Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007




I know that I didnt always
Pay you that much attention
But too make you feel like you were second best
Was never my intention

I need you to know I loved you,
As much as everybody else
And I Never meant to make you feel
Like you were left upon the shelf

You'd been in my life for so long,
Always there everyday
I guess it never crossed my mind
That you would go away

I dont want you to think that you werent thought of
Because you were, all the time
I carried your picture in my pocket
Because I was so proud you were mine

But now your no longer here,
And I know I've ran out of time
Perhaps if I'd taken more notice of you
I would have seen the signs

Our time together has been and gone
And my regret comes much too late
But if I have learned anything
It's that you control your fate

So if you ever feel you have the time
Be it family, lover or friend
Never miss the chance to tell someone
You'll love them til the end

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