Hate, love and smoothies.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The girl is based on a normal person in my life, it's about how hard and confusing life can be.

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



Tears stroking my cheeks, not a sound in the house other than my quiet sobs. I'm only 15 and they want me to grow up so fast, they hurry me through everything in my life, rushing me through the happy moments going in slow motion on the erroneous parts. I wish they'd just leave me alone.

My amazing, beautiful, hateful mother sauntered into my room then. \"What do you think your doing girl? You of all people should be ready for your date.\" Exhibit A of why my mum always drove me insane. Her little nasaly way of talking, the irrepressible lurk of cheap perfume on her skin and everything about the woman screamed fake.

\"Yes, yes mother. I will put on my usual date clothes. Put all the gross make-up on. For nothing.\" Sarcasm is my best friend sometimes, it helps pass the time. The reason I hate these dates she sets up is because she always chooses the wrong people, last week I had to spend 4 hours trying to get a tiny bit of conversation out of the biggest geek I know. The other week she stuck me with this big headed ugly jock that was so stuck up he had a tide mark round his neck, I mean come on woman let me live.

The prearranged date, as usual, was at the Juiicemwan. Walking up to the table I normally sit at was the most amazing, hot boy I've seen almost ever. From his brown curly hair through to his converse clad feet was perfection.

\"Uhm, hi.\" Finally slides from where I speak not sounding like me at all.

\"Hi, have a seat. It's Ronnie, right? I've seen you around.\" Every single syllable was perfect. His eyes never leaving mine as the deep brown took hold of my everything.

\"Thanks Josh...maybe we could go somewhere else, I hate this place.\"

\"Why not I know a great little park just on the side of town we could go there? And by the way you look...dazzling...no better than dazzling, better than any girl I've ever seen before.\"

\"Thanks, but I don't. Look what you've done now made me go bright red.\" I went so red it matched my natural red locks. As Josh took my hand we stepped off to the beginning of my very first love. 4 months later. Josh had just picked me up from home. Walking down the street as nothing could ever break us. Crossing the road like normal, but this time not paying attention. The car hit us, clinging onto Josh's hand we flew right into the tarmac. The impact almost killed me in the instant as pain flew through every possible millimetre of my body.

\"I love you Josh, you are the best person in my life nothing will ever change how much I love you.\" I said through sobs and almost passing out. Both of our blood had mixed on the floor next to us.

\"I love you Ronnie more than my heart or head will ever understand. Please don't go I won't cope. Seeing your face everyday helps me to stay alive.\" Sobbing, in so much pain.

He was saved. The last thing I ever heard were his words.

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